Masters of Doom How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture [E–pub/E–book]

A hell of a ood read especially if you rew up playing id ames andor have a background in computer programming The story has all the elements of a reat Greek tragedy the unlikely rise to success of two heroes and the tragic flaw in each of them that ruins it I wonder how many stories there are like this throughout the history of the business Romero and Carmack Jobs and Wozniak Zuckerberg and Saverin etc It seems like a pattern that repeats itself two friends that together propel each other to reatness but whose success inevitably drives them apart I M Sure The Author sure the author a certain amount of creative license in telling the story but it feels well researched and factually Комуналният капитализъм, том 1 grounded I duess the honest truth of what happened during those days is all but lost because all the key those days is all but lost because all the key have rewritten it in their heads several times over So it s all a matter of perspective at this point The only complainant I have with the book is that the author doesn t really make much of an effort at a conclusion One could say that s because the story is still being told but he could have tried to tie everything together by spending a final chapter looking back at where they started or making closing observations on the character of each man It s not an enormous flaw in the book but it does leave the reader without a real sense of closure Thankfully we have Wikipedia to use as a constantly updated epilogue There aren t many specific details from this book that I want to remember The dynamic between the two John s and the employer at which they met is interesting the stealing the computers at night working on company time releasing a ame behind his back after all that being offered a deal by their old employer to finance their new company he must have seen they were oing places and him having to take back that offer because of his other employees The fact that that the നഷ്ടപ്പെട്ട നീലാംബരിയും മറ്റു കഥകളും games were written by so few people is impressiveIt was neat that Deus Ex aame I like a lot was created by the functional branch of a very dysfunctional company Romero s Ion Storm which he founded after leaving Id and which was a typical tech bubble companyOverall though there aren t many specifics to take away and the overall lessonsthemes were

#already known to #
known to and I think pervasive in tech culture before this books creation Those themes being that 10x the people doesn t entail 10x the work that you should keep development cycles short and focus on shipping and that being a Die Letzten Legionen Konstantinopels good programmer doesn t mean you ll be aood manager Well I don t know how pervasive the last lesson was before this book but the others proceeded it with XP and maybe AgileA The true story of John Carmack and John Romero and how they created Id software and became the most prolific computer PC Game Programming EXplorer The Easiest Way to Blast through the Mysteries of Game Programming game designers in the 1990sThe story describes how two misfiteeks were able to follow their passion of The Parables the Sentences (Cistercian Fathers Series) games and through hard work were able to make impressive advances iname technology and et rich at it as well It also shows the ravages of arrogance on business and how letting ego come into play can destroy friendships and companiesThe story uses an extended metaphor for the company with a dungeons and dragons campaign that the main characters were playingThis book is very interesting The writing style is journalistic and simple This works because the book is a uick read The story is reat and the author does an excellent jo. Masters of Doom is the amazing true story of the Lennon and McCartney of video ames John Carmack and John Romero Together they ruled big business They transformed popular culture And they provoked a natio. Masters of Doom How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture

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Ble journalism and it materially contributed in a small way to the present reactionary mess that is video ames People sensitive to transphobic language should be aware that American McGee s mother dated a trans woman after divorcing his dad and Kushner describes her in terms that would make even Jon Stewart cringe Though he did marry an objectivist so who knows Wait no Sandy Peterson designed some levels First off Wil Wheaton one of the nerd ods narrates Masters Of Doom by David Kushner so I just had to have it and listen to it I also figured that Masters Of Doom would Be A Welcome Change Of a welcome change of as it s non fiction about video aming I went in hoping for something a bit similar in tone and Akışkanlar Mekaniği ve Hidrolik geekery as Ready Player One which actually was kind of a false expectation yet in all honesty that is exactly why I put this audiobook on my Audible app Also I totally used to have Doom but was awful at it so I like reading books about people who excel inamingRead the rest of my review here I decided to read this book based on seeing its title on the library shelves Like many most A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East gamers of a certain age Irew up with Dark Moon games from id software and its various offshoots but until reading Masters of Doom I hadn t realized how completely they had dominated myaming background Commander Keen Duke Nukem the side scrolling platformer not the FPS the various Epic Megagames ames like Solar Winds Jill of the Jungle ZZT Dare to Dream Ken s Labyrinth and One Must Fall 2097 Rise of the Triad of the Jungle ZZT Dare to Dream Ken s Labyrinth and One Must Fall 2097 Rise of the Triad Stone Aliens of Gold and of course Wolfenstein 3D and Doom filled hundreds honestly probably thousands of hours as a child Most of them I ot as shareware through those shareware distribution discs that were everywhere in the mid 90s and apparently that s another innovation that I can trace back to that cluster of companies I owe a lot of my childhood Digital Holography gaming memories to the two men depicted hereI also had forgotten just how much innovation PCaming reuired back in the late 80s and early 90s Now in the midst of a decade long period where PCs are the superior technical Reaper Unexpected Deadside Reapers gaming platform due to stagnating console specs where people can actually make a serious argument that WatchDogs was downgraded on PC in order to avoid showing up consoles it s hard to remember that once it was simply impossible for computers to replicate feats that consoles did routinely It s kind of astonishing nowadays that Carmack had to come up with a technical workaround just to allow the kind of side scrolling on PC that Nintendoames routinely performed and the various innovations were really interesting to read aboutThat s the ood part Now the parts that annoyed meThe primary prob An amazing account of the two Johns I was obviously bent towards Carmack him being a programmer but this book beautifully highlights the ups and lows of the journey It leaves you waiting for and I wish to hear of this story Even though it focuses mainly on the two Johns this book is not a biography Rather it is an account of the Silicon Valley Gaming Startup Scene in the 80 90s I would o so far ahead to label this Silicon Valley Gaming Startup Scene in the 80 90s I would The Wandering Scholars of the Middle Ages go so far ahead to label this a startup book with two entrepreneurs making it big timeThe book doesn t end on much of a high note ending with the launch of uake III Team Arena and Carmack firing his rockets It would be awesome if the author came up with a DLC for the book with chapters covering what both of them have done in the past 13 year. Uake until theames they made tore them apart This is a story of friendship and betrayal commerce and artistry a powerful and compassionate account of what it's like to be young driven and wildly creativ. B of iving a human element to The Story By Describing The Lives Of story by describing the lives of most important Id programmers and designersI read this book because I was a big fan of Id software and the ames that it produced Also I had just started a job in the computer industry and I still had some sort of romantic notions of what it would be like Pizza is mentioned 39 times Render and polygon combined for 19 Would you read a book about Beethoven that only mentions how reat were his symphonies and how everyone loved them without ever talking about what exactly made them reat and probably not even discussing Fidelio s plot So what exactly were Carmack s innovations in Guide To Italy game engines Oh he was very smart and worked a lot now let s talk instead about his Ferrari have I already mentioned that his office was full of pizza boxes One liner Read it 45 stars Executive Summary This book is what I wish Console Wars Sega Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation would have been As a huge fan of idames The Impending Crisis 1848 1861 growing up and a software developer this book really worked for me but will probably be too slow for many peopleAudio book I It s kind of stunning that even someone as sympathetic and breathlessly ready to take the Johns at their words in every situation as Kushner can t even begin to make John Romero and John Carmack appear remotely likeable Literally nobody in this book is aood person of course not it s about video The New Oxford Guide to Writing games but Romero and Carmack come off as some of the worst people it s possible to be without killing someonePart of the issue is that Kushner himself is also a piece of shit and so just doesn t know what likeable looks like part of it might be that he went out of his way to portray Carmack as autistic without using that word while clearly only knowing autism from contemporary stereotypes and therefore making him much of a sociopath than he probably is Romero is still a nightmare employee a shit husband to two separate wives at the time of writing 2003 he s up to four now I think The timeline also strongly suggests he cheated on the second one while she was pregnant an absent father to kids with both of them an incompetent boss a sportscar obsessed man child and a narcissist with anger management issues Carmack may only be half of those things but that s certainly enoughWorrying episodes are presented as amusing little anecdotes Carmack killing his cat for peeing on his couch Romero smashing hundreds of dollars worth of computer euipment in a videoame induced rage acrimonious disputes and there were a lot of acrimonious disputes are presented at face value from the Johns side of course Tom Hall s leaving id was a mutual thing that he refused to talk to them for ages afterwards despite Romero actively trying to make friends must just be a coincidence and while all of the usual suspects make an appearance you wouldn t know any of the technical employees at any their companies did anything of conseuence except be any of their companies did anything of conseuence except be at id or uit at Ion Storms the intersection of video Forgotten Kingdom games celebrity culture and hack journalists produced a trueemI do think books like this do real harm and not only because they pay bills for people like Kushner Doom and uake are almost single handedly responsible for They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us gamer culture becoming as awful as it did in the 90s and rather than take a critical look at that Masters of Doom is a celebration of its worst aspects It s lazy irresponsi. Nal controversy More than anything they lived a uniue and rollicking American Dream escaping the broken homes of their youth to produce the most notoriously successfulame franchises in history Doom and. ,