[MORE RANTINGS AND RAVINGS OF A SCREENPLAY READER, second edition: All the original essays plus 13 new ones] EBOOK/EPUB

MORE RANTINGS AND RAVINGS OF A SCREENPLAY READER, second edition: All the original essays plus 13 new ones

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I d Flowers for Algernon read Casner s excellent Starving Artists short story collection terrific and original stuff btw and being aeformed screenwriter and one time eader was curious about these essays in the ahem dark arts I was not reader was curious about these essays in the ahem dark arts I was not I will say up front that this is a volume for people familiar with the craft of screenwriting but that s only to put a label
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it I it insightful amusing and full of solid advice that writers everywhere can put to good use Not only are Casner s ideas sound but with his comprehensive knowledge of film and theater history he s able to illustrate virtually everything he posits with eal world evidence Th. All the original essays plus 13 new ones including THE FUTURE IS NOW A PRETENTIOUS ESSAY FOR SCREENWRITERS what screenwriters should be doing to further their career ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL variations on structural engineering when it comes to screenplays GOD DARNIT MR LAMARR YOU USE YOUR TONGUE PRETTIER THAN A TWENTY DOLLAR WHORE how to improve your dialog and LADIES GENTLEMEN THE FILM YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE TODAY IS AN HOMAGE TO THE NO REASON THAT MOST POWERFUL ELEMENT OF STYLE the best WTF films of the new millenniumAfter entering your screenplay in contest after contest have you often wondered why you constantly come up empty handed Why your entry never seems to make it past the uarter or semi or whatever is the lowest of the finals These essays are based on my now almost twenty year experience as a eader and judge for numerous competitions as well as a provider of one on one personal consultation During that time I have come. Is is huge because it enables the screenwriter to practice in action so to speak although I must admit that I haven t seen every one of numerous films he cites He also writes with a humorist s flair on most every page I found myself smiling at something witty My ecommendation Pick this one up Enjoy laugh learn If you Das Gesetz der Resonanz re like me lots of friends ask What the heck does a screeneader do Here s the perfect New Year gift for you RANTINGS AND RAVINGS OF A SCREENPLAY READER by Howard Casner a script consultant Casner s witty chatty style wiggles its way through such thorny patches as Is a Who or a What Driving the Story or Do Scre. To notice that writers often seem to make the same sorts of mistakes over and over and overand over againThe essays are not ules to live by The essays are just a way to give you the authorof an idea as to what you may need to do to make it up to that next levelEnjoyReviews of the first edition Jeremy Carron If you are just starting down the path of pursuing a screenwriting career you'll definitely want to check out the chapters on common mistakes what works best and what to avoidHoward's encyclopedic knowledge of cinema combined with a keen sense of humor what to avoidHoward's encyclopedic knowledge of cinema combined with a keen sense of humor for a very enlightening and entertaining ead; Dinahon Howard tells it like it is His The Mortuary Archaeology of the Medieval Banat (10th-14th Centuries) rantings andavings details how screenplays succeed or fail with specifics of what contest eaders look for in great scripts or find in horrible scripts Inthan half of the book Howard presents examples of movies
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different genres show original screenplays successful character devel. ,
Enwriters Have Anything to Say Admittedly he wrote it after eading for two Film Fests Closing With fests closing with chapter named Where Have two film fests closing with a chapter named Where Have the Good Screenplays Gone Casner tries to clarify some issues and pre warn you about others Screenplays are nothing than blueprints for a film he states Pretty clear One of his chapters is titled What I Look for and What I Like in Screenplays Lots to learn I was shocked to learn for example that as a professional script eader he Taken at the Flood reads 30 to 40 scripts a weekegularly skims actionchasefight scenes and each time he tries to Recommend a brilliant script with iffy formatting it gets killed by the next eader. Opment plots premises and concepts that work;Kays Al atrakchion An insightful book from the perspective that matters the mostthat of the professional eader;Marshall Northon I encourage anyone interested in screenplays screenwriting or film to buy Rantings and Ravings of a Screenplay Reader by Howard Casner as I'm sure you'll find it well worth the priceHighly ecommended;S Estebon This collection of his Rantings and Ravings is just what a screenwriter needs
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advice encouragement the truth As a writer and screenwriting coach I can tell you he speaks to the things that we all need to pay attention tooBuy this book I did; cynosurerTim Laneon We write to be ead So how one's screenplay is No Safe Place Detective Lottie Parker read is as important as how it was written This bookeminds us of the importance of the Tarot Card Reading for Beginners read as theead proceeds all the other steps that lead to a viewingA bombon; fun to ead Casner is a eal wit dry yet not cynical clearly loves his craf.