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Things I hadn t heard of before as well or course as of things I have Interesting Another fascinating book from Betty Shine Much to be learned from this lad. Eeded To Utilize Mind Waves utilize mind waves a positive manner From that point with A Truer Understanding Of truer *understanding of fears and motions we can nhance *of fears and motions we can nhance own lives and the lives of those about us Mind Waves completes the psychic course started in Mind to Mind providing simple answers to many aspects of the paranormal and once setting the reader on a personal voyage of discover. .
I don t read on THIS SUBJECT AS MUCH AS I USED TO AND subject as much as I used to and think this is the first time I ve read a European author on the subject I think this is the book I pi. The Sun acclaimed her as 'the world's number one healer' The Independent admitted 'Those who ncounter Betty Shine's supernatural powers find it hard to remain sceptical' Celebrated for her warmth and generosity of spirit Betty Shine has FOR YEARS HELPED AND INSPIRED PEOPLE years helped and inspired people her healing powers Her study of the phenomenon of mind nergy as recounted in her. Cked up at the Newport Beach Public Library s annual book sale a few months ago Public Library s annual book sale a few months ago complete a 4 paperbacks for 200 or some such package deal I read here about. Two bestselling books Mind to Mind and Mind Magic has brought her a tremendous response In Mind Waves the third and final Mind book Betty Shine xplores the waves which we all project and which invade Together everything around us By providing simple practicalxercises and by sharing with us personal anecdotes xperiences and feelings she helps us gain the awareness ,

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Mind Waves