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Man it s a ood thing that there aren t homosexual males today who are shamed by society and emotionally battered by jocko bible beating dads preachers politicians and education systems into disingenuous heterosexual marriages with women they could never truly love often driving them to "live self hatred inducing double lives rather than "self hatred inducing double lives rather than their true selves because they are afraid of being rejected by the culture at large andor disowned by their families friends andor spiritual communities while those who do decide to embrace their inner worlds outwardly live in constant danger of bigotry manifested as violence and Strohbär governmentchurch interference in their bedrooms hearts and homes and it all too often ends tragically for all concerned because a simple fact of nature couldn t be embraced by the inbred Christ juicin minds of the masses or this book may have been really depressing and insightful even nearly a hundred years later Hashtag sarcasmTragic lovely and puzzlingly tasteful in its vulgarity Also still sadly relevant Incidentally there s a whole lotta sex innit I will say that this is not a perfect book but a book which I amlad and changed because I have read it While it is perhaps overly simplistic melodramatic and perhaps not comprehensive enough have read it While it is perhaps overly simplistic melodramatic and perhaps not comprehensive enough it s characters it is a book which speaks from a true and wounding personal honesty which I believe it rare in many novels even ones which are my favorites It relates the experience of a man in agony and confusion over his sexuality stripped of artistry and moral overbearing albeit somewhat rife with stereotyping In Proust we find homosexuality painted over we find Proust s male lovers turned into mannish women we find the سيناريو فيلم (إسكندرية... ليه؟) لـ يوسف شاهين grotesue pervert of Charlus the sadistic lesbianism of Vinteuil s daughter etc While I still believe the truest account of the homosexual love experience is Proust s narrator s love for Albertine it is impossible to consider it without also acknowledging theender bending and artistic dishonesty of that portrayal While Proust out achieves in philosophic truth in artistic mastery and aesthetic jouissance it is Cocteau s slim Le Livre Blanc The White Book which bares his own soul and experience with no masks of Sex Signals: The Biology of Love garrish making upThe story is simple the narrator falls in and out of infatuation with a series of men all of his homosexual adventures end in disaster and usually death leaving the narrator feeling But I m not willing just to be tolerated That wounds my love of love and of liberty elegant formal solutions and formidable expressive conciseness as with other works I do not find really exciting his emphasis on an almost dreamlike lightness that brings with it a lot of common sense an almost prefabricat A brilliant little book Anger love violence and longing A complete contrast to modern romanticay fiction and despite it never being formally acknowledged by Cocteau unmistakeably him Actually 25 starsJean Cocteau 1889 1963 the fabulously multi talented writer artist and film maker never officially recognized Le livre blanc as his work he said he didn t want to upset his mother but to anyone familiar with his poetics it is clearly his He was concerned about his mother s humor because the topic of this book is rowing up and living as a homosexual man At the time the nicest word used to describe homosexuals. Le Livre Blanc attributed to Jean Cocteau has a twofold interest first because of its appeal to bibliophiles. Le Livre blancE paper Don t worry Cocteau wrote much better books than this I recall the wonderful film Z ro de conduite by Jean Vigo set at a time not much later than this book so perhaps they really were that wild No that film was liberationist fantasy of course the Vichy overnment banned the movie If you haven t seen it try to find it I love it And La uerre des boutons too This is the only book of Cocteau in which Dargelos dies I love Cocteau his movies his writing and "His Hot Doodles Of Naked "hot doodles of naked The arched bodies are riveted together at the sex rave profiles cast thoughtful downward Heaven Next Stop A Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot at War glances turn less uickly than the tripping and now and then plodding feet Free hands assume theracious attitudes affected by common folk when they take a cup of tea or piss it out again A springtime exhilaration transports the bodies Those bodies bud push forth shoots branches hard members bump sueeze sweats commingle and there s another couple heading for one of the rooms with the The Summoning: Return of the Archwizards, Book I globe lights overhead and the eiderdowns on the bed The sun is a veteran lover who knows his job He starts by laying firm hands all over you He attacks simultaneously from every angle There s noetting away he has a potent Asking About Sex and Growing Up: A Question-and-Answer Book for Boys and Girls grip he pins you and before you know it you discover as always happens to me that your belly is covered with liuid drops similar to mistletoe The anonymity provokes a tragic honestly The words dance across every last page charming the reader the whole way through Jean Cocteau s Le Livre Blanc is a very interesting book one which he denied authorship of for uite a while I know Cocteau for his surreal films how he could transform the beautiful into the bizarre so easily His writing in Le Livre Blanc is so well crafted that you forget that this is technically kind of an erotic book When fatality appears in disguise itives us an illusion of freedom and in the end always leads us into the same trap Or the exuisite My heart and instinct combine in such a way that I find it difficult to commit either without the other following This is what leads me to cross the boundaries of friendship and makes me wary of casual contacts in which I risk catching the malady of love In the end I envied those who do not suffer vaguely from beauty know what they want bring vice to the point of perfection pay and satisfy it If anything I was sad that I didn t et to read of Cocteau s voice But perhaps this will launch me into the rest of his writing endeavorsThere comes the uestion of the point of this book though I find a similarity in Cheryl Dunye s The Watermelon Woman in that if you can t find anything creative in the world that speaks to you you have to create it Here is an authentic experience of someone who is dealing with society s perception of his sexuality and the truth of the matter Which wasn t entirely common in literature at the time Cocteau wrote Le Livre Blanc in 1928 Cocteau ever the Renaissance man was also an artist and his ay erotic artwork is featured in this book as well I love Cocteau s art style so much that I can look at his erotic artwork and see the beauty in it I also like the fact that it s right there in your face But then I can watch Alejandro Jodorowsky s The Holy Mountain without flinching so perhaps that s just something about my reaction to nudity and eroticism Here s to reading of Cocteau in 2019. 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Was invertis inverts homosexuality was not illegal in France though inverts were strongly discriminated against whereas it was still actively prosecuted in the lovely anglo saxon world The first person narrator begins with his childhood recounting a few unmistakable signs of his tendencies to inversion When puberty arrives the jig is well and truly up I m not sure if French classrooms were uite so wild but according to the narrator The classroom smelt of as chalk and sperm He falls in love with a physically mature boy named Dargelos a name readers of Cocteau will recognize and whose description will also be recognized by those familiar with Cocteau s drawings However in this book Dargelos dies in conseuence of a foolish swim in an icy SEINE IN A SENSITIVE FLEXIBLE PROSE In a sensitive flexible prose takes us through the life of a boy who cannot understand himself because he is unspeakable he is presented with argoylish images of himself if the matter is even permitted to be brought up Though this side of the matter is largely passed over in this book How many such stories do we already know Speaking for myself probably hundreds But the narrator s story is just a bit complicated than the standard ay coming of age story For example he tries a mistress Jeanne who was simultaneously being kept by a wealthy Armenian who knew about the narrator s relationship with Jeanne and whom the narrator caught in bed with another woman Also he freuents another prostitute for appearances but is being shagged by her pimp It ets even complicatedAfter the boy became a young man there was apparently no limit to the opportunities for Pisuhänd gay sex particularly for a young man with money the problem was finding love Whether due to fate or bad luck the narrator was doomed But in one encounter he met a Dargelos like sailor by whom he was absolutely smitten and evidently so was the sailor by him After a passionate night the narrator walks away mumbling some nonsense to himself and never returns to his sobbing sailor At this point at the latest it became clear to me that this story is less of a tale about aay human being and of an anthropological study of all the ways a young rich Predicting Through Jaminis Chara Dasha gay stereotype canet into trouble The story told in this book is melodramatic since it is told uickly and is full of "What Would Appear To "would appear to as rather extreme situations but it is entertaining However it seems to suggest that inverts must move from sexual encounter to sexual encounter and remain unhappy and unfulfilled that inverts must move from sexual encounter to sexual encounter and remain unhappy and unfulfilled then he turns to God Ah but the Abb he turns to for spiritual Die Schattenfrau guidance and with whom he exchanges elevated words brings his thoughts to less spiritual matters After a treacherous lover dies from a drug addiction and the brother of his new fianc e the narrator is having an affair with the brother shoots himself after a confrontation the narrator considers withdrawing to a life of meditation in a monastery Except that the young monk who takes him to the abbott reminds him of Dargelos So the narrator departs and withdraws from this society Where to No idea The narrator concludes with noble words which ring very hollow in my earsSo Cocteau say man is in the end a pretentious aesthete who is constantly in heat Still that is much better than Proust s horrible manipulative pervert Charlus The story is entertaining but it isn t much of a whit. As a collector's item and second because of its assumed authorship Cocteau never formally acknowledged the bo.