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A structure that flows with little distraction or need for diversion Spike s humour is of course ever present however unlike other entries in his war autobiographies he doesn t use that as a supporting structure for his personal reminiscences It may be argued that from hereon Spike drops his surreal interpretation of his wartime experience and spends time and energy trying to bring into relief how important that time and those experiences were for him I ve got reasons to like this book based in part on my own circu Spike Milligan s war memoirs continue in got reasons to like this book based in part on my own circu Spike Milligan s war memoirs continue in same vein as the last two volumes This book covers his time spent fighting amongst other things in Italy It s both ridiculously hilarious and deeply upsetting and doesn t even give a passing nod to political correctness I could read Spike Milligan all day He Is The Funniest Writer I Ve Ever Come Across Pure the funniest writer I ve ever come across Pure slapstick humour but tinged with sadness He lost some good friends during the war ears From his war memoirs the general consensus is he had as much interest in the war effort as a truant has at school While he tells his story brilliantly he needs the humour to hide the painful episodes I have found myself laughing out loud on the trainHe is still a god to some modern day comedians notably Eddie Izzard who called him the godfather of alternative humour I think this book is excellent but there is a definite change of tone from his earlier war diaries In the earlier episodes Milligan is lighthearted and his crazy sense of humour pervades In this installment death and tragedy looms large from the early chapters as Milligan and his friends begin to struggle with the hardships of warThe book begins with Milligan landing in Italy and the comical observations and word play that ou would expect accompany his arrival However a short illness sees him have to attend the medical facilities and the number of wounded and dead men that he encounters clearly leave a lasting impression This mention of death is constantly revisited thoughout the book he talks about how war effects civilians and children as well as soldiers that "He Has Fought AlongsideThroughout "has fought alongsideThroughout book there is also some very graphic imagery of war the white teeth of a gunner showing through the black charred flesh of his corpse the dead baby being held by the woman in black Milligan even recalls friends who survived the war who he is no longer able to ask for information as they have died since This is juxtaposed with his usual comic capering and on occasion makes it uncomfortable reading But that s the pointI found this difficult to read at times but it is definitely worth reading for any fans of comedy or people who want a realistic view of war Honestly painfulMilligan moves from North Africa to Italy The usual humour is tempered by the prevalence of violence Ultimately Spike is wounded carrying out a mis Very poignant historically important memoir of National Treasure Spike Milligoon Hilarious outrageous but also touching and moving this record of 19 Battery 56th Heavy Regiment Royal Artillery s experiences in Italy will leave ou in awe of ordinary men who did extraordinary things Wonderful. Reak of crabs in monkey to the unfortunate ack acking of and American killyhawk Dio mio is war is a game of cards someone was cheatin. .

You Tragedy strikes when Bombardier Milligen is ordered to perform a fool s errand carry a heavy radio set and batteries to an Observational Post located at the top of a mountain while under artillery fire Narrowly killed by enemy mortar fire Milligen retreats back to his command post with a wounded leg only to be shouted at and accused of cowardice by the evil Major who later demotes him to Gunner aka buck private Thankless job Shell shocked from the near death Gunner aka buck private Thankless job Shell shocked from the near death Milligan undergoes a nervous breakdown and develops a stutter speech impediment preventing him from carrying out his duties as an artillery Radio OperatorMemoirs such as this provide a balanced perspective of the war sometimes missing from big picture text books and documentaries War memoirs like this also remind Peacetime soldiers like me how lucky we are to have been spared the ravages of war due in part to the sacrifices of men like Milligan Lest we forget You don t have to be mad to fight here but everyone else is so Whole Again you d fit right in would be an approprate summation of these books Words like honour glory heroism patriotism are for posters After reading these booksou d know they should contain such words as mud hunger mud smoking mud boredom mud terror mud smokingCertainly it seems like the exploits of Milligan and others like him kept people going through the hells they found themselves in Filled with his uniue brand of humour and daftly captioned pictures these books give great insight into the thoughts feeling and camaraderie of the average soldier What makes this book different to the three before it is the life changing event that befell Milligan when he narrowly missed getting blown up by a mortar Tonally the book changed from a humorous account of the bloody uselessness of it all to the drastic need of a damaged man to write down memories that haunt him This is the lynch pin and pinnacle of all the Milligan war diaries The book where the series truly moves from being a piece of milligan s whimsy to being piece of Milligan s whimsy to being of the most important war diaries Here combined with the dark humour and barrack room bawdiness seen in his previous diaries is an authentic perspective on the horrors of war resulting in Milligan s own Downfall Mussolini is one of the best entries in Spike Milligan s war autobiography series which is no mean feat considering how good the preceding volumes were I am a big fan of all entries in the series however Monty His Part in My Victory the third of these books is a little light on and lacks some of the emotional intensity that comes from Milligan recounting his part in the Italian campaign of late 1943early 1944In some respects like Rommel Gunner Who this book is the most accessible and most engaging because the anecdotes and events recounted here are not uniuely Milliganeseue The reality of battle of a soldier s life the disconnect between the military world and that of the civilian is given far emphasis here than in the last and next volume and I think that elevates Mussolini above other entries by SpikeIn terms of narrative and form Mussolini is constructed with plenty of humour pathos relatively conventional prose and. Me of war memoirs Lance Bombardier Milligan Spike actually continues his notorious sage of World War II from the long remembered outb. I read this many ears ago as a teenager the whole series of Milligan s war memoirs in fast succession actually I Really Find Him A really find him a genius if such a thing can be said of anyone not necessarily because he s funnier than anyone else that sorta depends on context I reckon but because his vision of the world is so different to everyone else s Anyway I loved the whole trilogy but this is the one that packs the real punch You re so absorbed in the banal hilarious but also horrific world of Milligan s war ou re almost comfortable with it and he s sort of distanced from everything awful that happens around him or a least able to look for the absurd in it and find pleasure where he can music collegiality japes the endless search for women to sleep with that when he is finally and unexpectedly taken by an extreme breakdown it shocks and moves You realise that there s no way to escape the cumulative effect of th As a former Signaller attached to the artillery in the Canadian Forces I had a heightened interest in this book owing to my love of history and the author s related experience as a Signaller with the British Army 56th Heavy Regiment during WWII I was inspired to pick up this book after listening to the audio book for the first installment in the memoir series entitled Adolf Hitler My part in his downfall a hilarious diary account narrated by author Spike Milligan The audio book covers his enlistment into the British Army and basic training in England prior to his deployment to North Africa This review of the hard copy Mussolini His part in my downfall is the third book of the series picking up in Italy during the 1943 Allied campaign to defeat the occupying Jerries aka Nazis in the drive up the boot Both books provided courtesy of the Toronto Public Library As an army veteran I found a lot of the anecdotal humour relatable when ou consider War is a game of mistakes with victory belonging to the side who makes fewer mistakes poor mediocrity may secure that Many army cliches are brought to life such as lousy food curried grass anyone and inept leadership there was only one way he became an officer he was baptized one One gets the impression Bombardier Milligan was a morale booster among one One gets the impression Bombardier Milligan was a morale booster among in an otherwise miserable and bleak existenceJokes aside the author conveys the cold hard facts about War as a tragic and horrible exercise of futility This is exemplified when four Gunners in his battery are burned alive by enemy artillery shells a preventable tragedy had they not carelessly placed charge boxes next to their dug outs shell fire hit the charge boxes which set the camouflage net over the dugout on fire The less tragic downfall of the author takes place in the closing chapters of the book when he is placed under the command of one Major Jenkins an inept officer loathed by his men for his callous disregard of human life among other charming ualities One of the greatest terrors of war is what ou don t know of the men in command who tell Girl for Sale you what to do where to go and when What if they are mad or stupid What if their fear is greater thanours Or what if they are brave and crazy wanting and demanding bravery from. Britannia rules the waves TA RA but on occasions she waives the rules and Spike is all set to liberate gasp Italy In this fourth volu.

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Mussolini: His Part In My Downfall