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The John Howard Griffin Reader 1st Edition lCamillo attempt to solveocal problems uite a few of which they created while competing for the villagers hearts and minds and arguing about Russia Ultimately though they often team up and share responsibility for the village s welfare As well as owning a dog together an adorable detail Both of them are defensive of their dignity uick to anger and pragmatic after calming down for a moment They share defensive of their dignity uick to anger and pragmatic after calming down for a moment They share bottle of wine often than they punch each other Their frenemy rivalry remains entertaining for than 500 pages In an age of overly complex plots multiple story I Necrosis lines stream of consciousness prose dozens of characters globetrotting characters worldwide implications it is great to enjoy a bookike this All of the events take place in a small Italian town with virtually no plot implications beyond the town and its inhabitants These include main characters Don Camillo the Catholic Priest and Peppone the mayor and communist party eader Guareschi s short tales center on disagreements between the political Peppone and the religious Don Camillo though Jesus plays a major role as he communicates with Camillo through the church s CrucifixThe stories are simple straightforward and dispense with engthy examinations of setting and Water long descriptions of the cast the author moves throughetting the character s actions define them Cleverly their actions often are completely different than the things they say or the roles they play Even Christ often than not chastises the Priest in ight of his actions regarding PepponeOn might think that the simplicity described is a weakness but it is most assuredly a strength as stripped down tales are surprisingly deep and complex in terms of human understandingIts not hard to see why this book was in print for than 30 editions Highly recommended The stories in this collection are funbut they are really not for me I have read about half of them and I have had enough I do not think it is advisable to read one story after another but neither do I have the urge to return to after I have put them have the urge to return to them after I have put them takes only about ten minutes to isten to Each story has the same message so I have no desire to proceed to the next They are cute They are sweet They illustrate the friendship between a communist mayor and a hot headed Catholic priest The setting is right after the Second World War in a small village in the Po valley of Italy The stories are amusing Camillo the priest continually addresses Il Cristo a voice from the crucifix presenting his worries and difficulties Il Cristo is in fact Camillo s conscience It is the wording that is funny The humor is ironical and pokes fun at human behavior and politicsFor my taste too often disputes get out of hand and Camillo and the mayor end up physically assaulting each other Most importantly the tales are too repetitivePers Dudgeon narrates the audiobook He does a fine job The narration is good so I have given it three starsYou should at Battle of the ueens least try a few of the stories Get the book at theibrary then you can return it when you have had enough What follows is the introduction to The Little World in which Guareschi tells how he came to be the man who wrote the Don Camillo stories Guareschi s history is in many ways a reflection of and counterpoint to Italy s history from the Great War through the 1960sI dare you to read this Si Kaitlin at ang Game Machine link and notaugh enjoyed the ink than the storiesThis book is being discussed during June 2019 in the GR group Reading the 20th Century. Munist ideals and the Roman Catholic priest Don Camillo is desperately trying to prevent this But despite their different views these men can count on each other in the fight against social injustice and abus.

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Mondo piccolo Don CamilloSo funny I just kept aughing yet also found so much spiritual wisdom in this book This was on my to read ist for awhile Now it is on my this book This was on my to read Exit Berlin list for awhile Now it is on my againist Charming deft humor As a child I Finding God in the Waves loved the Little World of Don Camillo I first found the book in myocal a huge volume with a yellow cover Although have never been greatly fond of short stories I enjoyed these and have enjoyed re visiting themDon Camillo is the huge brave impetuous priest in the small Po valley in Northern Italy after WWII Peppone eually enormous and stubborn is the The Big Brain leader of theocal communists and the town mayor For most of the stories in this volume the two men are at oggerheads with each other although ironically they are often each other s most ikely confidantes and allies when things get toughThe author of these stories Giovannino Guareschi was a journalist who The Animus like the characters in this book shared a history in WWII Indeed the character of Don Camillo himself was supposedly based upon a real priest who was a partisan andater prisoner at Dachau during the war Although the war is only alluded to by Peppone and Don Camillo it is obvious that both men were comrades during that time and their shared history has made them trust each otherThe other main character in these books is Christ on the cross who watches Don Camillo and indeed chats to him A Reason to Breathe The Friessens like the friend that he is He acts as Don Camillo s conscience and chides him when he gets carried away but always gently I have enjoyed re entering this world that I once knew so well A very enjoyable collection and a fascinating world with characters that stay with you Good Story 152 Just when Julie and Scott were ready to start breaking candles over some heads Christ got a word in Just one he said Just oneOriginal review belowYou would be hard pressed to find a charming book anywhere than this set of short storiesSet in a small Italian village soon after World War II we see the priest Don Camillo repeatedly come up against his sworn enemy Peppone Peppone is an atheist who is the head of theocal Communist party and therefore against Christianity Both are hotheads who are inclined to solve problems with their fists and the occasional Tommy gun before turning to peaceful measures One soon Vinte Mil Léguas Submarinas learns that both men uarrel because they are so much alike that neither will give way and that when push comes to shove they will work together for the common goodWhenever Don Camillo is in over his head he talk The stories of Don Camillo the cantankerous but beloved priest and his sidekick Communist mayor Peppone continue to make meaugh every time I read them Their Cold War adventures mishaps arguments and reconciliations have a timeless uality To appreciate the true genius of author Guareschi delve deeper into the atent spiritual meaning that many of his stories contain but don t get bogged down in the scholarly search for the meaning of ife Don Camillo tales allow us to appreciate a sacred awareness of the world an understanding communicated through friendships foes objects gestures expressions and actual religious rites I Secrtaire mdical - Annales corriges loved reading the many tales and hope you will too and Il bet you Marking Time Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War laugh outoud when you read about Don Camillo skinny dipping and talking smack with his friend and foe Peppone I want to say charming but there is going on than that in this collection of short stories centering on the priest of a small post WWII north Italian village and his mostly comic assorted tribulations with o. This tragicomical stories often politically or socially charged mostly situated in a fictional village on the Po called Boscaccio in the period immediately after World War II paint a clear picture of the post. ,

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Cal people and politicsThe first chapter of the edition I read was a brief autobiography by the author putting things of the edition I read was a brief autobiography by the author putting things context but only for those with enough history or who were there at the time to read between the La agonía de Europa lines to realize how hair raising it all must have been One mild paragraph described how he was drafted into the Italian army for criticizing the Fascists just in time to be taken prisoner by the Germans when the Italian war effort collapsed and mentions aside that because he refused to work for the Germans was sent to a prison camp in Poland instead I see there is an autobiography about that which I may pursue when I have endurance But this background informs the work and the writer for all the apparent simplicity of the talesMeanwhile I see there are further collections about Don Camillo which myibrary might supplyTa L Later Aha I just figured out how to postcopy my book reviews directly to my blog Shall try this Don Camillo Mondo Piccolo The Little World of Don Camillo Don Camillo 1 Giovannino GuareschiDon Camillo is a character created by the Italian writer and journalist Giovannino Guareschi whose name and some of his character is based on an actual Roman Catholic priest World War II partisan and detainee at the concentration camps of Dachau and Mauthausen named Don Camillo Valota 1912 1998 Guareschi was also inspired by Don Alessandro Parenti a priest of Trepalle near the Swiss border The fictional Don Camillo is one of two main protagonists of Guareschi s short stories the other being the communist mayor of the town Peppone The stories are set in what Guareschi refers to as the small world of rural Italy after World War II 1992 1363 259 9649082131 1379 264 1381 1392 20 1369 220 I borrowed The World of Don Camillo from the The Compleat Invocation lockdownibrary of friendship having not heard of it before I was assured that it s fun thus it turned out to be the Miß Sara Sampson last remotely cheerful unread book in my flat Edinburgh publicibraries won t start reopening for another two weeks so I ve emergency ordered ten second hand novels off eBay I found it a funny and often heart warming read This collected volume includes all five books of short stories about shenanigans and mayhem in a The Grounding of Group 6 little Italian village a few years after the Second World War The titular Don Camillo is the village priest and constantly feuds with his nemesisbest friend Peppone who happens to be the village s communist mayor The two of them are constantly faced by moral and political dilemmas which they generally resolve in theeast mature way possible via practical jokes andor fistfights Both are huge strong men ready at any moment to break furniture over each other s head thus there is a certain Asterix in the 1950s vibe The stories are argely told from Don Camillo s perspective and he freuently chats with God who takes a delightfully sardonic tone with himAs he passed by the altar the Lord frowned down at him Lord said Don Camillo Whosoever shall exalt himself shall be humbled and he that shall humble himself shall be exaltedDon Camillo said the Lord for some time now you ve been skating on thin iceWith God s help no ice is too thin said Don CamilloAlthough the tone throughout is one of farce the many serious situations aren t treated entirely ightly The brutal A Rule for Children and Other Writings legacy of the war is ever present noteast in the availability of machine guns the poverty of the village explains the appeal of communism and disasters natural and man made occur regularly Peppone and Don. War Italy In this period the Italian Communist Party is very strong but the Second World War and fascism are still vividly remembered Boscaccio has a communist mayor named Peppone He wants to realise the com.