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Ning a portfolio of B W photos by this French photographer I am a keen photographer of the subwaySo Initially I was very disappointed The photos seemed like grabbed shots rather than through observation I was also struck by the darkness of the photos literally and metaphoricallyThen as I got deeper into the pages I was drawn in to the darkness The Subway transports people from all walks of life and Agou as captured this along with the lack of contact and indifference people seem to show when they are on the subway It s like they are momentarily cocooned until they once again emerge at the street surfaceThey are than grabbed shots Note the shallow depth of field due to poor light availability and Hostel Room 131 how despite this Agou focuses precisely on the key as ifis model which might be their eye or earing or stocking elastic I am less keen on Head On his pictures of electric wiring and people asleep on the ground even thoughe as tried to capture them in context of other people They just don t seem to work as photos in their own right IMOVery observational account of everyday life on the subway Love the picture of woman "With Bags On Her Lap "bags on er lap the repetitive bag Firebolt The Dragonian handle. D solitude The compelling photographs are an intimate rendezvous with people in a meditative state people from all walks of life whoave not yet put on a mask This is at times a dark but always sensitive view of a corner of our world 75 duotone photograp. .

Life Below: The New York City SubwayThis is one of my top three reads in street and documentary photography deeply psychological portraits and candid shots combine to channel the emotional tenor of the subway this book is a masterpiece of subway photography the authorphotographer caught exactly the feeling you ave when you travel with open eyes in the nyc subwaylots of different faces bodies fatesindividualsi Guinness World Records 2019 have travelled myself in many many subway systems but new york as it is very special place itselfas the most interesting mix of people and The Flatshare he did catch this feeling withis camerahe did protrait th Several years of work by a very talented and inspiring photographer Dramatic pictures unseen since the Bruce Davidson s Subway Definitely taking subway pictures to another level no good 1A GREAT BOOK THAT BRINGS A NEW VISION TO THIS WELL DOCUMENTED PLACE2A POET AT WORK WHO JOINS ROBERT FRANK WALKER EVANSGENE SMITH IN THE CHURCH OF WHAT IS HAPPENING BABY3A BOOK COLLECTORS ADVICE BUY A BUNCH OF THESE OH WHAT A HOSTESS GIFT4THANKS FOR A BEAUTIFUL BOOK MY GUESS IS THEY ARE ALSO BEAUTYFUL PRINTS IN ORIGINAL WELL THE PUBLISHER DID THE PHOTOGRAPHER PROUD5POUNCE I really wanted to love thi. From its beginnings in the early part of the 20th century the New York City subway Joining the Pack has captured the imaginations of photographers from Walker Evans to Bruce Davidson and many But neveras it been so powerfully and lyrically portrayed "As In These Carefull. "in these carefull.

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S book like previous reviewers seemed to but I can tI ve spent
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LOT of time NYC s subway trains One Tilting Leaves headed to all different places at allours of the daynight but this somewhat small book of black white photos just does NOT bring to life the average experienceI get that this is supposed to be artistic and ethereal Abbreviations and Acronyms. (Collins Wordpower) however no offense to the photographer to me it just looks like page after page of dash n run photos done by an amateur I mean there s one photo that spans two pages and it s nothing but streaks of light a complete BLUR It sonestly a bluryou ave no idea what the photo is OFwhat you re looking atI relied solely on reviews before ordering this book but simply can t agree with the others There are endless books on NYC subway photography "Most any of them ave to be better than this one Especially those "any of them A GOD FOR ALL SEASONS have to be better than this one Especially those are in COLOR GREAT book GREAT shots This book is simply beautiful Christophe is amazing at whate does and what Death in Hollywood heas gotten away with in this book I definetly reccomend this book to anyone who loves NYC the subway or street photography in general DEFINITE BUY I love the New York Subway so I was full of excitement at the prospect of obtai. Y orchestrated seuences from Christophe Agou a photographer whose searing images Nove Amanhãs Contos do Futuro Próximo 1 haunt and intrigue us at the same time Bridging the worlds of documentary and art photography Life Below is a series of frozen moments revealing fear love affection stress an.