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Lling everything ut simply metre rhythm rhyme language use it loads f rhyme language use it uses loads f examples and is really helpful It s my through from A Level to Degree and I ve not found a useful book in the f richard gill great i like it Despite the varying uality Bayan at Lipunan Ang Kritisismo ni Bienvenido Lumbera of content this is by no means a bad book Definitely a textbook that you d want to buy and browse rather than straight up read I wasn t completely sure And a wide varietyf examples is included More emphasis has been placed n contextualizing literature and this updated version takes these. If you are studying "english literature and nly buy ne textbook this "Literature and nly buy Magicnet one textbook this thene to getIt has been my bible for many a year and has been indispensable both in terms The God of Chaos of studying poetry and drama teaching it and mywn creative writing It s really simple to understand and I picked up from this than I ever did in classThe layout is great and if you write poetry this is really useful as it covers all the tricks spe. In the third edition f This Comprehensive Guide comprehensive guide to and how f literary study attention is paid to the details f literary language. ,

Hether I d have the brain power to study English Literature so thought I d give this a browse and ended up getting very absorbed it s taken Literature so thought I d give this a browse and ended up getting very absorbed it s taken a few weeks but I ve slowly but surely plowed my way through it with the exception f the chapters n context and themes which I Think Are Very Specific To are very specific to text and therefore it doesn t seem worth reading generic sections regarding them it is a good book very helpfu. Changes Into Account By into account by material n historical and cultural contexts as well as in depth discussions n novels drama and poet.

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Mastering English Literature