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L apolitical vehicle for French Ye Ye Pop Stars However ye pop stars However full length study reveals how written texts in Salut les copains letters and advertising both supported and challenged dominant ideologies concerning culture The Nation Youth And nation outh during the turbulent 1960s and 197.

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Its first ear at its peak sold around twice many magazines as its nearest competitors as many magazines its nearest competitors has now become synonymous with the development of outh culture in 1960s France In the few existing accounts of Salut les copains cultural commentators have tended to view the magazine as a neutra. ,

While popular music and the media in France are firmly established areas of enuiry there have been relatively FEW ACADEMIC STUDIES OF THE YOUTH AND MUSIC academic studies of the outh and popular music This book focuses on Salut les copains Hi BuddiesMates 1962 76 which achieved a circulation of a million copies within. ,
Mixed Messages (1962-1976)