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O sound cool to my friends who knew even less Japanese than I id We giggled together as we learned Japanese curses insults and pick up lines For this purpose the book was uite useful and entertainingHowever I have now been studying the Japanese language in and out of classrooms for several years I have come to find that in a formal business situation a lot of this language would be highly inappropriate On the streets most of the basic Japanese is accepted but the slang is a bit Πέρσαι dated Also the book reallyoes not teach you Japanese If you are looking for a few easy phrases to memorize and sling around then this *Book Can Do That For * can o that for but it is by no MEANS A DEFINITIVE RESOURCE I RECOMMEND a efinitive resource I recommend this only as a supplement for in epth texts if you truly wish to learn the language. Omething you may not be prepared for If you are a student businessman or tourist traveling to Japan and would like to have an authentic and meaningful experience the key is being able to speak like a local This friendly and easy to use Japanese phrasebook makes this possible.

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Making Out in JapaneseGood way to learn Hanashi Kotoba By Reading This Book reading this book book contain everyday talk phrases that in aily japanese It s helping me stop speaking Japanese like i m in the office all the time I actually bought this book in 2004 or 2005 but I m always constantly referencing to itA must have to learn Japanese slang old fashon cheesy japanese for a fun night at the bar Fun to bring to your Japanese professors and see them laugh It s just plain fun I have a Home Remedies different edition but I remember I found it funny and I learned uite a bit from it but Iidn t make out no Entertaining well organized and relatively up to Les Pancakes de Maman Panya date Expressing emotion in Japanese has been the hardest thing so far and thisefinitely helped out This one made me giggle a bit I found "it on my boyfriend s shel. making "on my boyfriend s shel. Making in Japanese is a fun accessible and thorough Japanese phrase book and guide to the Japanese language as it's really spoken Sugoku suki Mata aeru I'm crazy about you Shall we meet again Answer this correctly in Japanese and you may be going on a hot ate Incorrectl. .
F and leafed through it Some of the phrases WERE HUNOROUS ONE MUST KEEP IN MIND IT hunorous but one must keep in mind it a ifferent culture How we say and what we talk about could seem weird and unbelievable to those in other countries as wellI enjoyed the small look into the social relationship I ve only poked around this book a little bit at the bookstore I wish I had it when I was first learning Japanese This is how people actually talk in Japan Yes it helps to know the proper way to say things but if you want to understand casual conversation you need to know what s in this book I bought this book than ten years ago when I first started my Otaku phase and idn t really have that much knowledge of the Japanese language At the time I cherished the book I found the phrases interesting and used them Y and you could be hurting someone's feelings or getting a slap Japanese classes and textbooks tend to spend a lot of time rehearsing for the same fictitious scenarios but chances are while in Japan you will spend a lot time trying are while in Japan you will spend a lot time trying make new friends or start new romances