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A much intelligent spin than we often get in European versions of fairy tales Plus this book has some very nice artwork completing the overall look of the story Simple but beautiful Unsettling So much intense and scary than Little Red Riding Hood These 3 girls are brave fierce things standing up to this hungry wolf I mean this gave me chills Plus the art is impressionistic and the uncertain depictions really helped to unsettle the story I really enjoy this story It is wonderful and wow It shows what being brave really isThis was intense for the kids and they still enjoyed it The nephew needed some reassurance it would be alright My daughters are participating in Book Bingo this summer a reading program from their school librarian that involves them playing bingo on a card with 25 different reading opportunities Last night s box to be filled was a Caldecott winner and since we own several we struggled to choose just one and this involved a small scuffle with painful elbows and the near destruction of the winning bookThe fighting ninjas eventually chose Lon Po Po the only Caldecott winner penned and illustrated by a Chinese American author 1939 s Caldecott winner Mei Li Takes Place In Li takes place in but was authored by a Caucasian writerillustratorEd Young Lon Po Po s creator and illustrator is alive and kicking at 86 and my Chinese American girls love his three female protagonists Shang Tao and PaotzeThere s some serious girl power here especially when the three sisters realize that their enemy is a wolf in grandmother s clothing and he has come to do them serious harmThis darkly illustrated tale offers a few humorous moments and then reminds all of us that no matter how small we are or how hopeless our situation seems IF WE KEEP OUR HEADS WE we keep our heads we often find that our mind is our greatest weapon against any enemy the origins of the little red riding hood story are unclear but they can be traced to well before the 17th century perrault interpretation most familiar to western readers earlier versions of the tale have turned up in other parts of europe in africa asia and the middle east in some of the stories the children are eaten in some they escape in some they are eaten and still escape sometimes the antagonist is a tiger a fox a hy. He illustrator's best efforts BooklistAbsolutely splendid Kirkuse Reviews An extraordinary and powerful book Publisher's Weekl. ,
Lon Po Po is another book I wanted to check out because it made the Top 20 Most Beautiful Children s Books list I love the creepy wolf on the cover I think Ed Young loves wolves too because he puts a dedication at the beginning of the book To all the wolves of the worldfor lending their good nameas a tangible symbol for the worldfor lending their good nameas a tangible symbol for darknessThis is an old Chinese folk tale called Granny Wolf The illustration is excellent and I loved the old world feeling the book had Lon Po Po may be bit too creepy for very oung children but older ones will probably enjoy it view spoiler I knocked a star because it always bums me out when the wolf gets killed in old fairytales Why can t the wolves just give up and run off in the night hide spoiler I have very much enjoyed both narrative and accompanying illustrations of this Red Riding Hood type of tale from China how the three sisters are able to outsmart and later kill the big bad wolf by subterfuge and by specifically focusing and playing on the latter s greediness and gluttony Authorillustrator Ed Young s water colours and pastels evocatively and Expressively 35 Stars A Nice 35 stars A nice of Little Red Riding Hood Lovely illustrations and and enjoyable to see a Chinese version of this well loved taleRead on open library An interesting cautionary tale in the style of Little Red from China Unlike the western version this one has a different ending where the children outwit the wolf The illustrations accompanying the text are wonderful and match the text well I ve found my favourite version of Little Red Riding Hood This one is Chinese and had me laughing myself into a bellyache with the wickedly clever counter schemes by the little girls to outsmart the Big Bad WolfLike the Western version we re familiar with there s a mother fretting over an ailing grandmother a need to go visit said granny and the wolf disguising himself as the old woman in hopes of getting a tasty meal There s even the Grandmother what big teeth ou have uestion and answer tug o war between wolf and girls But in the Eastern version Little Red isn t one but three girls close in age which are left home alone and have to deal alone with the lupine threat The way they do it is very hilarious and heartwarming Those who weren t fond. Not for the faint hearted Lon Po Po Grandmother Wolf is a tale of a menacing danger and courageYoung's command of page composi. Of the Woodsman barging in to separate Red from the wolf via axe in the PerraultGrimms version will love the outcome in Lon Po Po which is entirely on the girls resourcefulness and that reminded me a bit of the Three Little Pigs tale Lon Po Po is a Caldecott Medal Winning Book By Ed Young book by Ed Young is a remake of Brothers Grimm s classic Red Riding Hood only this time there are three sisters who outwit a cunning wolf in this tale Lon Po Po may be a bit too scary for smaller children because of the images but older children will easily love this story that is full of mystery and suspenseEd Young has done a great JOB AT WRITING AND ILLUSTRATING THIS OLD CHINESE FOLKTALE at writing and illustrating this old Chinese folktale how three sisters outwit a cunning and frightening wolf The writing is brief as there is only one paragraph on each page but it is dramatic and creepy enough to scare small children as the writing gets intense whenever the wolf seems to get closer to eating the girls after he stealthily disguises himself as the grandmother to get at the girls Ed Young s illustrations are brilliantly beautiful and haunting at the same time as he illustrates the wolf being terrifying and mysterious as the wolf seems to appear as some kind of mist on every page to imply that he is some sort of evil spiritParents should know that there are some scary images in this book mainly the images of the wolf himself as he is presented as some kind of mist mainly during the scenes where he enters the girls house and he is always in the shadows where the audience cannot clearly see him Parents might want to reassure their children about the dangers of letting in strangers in one s house and they may want to read this book before they read it to their child to see if their child can handle the scary images presented in this book Lon Po Po is a great story for children who love Chinese folktales and love listening to stories that has a horror theme I would recommend this book to children ages six and up since the images of the wolf looking mysterious and menacing might scare smaller childrenReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog This is the Chinese version of Red Riding Hood and it is uite wonderful We get three children in danger of the wolf and they handle it by using their brains so it Tion and his sensitive use of color give the book a visual force that matches the strength of the story and stands as one of .
Lon Po Po A Red Riding Hood Story from China