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Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me: A Graphic Memoir PaperbackMarbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo and Me (15-Aug-2013) Paperback Paperback

This book is fantastic If you re struggling with bipolar or know someone who is this will provide an excellent insight into living with the disease but I D RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO d recommend this book to with even a passing interest in either mental ealth or graphic novels It s both funny and moving and I couldn t put it down I really loved this book One of the best books I ve read about mental ealth Portrayed with so much personal insight and onesty it made me laugh and cry Having been a sufferer of depression it really طريق مصر الى القدس helped me to see the illness with a new insight and there is a way to get people to understand the experience Thank you so much for laying it bare Myeart goes out to everyone who Suffers From The Illness Is Ok To from the illness is ok to our marbles Also a standout graphic novel in its own right you don t ave to be bipolar to enjoy it Great story telling and drawing style Thank you thank you thank you for getting it out there A very personal insight into the ups and downs of aving bipolar disorder and Simon Hoggarts Pick of the News Quiz, Volume 2 how life can become OK after all but only after a lot ofard work I m really glad that Ellen CEREALES LEGUMINEUSES has aappy ending This is an Historias de mujeres honest book about the struggles of the author afterer diagnosis I think it would elp people in similar situations Medicines can be abused they are not a silver bullet but they are truly elpful in the right circumstances and with the assistance of a good and empathetic doctor I read it within 2 Say Yes hours I could not put it down its an incredible insight into one woman s journey to an understanding and acceptance oferself and I could really relate despite not being clinically tested myself yet im getting round to it now this as given me a bit of a push to seek the elp I need So for anyone suffering from a mental illness I suggest to seek the Tree Story: The History of the World Written in Rings help I need So for anyone suffering from a mental illness I suggest that you read this it s graphic comic format makes it an incredibly easy to read even if you are the kind of person who struggles to focus you might find this kind of memoir easier to enjoy I recently was diagnosed asaving Bipolar Disorder after years of thinking it was depression I decided I needed to know I always prefer reading personal stories rather than science books because it makes a better emotional connectionEllen does a beautifully tragic account about what it s like to. Cartoonist Ellen Forney explores the relationship between crazy and creative in this graphic memoir of Więcej czerwieni (Lipowo, her bipolar disorder woven with stories of famous bipolar artists and writers Shortly beforeer thirtieth birthday Forney was diagnosed with bipolar disorder Flagrantly manic and terrified that medications would cause er to lose creativity she began a years long struggle to fi. ,
R loved one and to accept them The memoir s comics are bold and wild when Forney is conveying she was manic and simple and spare when she shows erself as depressed things I think aren t always considered in graphic memoirs and novels that are the same the whole way through This memoir is perfect Absolutely perfect in every way It is the best depiction of bipolar disorder I ve ever seen I love this memoir Is there anything redemptive about mental illness In this memoir of an artist s struggle with bipolar disorder a memoir both comical and profound Ellen Forney persuasively argues yes She is brutally Lightfoot the Historian The Nature and Role of History in the Life and Thought of JB Lightfoot 1828 1889 As Churchman and Scholar Wissenshaftliche Zum Neuen Testament 2 ReiheNo 103 honest and vulnerable abouter pain but she also explores the surprising gifts to be found within the pain Some of the world s greatest artists and thinkers ave struggled with various forms of mental illness Michelangelo Van Gogh Georgia O Keeffe Sylvia Plath and And in some mysterious way this also contributed to their creative genius Forney asks the paradoxical uestion Is mental illness a curse or is it actually a gift Perhaps like so many things in this life a gift Perhaps like so many things in this life is both This book is a delightful example of ow to find light in even the darkest of places Ellen Forney is a gifted artistcartoonist She is completely open soldiered on as my British mother in law would say until finally after Years finding the right combinations of medicationsexerciseactivitiestime alonetherapy that worked for erShe talks about fearing losing er creativity She didn t I did I was an art that worked for E Juice Recipes 2nd Edition herShe talks about fearing losinger creativity She didn t I did I was an art most creative student I ve O crepúsculo e as formigas had in 30 years But the medicaton took away my ability to draw aller life She A History of Western Philosophy And Its Connection with Political and Social Circumstances from the Earliest Times to the Present Day had them after a suicide attempt while in college They were administered improperly not enough tranuilizers too much electrical power so that she was awake for the whole thing Shead vowed never to get ECT again I believe that is part of the reason why she killed erself there were many reasons including the fact that she was put on anti depressants which can cause a person with manic depression to go into an extreme

maniai wasn t 
wasn t fond of the explicit sexual section but it s important for people to know that this type of behavior is part of the manic end of bipolar disorderIt s a complicated condition Ms Forney did a Brilliant job of work on this book. Ng the strengths and limitations of various treatments and medications and what studies tell us about the conundrum of attempting to cure an otherwise brilliant mindDarkly funny and intensely personal Forneys memoir provides a visceral glimpse into the effects of a mood disorder on an artists work as she shares er own story through bold black and white images and evocative prose. ,
Suffer from a mental disorder Give it a art simplistic but absolutely perfect The art is simplistic but absolutely perfect the context I never thought could understand exactly what I go through This writer and cartoon illustrator changed that for me I suffer from many mental ealth issues including OCD Bipolar disorder PTSD depression and anxiety to name a fewI loved this book and even ighlighted some of the sections that I relate to fully Being 28 years old and carrying the burden of multiple mental disorders Vampir has at times left me exasperated I ve been on multiple antidepressants and anti anxiety medications since I was a child but this book aloneas Racismo e Intolerância helped me in ways that a few psychotherapists and therapistsave I am not alone I know that now and I m so grateful for this book It Eilean Mhor (DANNY Quadrilogy, has pushed me into the right direction onow and where to seek Chili con carnage help Ellen Forney I cannot thank you enough You ve saved me This bookas been so valuable in my family s life and Ellen Six Roommates and a Baby has become ourero It s even inspired my wife and I to create our own little comic that we give to our special needs daughters teachers It basically explains La culpa es de los tlaxcaltecas her condition much in the same way Ellen Forney does in this book There are so many lessons to learn and Ellen spells them out in every graphical way possible Which only enhances the message A master at making things that areard to explain verbally easy to explain visually It s a good book but the glue is so old that I m scared that some pages will fall out when I turn them I m also not used to uite so many gooey marks on the cover of a second Report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth to the Governor and General Assembly of Virginia hand bookI m always conflicted about when to buy a book new pay the author and when to buy it secondand save a tree Given I couldn t buy a digital version of this book I decided I d buy this second The Buried Giant hand but buy as new a different book by the author Given the uality of the binding that was a mistakeDo yourself a favor and buy it new I adore this graphic memoir It s a book I read and reread regularly Iave taught it to college students at least eight different semesters in at least 12 classes and my students love it too I always Comme toi (Milady Suspense) have several who tell me each semesterow much it meant to them because they Curso de Redaccion Teoria y Practica de La Composicion y del Estilo have bipolar disorder or a loved one does Itelps them understand themselvesthei. Nd mental stability while retaining er passions and creativity Searching to make sense of the popular concept of the crazy artist she finds inspiration from the lives and work of other artists and writers who suffered from mood disorders including Vincent van Gogh Georgia OKeeffe William Styron and Sylvia Plath She also researches the clinical aspects of bipolar disorder includi.
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Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me: A Graphic Memoir