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The Pebbles On The Beach eTo learn Latin you may have to do some slogging but on that laterIn terms of books in which a middle aged woman moves to the country and finds fulfillment and love in a newndeavor or A Casebook on Existentialism even a middle aged person returns to college and observes the youngsters and recent developments in academia there are undoubtedly better books Not that there s anything wrong with Ann Patty s tale which would fit intoither of these categories But the central drama is Latin study which xcept for a narrow audience may not prove gripping Still this was the aspect that grabbed my attention when I came across a review for the book in my Facebook feed posted by The American Classical League and prompted me to dash over to and order it right away After making half hearted fforts to learn Latin with my kids for several years this year is going to be the year I finally start making some real progress I hope Anyway Patty leaves her long time career as a high powered book Rahul Sankrityayan Swapan Aur Sangharsh editor and publisher admittedly a high poweredditor of some spectacularly sordid books but still successful in the book world in New York City to live in semi retirement in her country home After boredom sets in she decides to study Latin at Vassar both to preserve her sanity her mother s Flannery O'Connor Walker Percy and the Aesthetic of Revelation early death apparently from alcohol and depression after all her children were grown is an issue Patty deals with over the course of the book and tonjoy the pleasures of playing with words and language Patty s story may not be action packed but for my purposes it was very satisfactory A review I read before purchasing described the book as delightful and though it took uite a while for me to warm to the story Vademecum Ojca eventually I did The delight here is in Patty s infectiousnthusiasm for the peculiarities nuances and connections involved in words and grammar The author has a real passion for words and a gift for conveying her Doctrine Covenants Who's Who excitement in delving into grammatical thickets andxploring unexpected rabbit trails For her language study is an adventure and careful study and consideration of how ideas are Pulavar Magan expressed in both poetry and prose reveals much about the beliefs and priorities of a culture Gratifyingly for me Patty actually includes a fair lot of the grammar she studies in the book We review Latin cases and declensions talk about moods tensestc I really Comment analyser les gens: Analyser et lire les gens en utilisant des mthodes prouves de psychologie humaine, le langage corporel, les comptences sociales, et la communication non verbale enjoyed her clear thorough descriptions withxample sentences in Latin of the grammar For things I ve already studied it was a nice review and for others which I ve The Man Died Prison Notes of Wole Soyinka either not met yet or have completely forgotten like the ablative absolute the passive periphrastic and thepexegetical infinitive she gives ntertaining and clear xplanations And for comic relief she offers amusing self deprecatory stories such as how when a fellow student suggested she buy index cards and make herself flash cards for memorizing she does but she s so cheap that she puts three words and definitions on one side of ach card saving the blank side of the card for future use Considering that she was driving an hour and a half a day four days a to get to her class I m assuming the with index cards was meant to be She also talks about her agerness to impress her teachers and her dismay when she an xcellent student in her youth is no longer one of the top students in her classes I was taken aback however when she tells how surprised she was at the beginning of her second year class an intermediate level course devoted to Catullus when the professor hands out a syllabus which included the warning Some of our poems contain lewd language and sexually xplicit subjects If that will be offensive to you please talk to me Her response Well this was news Okay Really Wouldn t she have Googled Catullus at some point after registering for the course And anyway as an Krv prvorodených educated middle aged woman had she really never heard that Catullus is famous for being filthy Even assuming this pretended naivete was for dramaticffect I found it unconvincing and it did make me feel a bit less confidence in the honesty of her narrationOne thing I particularly Finding Release (Wild R Farm, enjoyed was Patty s recognition of how much harder it can be to learn a language when one is no longer young Heckven when I was young I was no good at languages Patty is fluent in French so this "was not the case for her but at this point the old bean stubbornly resists retaining things like " not the case for her but at this point the old bean stubbornly resists retaining things like vocabulary case The Awakener The Time Is Now endingstc But our author soldiers on valiantly I was delighted with her The Man Who Sold the World David Bowie and the 1970s enthusiasm about memorizing her first Latin poem and sympathized with her dismay when none of her friends want to listen to her recitation though I could see their point It is all very well to listen to one s progeny recite Latin memory work but such things do generally reuire parental type devotionThe personal memoir component while not badly done was less interesting to me than the sections relating to Latin study and on a few occasions she really annoyed me Patty relates personal challenges which range from the sympathy inspiring a bout with cancer to the suck it up buttercup variety her daughter is difficult as an adolescent and has to be sent to boarding school Her romance with her current boyfriend is uite sweet he sounds like a lovely patient man but I could have done with less information on why her marriages failed she tells than I had any desire to know about her libido in contrast with that of her second husband Her stories about her life in the world of book publishing were mildly interesting and would have been better if they d been told without the martyred attitude Apparently H a Dead Language Patty weaveslements of her personal life into the confounding grammar and syntax of Latin as she chronicles not only the daily slog but also the deep pleasures of trying to master an inflected language Courses in Roman history and pigraphy give her new insight into her tragic long deceased mother; Horace into the loss of a brilliant friend; Lucretius into her tenacious drivenness and attraction to Buddhism Catullus calls up her arly days in 1970s New York while Ovid adds a delightful dimension to the. In between language and laughter memory and insight Ann Patty s memoir also manages to deliver the secret to aging gracefully be curious be bold be delighted by the journey and most of all always always be a student in your own way Go and read it and when you close the book resolve to learn something new to stay young It s always interesting to read about how someone approaches learning a new language and this was a departure from the usual tale of learning French or Italian This time retired book Unshakable Swagger editor Ann Patty decides she has too much time on her hands and mind and needs a real challenge Latin fits the bill She studied it in college many years ago and returns to college to continue The book tells of her five year journey through Latin learning the other students the teachers the poetry the grammar I admit to skipping discussions of grammar but for the most part this was an upbeat story of doing something in retirement you ve always dreamed of doing Ms Patty s memoir is about her choice to learn language as an adult she had retired from the book publishing business and was without a hobby to fully occupy her mind She wove in auto biographical stories that transformed the whole Ms Patty gave herself purpose and found new friends and interests This is a shortnjoyable bookThis would have been a better book had Ms Patty s The Inhumans editor kept her from a horrible indulgence Out of nowhere suddenly on page 165 she says the modern dayuivalent of the Abecedarians who were truly odd and perhaps favored ignorance are Fox News watchers much of the Republican Party Holy cow I d Botánica Insólita: 2 (Lienzos y Matraces) expect well mannered members of any political party would be annoyed at this sort of random nastiness Shame on you Ms Patty For me it took a four star rating down to two stars Why does she make random insults at certain groups when she goes off on tangents Republicans She criticizes religion but believes in astrology She never really talks about what happened that led to her downfall in the publishing industry asserting that she legally can t talk about it but that she was definitely wronged She complains about the people in her life too often without thinking about them She seems to have no respect for the members who prefer the old ways Oddlynough I still found this an interesting read when she would talk about what she used to learn latin her classmates and the declensions and such My main problem seemed to be with the person coming through in the writing rather than the subject mater of the book itself LJ This is a lovely though Entrenar y correr con potenciómetro (Deportes nº 12) entirely geek laden combination of wordxploration and memoir I found images of her parents haunting and at times the noun declension and tenses were too much for me to follow But overall if you have an interest in Latin or in languages in general and you like fine writing then yes this might just foot that albeit narrow billHaving worked in publishing for 20 years although not at her level and admittedly she sounds like she can t believe what she lucked into though she is a bit miffed at the way it nded up I found the career talk interesting tooThis is a lovely volume for a very narrow field of readers The combination of career memoir and language will "GRAB THEM VERY FIRMLY HOWEVER I " them very firmly however I at odds with this book On the one hand she reminded me much of my Classical language undergrad stage where verywhere you turn is Latin and Greek You know you re pretentious and probably annoying but it s magical It s like being part of this secret club underpinning western cultureShe s also a staunch feminist refusing to fold away uietly and pass away without notice Finding meaning in her life beyond her relationships much like she states her mother didThen she ll say things like she made it a point to always have a gay man in her life which is terribly tokenizing and rather shortsighted Also while she claims to use Latin as a way to reach out to the memory of her mother I find her mother is often an afterthought مثل وموال قراءة في النفس الإنسانية ebbing in and out as neededUltimately I found myself drawn to this memoir but I also found myself cringing away at it as well Rather than giving you a full accounting of all the things that made me want to throw this humble brag of a book across the room I will settle for advising you not to read this book unless you are actually a New Yorker andditor who would happily use the word ultracrepidarian to describe yourself and would then immediately define it lest your audience fail to appreciate the nuances you most prefer Especially please don t read this book if you like Latin or want to like Latin If you like Latin you may like me find yourself deeply annoyed both at the author s ability to mock and dismiss the undergraduates in the courses she audits and at her insistence that she is the only genius ver to understand the ablative absolute without angst If haven t yet taken Latin and you want to like Latin you might assume that the author s overly complicated descriptions of the language and musings on what it must mean about Roman culture are representative of learning Latin Please do though language and musings on what it must mean about Roman culture are representative of learning Latin Please do though Latin and write your own book specially if you are notno longer a traditional student I will read it and I will almost certainly The Calculus Story: A Mathematical Adventure enjoy it than this one Oh thank god that s over Somewhat uneven but on the whole Injoyed this very much I give Living With a Dead Language 4 stars but much I give Living With a Dead Language 4 stars but note that unless you are a middle aged woman trying to motivate herself to study Latin not I m assuming a huge demographic some sections may be sloggish Well to be honest لم يستدل عليه even if you are a middle aged woman trying. Anntertaining Gaijin exploration of the richness and relevance of the Latin language and literature and an inspiring account of finding renewed purpose through learning something new and challenging After thirty five years of living in New York City Ann Patty stopped working and moved to the country upstate She was soon bored aimless and lost in the woods Hoping to challenge her restless word loving brain and to find a newngagement with life she began a serious study of Latin as an auditor at local colleges   In Living wit. ,

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He was involved in some sort of publishing scandal which she is legally not allowed to tell us about but in which she assures us she was the wronged party Which might possibly be interesting if I had any idea of what she was referring to but I don t Speaking of parental one of the ideas which Patty returns to throughout the book is that of avoiding her mother s fate a decline into alcoholism and The Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas early death due to lack of interests once her children were raised but she also wishes to please or honor her mother posthumously by pursuing the study of Latin a subject her mother had talked aboutnjoying in school and had wished her daughter to study Patty had chosen to study French instead This aspect of the book felt a little unsatisfactory to me Her relationship with her mother is clearly something she regrets she repeatedly mentions her mother s anger when on her first marriage she declines to take her husband s name Her mother takes this as a criticism of her own choices and the two do not seem to have had a close relationship Patty sees taking up the study of Latin and Prince of Thorns especially visiting Rome as a way of connecting with her mother through their shared passion Despite my nagging feeling that herfforts would have been usefully offered The Pretenders (The Similars, earlier Ann does find comfort through her studies and that is a fine thingA couple unnecessary gibes at groups she dislikes left a bad taste for me all out of proportion to their significance in the book She manages to segue from a description of the medieval German religious sect the Abcedarians who avoided using the written word for fear of its corrupting power to a slam against creationists climate change deniers FOX News watchers much of the Republican party who she claims are the modern forms of this determinedly ignorant group Though not a member of any of the groups she is insulting here I found this rather offensive and unnecessary Rather like her obsessive habit of speculating on the sexual orientation of all the male students inach class she takes After class I visited Curtis her professor in his office and we discussed the students in the class And there are two longhairs Xavier and Siddhi I said They ve already my favorites He shook his head Of course he said Ever the Berkeley girl Xavier he Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres explained was a Greek specialist and flat out brilliant Straight or gay I asked No one knew And hottie Siddhi I said what about him This sort of commentary while strikes me as bizarre and prurient is carried outach time she ncounters a new set of classmates Not only does she speculate on the sexual proclivities of the young men she meets but she tends to describe ach man she meets as thin and geeky or a hottie To me this seems particularly ugly given her freuent talk of being a feminist Though perhaps for her being a feminist means claiming the right to freely ogle and objectify the opposite sex At least when she insults people who hold traditional Christian beliefs it is in reference to her study of Lucretius though her mockery of religious believers struck me as peculiar in light of her Enthusiasm For Astrology When Talking for astrology when talking a young girl she is tutoring she asks the girl s zodiac sign and is delighted at having correctly guessed that she asks the girl s zodiac sign and is delighted at having correctly guessed that girl like herself is Aries and spiritualism she says I once had a session with my friend Susan a seer who channels the African spirit Garuda Garuda claimed that I was being watched over by a tall thin white haired man Did I recognize him she asked Of course I said it must be my grandfather Fortunately the forays into religious and political snarkiness and personal melodrama are a minor if aggravating part of the book the great part being given to the story of her romance with Latin And that is a story she tells very nicelyThough I sometimes found Patty an uncongenial companion when we moved from discussions of language and grammar to the personal sections for the most part I Rocket Man enjoyed this very much The freuent shifts from discussions of Latin grammar and literature to stories of about her life do keep the book from becoming textbook like and are generally smoothly accomplished She has some stylistic uirks most notably anxcessive Largo pétalo de mar enthusiasm forxclamation marks a fault I m guilty of myself but I The Gothic Idol Ideology and Image Making in Medieval Art Cambridge Studies in New Art History and Criticism expect better of professionals but mostly her writing is unremarkable and moves along at a fine clip Generally her unusual memoir combining her journey into the world of Latin study with a look back over her previous life with its triumphs and regrets and a newly hopeful view of her future including companionable romance and opportunity to serve her community through volunteer work isntertaining and it made me feel inclined to have another run at Wheelock s come September What on Leading with a Limp Turning Your Struggles into Strengths earth motivated Ann Patty to take up the study of Latin at a late age The same reason that compels many women to do the things we do we don t want to turn into our mothersMy mother was the same age fiftyight when the last of my siblings moved away from home and I watched this once industrious gregarious lively woman sink into depression drink and a feeling of uselessness She was afraid to start anew instead she allowed the losses of her old life to inter herI happily accepted a copy of "This Book From The Publisher "book from the publisher the idea of learning something new late in life appeals to me Unfortunately I was in love with that concept than Patty s actual field of study My interest in Latin is nil Latin n l contraction of nihil so much of this book was a slog for me I did Secrets of Sand Hill Road: Venture Capital and How to Get It enjoy Patty s comments on her teachers and fellow students as she filled her Flora and fauna that surround her Finally Virgil reconciles her to her new life no longer an urbanxile but a scholar writer and teacher Along the way she meets an intriguing impassioned cast of characters professors students and classicists outside of academia who become her new colleagues and who keep Latin very much alive Written with humor candor and an infectious nthusiasm for words and grammar Patty’s book is a celebration of how learning and literature can transform the past and lead to a new unexpected future. Living with a Dead Language