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Manga Manga The World of Japanese Comics

Frederik L. Schodt Ü 9 CHARACTERS

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aesthetic and philosophical This is why Japan is such a fascinating place its own history of explicitly barring foreign influence while completely absorbing Chinese culture a country that did not allow the importation of European books until the mid 1700s but that has now made the comic book it own wildly successful form Manga Manga is an excellent stand out book on the history of Japanese comics going way back to temple graffiti and traditional scroll paintings through the graphic efforts that emulated England s Punch magazine all they way up to all the disparate manga genres of today that yes indeed exemplify post modernism super hero school boys and the modernism super hero school boys and the lives of sushi chefs The text explains among other things how Japanese characters are used as a graphic element in Manga and Yukio Mishima s proud critiues of his country s Manga productions The BONUS is that the end of the book includes four very different styles of Manga translated into English So it s not just explication but entertainmen. Manga provides the background against which these other arts can be understood The book includes 96 pages from Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix Reiji Matsumoto's Ghost Warrior Riyoko Ikeda's The Rose of Versailles and Keiji Nakazawa's Barefoot Gen. Tion with some additional chapter However all basic genres are covered and it includes some chapters from Phoenix by Tezuka Ghost Warrior However all basic genres are covered and it includes some chapters from Phoenix by Tezuka Ghost Warrior Leiji Matsumoto The Rose of Versailles by Ryoko Ikeda and Barefoot Gen by Keiji Nakazawa Andrew Peyrie my good Goodreads friend turned me on to this and he has a stellar eview postedSchodt writes from experience He is the Author Of Several Other Works On Japanese Culture Especially As of several other works on Japanese culture especially as to graphic arts and also translated the Osamu Tezuka s Astro Boy series for the American market Manga Manga is justifiably considered a standard source for esearch on Japanese comics My only complaint is As a westerner who lives in Asia I must daily align my cultural background and biases to that of my host country it is the West that embodies the idea of modernism aesthetically architecturally industrially etc and therefore ironically exports the idea of post modernism as the pre eminent conceptual framework mind set of contemporary urban societies but who is to say what is truly important or what is simply imposed on places like Hong. Or all those interested in Japanese comics It is virtually the bible from which all studies and appreciation of manga begins More than that given the influence of Japanese manga on animation and on American produced comics as well Manga. .
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The only criticism I have of this Book Is That It Was Written In is that it was written in mid 1980s and so some of the conclusions are no longer valid but that happens with *Any Comprehensive Work Especially If The Author *comprehensive work especially if the author the mistake of attempting to predict the future Frederik Schodt does a great job of looking at specific examples of manga individual series magazines and popular trends to explain the culture that creates and is shaped by manga One benefit of eading multiple books on a given subject anime and manga is that you or at least I Mood Indigo Decorating with Rich Dark Colors retain the information better and all of the books will present titles that other ones miss For instance there was a popular trend of magazines and manga series a study This is a mustead for every manga fan and for anyone interested in comics and visual arts The book explain the manga phenomenon from its origins as irresponsible drawings to the global market it has become It is important to note that this book was written in the 80s so you won t find the most Roman Britain recent trends and most famous titles here it would be nice to have an updated edi. Frederik L Schodteceived a 2017 Japan Foundation Award in 2017 for his work in bringing Osamu Tezuka and #other manga artists to the worldSince first published in 1983 Manga Manga The World of Japanese #manga artists to the worldSince first published in 1983 Manga Manga The World of Japanese has been the book to ead ,