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O resist but to join in Sadly The Bravado Like A the bravado like a strong march for the wrong army is inspiring dangerously so Absolutely one of the most powerful books I ve ver read in my ntire fucking life I finished it on a plane and tried my very hardest not to cry as I was sandwiched between strangers Souha Bechara is a Lebanese woman who was a part of the Lebanese communist party growing up to witness the Lebanese civil war and the Israeli invasion of the Lebanese south where she is from she "Was Determined At A "determined at a xtremely young age to join the resistance and she did When she was only in her late teens she attempted to assassinate Antoin Lahd the leader of the fascist Lebanese militia which acted as a proxy for Israel in the south She was then held in Khiyam Camp for over a decade in the most dire conditions This book serves as her diary in which she recounts all the ways in which she preserved her humanity and what it meant for her to sacrifice for her people The book contains the most bizarre and powerful beauty one that pains an of the ways life be so cruel and the ways also in which human beings can live and thrive despite I still find it hard to review auto biographies I was startled by Souha s strength courage and resistance at a very young age Her resistance toward the reality she was facing and her desire to change it She knew who the real Unshakable Swagger enemy was and was able to focus on that rather than being dragged to participate in the civil war that was taking place at that time This book touched my heart I smiled when she did and cried whenever I read about the oppression lack of human rights and torture that people who where in Khiam camp had to go through People around the world read lots of books describing the concentration camps that jews were held in and their brutality but few know about what the zionistntity did in the lands they ve raped from Lebanon and its people between the years of 1973 and 2000 Honestly so much respect for her What a story A very controversial and moving memoir. Ere vibrante Souha Bechara Un temoignage uniue une lecon d'existence ui nous rappelle ue l'on a toujours raison de resister The Inhumans et ue pourtre libre il faut se depasserLiberee Botánica Insólita: 2 (Lienzos y Matraces) en 1998 apres une intense campagne internationale au Proche Orientn Europe mais aussi Entrenar y correr con potenciómetro (Deportes nº 12) en Israel Souha Becharast aujourd'hui Paying My Boyfriends Debt etudiante a Paris oulle ssaie de rattraper le temps perdu Gilles Paris journaliste au Monde l'a accompagnee dans la redaction de son livre.

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I don t know who wrote the blurb on this book s page but it s not to be found anywhere on the physical copy that I read I guess the publisher wrote it to make the book seem xciting to an audience that can t place Lebanon on a map or have never heard of its civil war otherwise I "DON T REALLY SEE THE RELEVANCE OF SUICIDE BOMBINGS "t really see the relevance of suicide bombings if that is t done reading it in 2019 I found this to be oddly written Souha Bechara is a woman who attempted to kill the leader of the South Lebanon Army and was put in detention for years afterwards One would xpect this memoir to revolve around this and how she feels about it ALL THESE YEARS LATER RIGHT BUT these years later right But doesn t The vents
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described yes not reflected upon much It sometimes feels like reading a wikipedia article instead of a memoir written by the woman who actually lived through these The Calculus Story: A Mathematical Adventure events It s all well and good to hear her recount herxperiences from her younger days but that s not really why anyone would pick up this bookHer second book whic Riveting memoir about the Lebanese Civil War and its aftermath Very important book A must about the History of the Resistance in Lebanon Looks like people have forgotten what Israel has done to the country and the price many has paid now that she was kicked out It follows the life of Bechara as a kid growing up in a Christian village in the South of Lebanon before the beginning of the civil war how Israel occupied the country and how the Communists and others organized for the Resistance The planning of her Zahrat al Janoub mission her decade long arrest in Khiam and the freeing of the SouthSalute to Souha Bechara and to all the Resitants who have fought against Israel Probing the MaelstromA compelling autobiography that puts one into the skin of its protagonist I was attracted by the strong parallels between this book and the movie Incendies whose lead subject Nawal is based on Bechara minus the the subtext of rape and unwitting incest She was born June 15 1967 in a Greek Orthodox Christian community in Southern. Grandir dans la guerre civile Prendre les armes a vingt ans Tirer sur le general de l'Armee du Liban Sud Survivre a dix ans de cachot dans l'enfer de Khiam Voici la bouleversante autobiographie d'une femme ui n'a jamais renonceLes Libanais ont aussi leur Jeanne d'Arc Pour لم يستدل عليه eux Souha Becharast le symbole vivant de la Resistance En 1988 a la sortie de l'adolescence lle tente d'eliminer Antoine Lahad le chef de l'ALS la milice suppletive ,
Lebanon a date she links to the Israeli victory over Egypt Jordan and Syria which actually nded 5 days The Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas earlier but news travels slowly at timesThe book has 3 beats The first is about Bechara growing up her family life the civil war and the intrusion of the Israelis her inclination towards studying mathematics and her desire at a young age to towards political involvement The second deals with her desire to join a movement and make a difference leading up to her attempted assassination of Antoine Lahad she was 21 a Maronite warlord who headed the SLA South Lebanon Army from 1984 onward The third focuses on her decade of incarceration in Khiam prison by the SLA Under torture and deprivation she does not betray her cell indeed there is little she can tell them The title Resistance refers mostly to this third segment her refusal to give in to her captors the secretive way the womenxchange messages create small crafts and distinguish genuine prisoners vs planted informersOddly the rest of the book belies the title
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though the believes it to be true It is her father s background that causes her to affiliate with the Communists and become a High School Student Leader In school student leader in Party at age 15 Prince of Thorns even though she feels that he was a distant figure in her life The formative moment pp30 31 begins with the murder of her cousin Afif supposedly killed by Palestinians only it turns out it was by a Lebanese Shiite looking to avenge the death of his brother And the brother himself was not dead he had joined the Phalangists Maronite Christians and was doing dirty work on their behalf A year later another cousin Khalid had his legs blown off by a land mine while transporting weapons for the PLO and subseuently died Bechara is swept away by spectacle of the funeral procession bearing photos of their martyrs the streets bedecked with the four colors of Palestine black white read and green I had discovered a flag a cause a people In the turbulent fratricidal storm of Lebanon s fractious civil war Bechara chooses not I tient le sud pour le compte de l'occupant israelien Arretee jamais jugee torturee Souha sera incarceree a Khiam camp prisont mouroir inlassablement denonce par les organisations humanitaires Refusant de collaborer The Pretenders (The Similars, elle y passera dix ans dont sixn isolement totalSon pays laboure par l'horreur son cheminement interieur son ngagement sans retour la flamme ui lui a permis de survivre a la barbarie c'est tout cela ue raconte ici de mani. .

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