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I first met Gary Snyder in person in the WINTER OF 1976 IN GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN AT MY of 1976 in Grand Rapids Michigan at my mater Calvin College The previous year when I had been the Writers Guild chairman we had invited in three writers the novelist Chaim Potok who was the first abbi to speak on Calvin s campus the beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the Black Mountain poet Robert Creeley The following year Snyder came in His The 5 Secrets to Highly Profitable Swing Trading reading was typically gentle and almost aphoristic unassuming When we talked with him afterwards some of us who were studying the problem of world hunger asked him what he would do with what seemed like an intractable problem Heeplied that it was mostly a problem of will as human ingenuity was capable of dealing with it He said You can see if you fly in to an airport the solution presents itself to you immediately it shouts out to you All these finely manicured lawns highly fertilized well watered Instead of Vixen Midnight Liaisons raising crops we water lawns as an increasing number of the world starves Gary Snyder is an American poet once associated with the Beats buddies with Philip Whalen Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac Snyder was Japhy Rider in The Dharma Bums an essayist and environmental activist Snyder has sometimes been described as the laureate of Deep Ecology His workeflects his immersion in both Buddhist spirituality and nature and his poetics are grounded in ordinary speech patterns Huis clos rather than forms like the sonnet or even haiku though he than anyone else brought haiku and other Japanese forms into the US and the west generally and much work by Ginsburg and Kerouac and others was much influenced over time by Snyder s introduction to easterneligion and culture Some of my favorite collections of poetry include Myths and Texts 1960 Regarding Wave 1969 Turtle Island 1974 The Old Ways 1977 and Practice of the Wild 1990 but in 1960 Regarding Wave 1969 Turtle Island 1974 The Old Ways 1977 and Practice of the Wild 1990 but ways his magnum opus is the text he worked on for four decades Mountains and Rivers Without End finally completed in 1996 I have some concerns that I m continually investigating that tie together biology mysticism prehistory and general systems theory he once said but the poetry itself never feels this heady It s common language and not obviously shaped It proceeds out of the every day Existential of today as is the Zen Buddhism he practiced This book is not my absolute favorite not as intimate seeming for me as Turtle Island or The Old Ways but it is impressive scanning the concerns of much of his career An essay Snyder writes as an appendix explains how the text came to be written and many of its sources in Japanese art and culture that he began studying as an undergrad at Reed College The heart of it is about mountains and ivers of the Pacific Northwest and the Sierra Nevada where he has been living since 1970 It s one long poem finally. In simple striking verse legendary poet Gary Snyder weaves an epic discourse on the topics of geology prehistory and mythology First published in 1996 this landmark work encompasses Asian artistic traditions as well .
A kind of sutra an extended poetic philosophic and mythic narrative of the female Buddha Tara I first ead it poetic philosophic and mythic narrative of the female Buddha Tara I first Crochet Dress Up read it it came out in 1996 and now for a second time over a month ineading a poem or
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a day made a commitment to Caught in the Act reread it ever since I passed near his home through the mountains in late August of the past year I alsoead his Danger on Peaks 2004 If you are looking for poetry of nature with a Buddhist sensibility check out Snyder He s a spiritual poet a poet of the mountains and ivers and soul I d love to see him again but here I and you can hear himGary Snyder at 84 on NPR Poetry Comes to MeGary SnyderIt comes blundering over theBoulders at night it staysFrightened outside theRange of my campfireI go to meet it at theEdge of the light Stats barFinding the Space in the HeartGary SnyderI first saw it in the sixtiesdriving a Volkswagen camperwith a fierce gay poet and alovely but dangerous girl with a husky voicewe came down from Canadaon the dry east side of the anges Grand Coulee BlueMountains lava flow cavesthe Alvord desert pronghorn The World of Critical Role The History Behind the Epic Fantasy ranges and the glittering obsidian paveddirt track toward Vyaseldom seenoads late September Andthick Frost At andthick frost at thenfollow a canyon and suddenly open tosilvery flats that curved over the edgeO ah Theawareness of emptinessbrings forth a heart of compassionWe followed the Làm như chơi rim of the playato a bar where theoads endand over a pass into Pyramid Lakefrom the Smoke Creek sideby the Someday Matters of the Heart Book 3 ranches of wizardswho follow the tipi pathThe next day weeached San Franciscoin a time when it seemedthe world might head a new wayAnd again in the seventies back fromMontana I Mood Indigo Decorating with Rich Dark Colors recklessly pulled off the highwaytook a dirt track onto the flatsgot stuck scared the kids slept the nightand the next day sucked free and went onFifteen years passed In the eightiesWith my lover I went where theoads endWalked the hills for a daylooked out where it all drops awaydiscovered a pathof carved stone inscriptions tucked into the sagebrushStomp out greedThe best things in life are not thingswords placed by an old desert sageFaint shorelines seen high on these slopeslong gone Lake Lahontancutthroat trout spirit in silt Columbian Mammoth bonesfour hundred feet up on the wave etchedbeach ledge curly horneddesert sheep outlines pecked into the ockand turned the truck onto the playaheading for know notbone gray dust boiling and billowingmile after mile trackless and featurelesslet the car coast to a halton the crazed crackedflat hard face wherewinter snow spirals andsummer sun bakes like a kilnOff nowhere to be or not beall eual far eaches no boundsSound swallowed away no waters no mountains nobush no grass andbecause no grassno shade but your shadowNo flatness because no not flatnessNo loss no gain So nothing in the way the ground is the skyth. S Native American storytelling and Zen Buddhist philosophy and celebrates the disparate elements of the Earth sky The World of Critical Role: The History Behind the Epic Fantasy rock water while exploring the human connection to nature with stunning wisdom Winner of the Bollin. E sky is the groundno place between justwind whip breezetent mouth leewardtime being hereWe meet heart to heartleg hard twined to legwith a kiss that goes to the boneDawn sun comes straight in the eye The toothof a far peak called King LearNow in the nineties desert night my lover s my wife old friends old trucks drawn around great arcs of kids on bikes out there in darknessno lights just planet Venus glintingby the calyx crescent moonand tasting grasshoppersoasted in a panThey all somehow swarm down here sons and daughters in the circleeating grasshoppers grimacingsinging s tras for the insects in the wilderness the wideness thefoolish loving spacesfull Of HeartWalking On Walkingunder Foot Earth TurnsStreams And Mountains Never heartWalking on walkingunder foot earth turnsStreams and mountains never the sameThe space goes onBut the turnsStreams and mountains never the sameThe space goes onBut the black brushtip drawn to a pointlifts away I need to buy this book and spend years with it The poems are dense with images Don t you envy him and the depth of his experience with place Beautiful Snyder falls into a slightly different category from other beat poets like Ginsberg Kerouac Corso Bremser etc He studied Zen Buddhism in depth than the other beat writers and poets And There Is A Certain there is a certain and harmony in these works which Le yoga mental reflect his maturity as a writer and his depth of thought Some of these poemsead like short traveloguesdiary entries as he travels from place to place I m not sure whet Must How to Master CCNA read for west coasters and lovers of travel and eastern philosophy I m a Gary Snyder fan and this book didn t disappoint I dead some of the earlier poems like Bubbs Creek Haircut and Night Highway 99 Seeing them in seuence in the book added to my appreciation Snyder s intense connection with the natural world is uniue and inspiring As are his grace and ease as he lives his life Snyder truly is one of a kind His synthesis of Buddhism and Native American mythology creates a mythopoetic vision unlike any other Reading his poems you walk with him you see the Der SS Staat – Das System der deutschen Konzentrationslager rock walls feel the cold spray of water hear the voices in the wind That s his genius a poet and our joy as hiseaders However as this book progresses it s and laden with Buddhist chants and terminology as if his mission was to include everything he knows In so doing he broadens the scope and challenge of the book The problem for me is the connection to nature its immediacy its power to illuminate and embody abstractions is weakened and obscured by the esoterica No doubt part of the problem is that his knowledge of his topics far surpasses mine But part of the problem is that his arrow overshoots its target Nonetheless the book is an extraordinary accomplishment and a wonderful Andai Prejudis Itu read And don t get me wrong Gary Snyder now 90 is a great poet As in he s there in the pantheon with Pound Dickinson Whitman Sappho Basho and Li Po. Gen Poetry Prize the Robert Kirsch Lifetime Achievement Award and the Orion Society's John Hay Award among others Gary Snyder finds his uiet brilliance celebrated in this new edition of one of his most treasured works.

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