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I always felt like I was being "drawn into your world No matter how hard I tried to stop it from happening I saw "into your world No matter how hard I tried to stop it from happening I saw on NetGalley and was IMMEDIATELY enamoured with the artistic style which is but one thing I adored about this mangaApart from the drool worthy illustrations seriously the MCs are so damn attractive this is also a eally touching boys love story about confronting internalized homophobia and choosing to be with someone even when it scares the hell out of youKyousuke Shiina is a talented and charismatic graphic designer who s humble to boot When he s not pulling all Nighters At The Office Because That S at the office because that s the sort of hardworking perfectionist he is he s whipping up yummies in the kitchen and making sure Kasumi is doing okay And then like tumbling down a hill I fell in love with Kasumi Kasumi Amemiya is his opposite shy klutzy and disorganized as all heck The two of them have been childhood friends since grade school when Kasumi had no friends and nothing to live for and Kyousuke by all means should ve never crossed paths with him If I m going to share my life with anyone I wish I could be with someone who eally loves me There is SO MUCH ANGST Y ALL This is a friends to lovers arc with LOTS of doubting of oneself and masochistic denial *of feelings I must stay away for his sake that was only just a smidge epetitive Oh and let s not * feelings I must stay away for his sake that was only just a smidge Fizz repetitive Oh and let s not the dash of smutty smutKyousuke grew up believing that being gay was wrong and he grapples with what he thinks is leading Kasumi the most important person in his life down the wrong path Meanwhile Kasumi has been in love with Kyousuke all this time too but cannot fathom that his confident and charming best friend could ever possibly feel the same To borrow a line from Stephen Chbosky We accept the love we think we deserve and what the two men think they deserve evolves throughout this story as they grow to accept not just the other person but also themselvesBottom line Ieally liked There Are Things I Can t Tell You I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THESE TWO Thanks to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for a copy of this gem This was a cute manga very angsty and full of mutual pining and miscommunication I feel like the story flowed strangely at times because there s so many flashbacks interspersed and at times I felt like the characters would shift so uickly in their emotions and things weren t making sense Overall it was a cute Godzilla vs the Robot Monsters read. Kasumi and Kyousuke are polar opposites when it comes to personality Kasumi iseserved soft spoken and shy; Kyousuke is energetic and has always been popular among their peers As the saying goes though oppos. About two flawed angsty dudes and their journey towards each other
but it didn 
it didn wow me like I was hoping it wouldArc provided by Netgalley and Tokyopop in exchange for an honest eview I enjoyed this so so much The art is absolutely lovely the characters made my heart ache and the omance made my heart ache and the Third a Kiss Goddess Isles romance angsty and sweet Childhood friends to lovers is one of my favoriteomantic pairing tropes of all time and this is the way I love to see it executed best two people who have pined after one another for so long that they can t possibly imagine ever actually being together leading to the most emotional passionate confession moments possible Precious I adored both Kasumi "AND KYOUSUKE TREMENDOUSLY AND THEIR POLAR "Kyousuke tremendously and their polar selves balance one another beautifully Kasumi struggles with taking care of himself at times so Kyousuke steps in to keep him functioning but Kyousuke s lack of self care through overworking himself is still present too on top of his general struggles with internalized homophobia I felt like the two of them both worked to smooth the jagged edges left by the other s traumas so well nobody fixed anyone but they supported one another as much as they couldFinally after LA MASA MADRE (Spanish Edition) reading a handful of othereviews I thought it may be necessary to Drsný spasitel remind anyone interested in this manga that it is an adultomance and yes there are absolutely explicit scenes If that makes you uncomfortable this is probably not the manga for you but if you The World of Critical Role: The History Behind the Epic Fantasy re comfortable with fairly graphic though brief depictions of sex Iecommend this Never and Forever (The Wizards of Once romance manga so highly I hope to have the chance toead from this author very soon Representation all characters are Japanese Kasumi is bisexual and Kyousuke is gay Content warnings for view spoilermemories of parental emotional abuse parental neglect loss of family memberscaretakers internalized homophobia homophobic comments hide spoiler So let s talk about There Are Things I Can t Tell You Besides the fact that I wish I could have You ve got two very different leads who ve known each other since grade school Kasumi and Kyosuke Who are both btw still two massive soft cinnamon Begin Again rolls I hold dear to my heart and I wanted to protect at all cost throughout the book Kyosuke is popular confident and naturally talented While Kasumi is unassuming unsure andeserved The main story takes places after college with flashbacks to their adolescence Which I liked because it helped clue. Ites have a tendency to attract and these two have been fast friends since elementary school To Kasumi Kyousuke has always been a hero to look up to someone who supports him and saves him from the bullies But. Us in to the why s without info dumps or chopping up the book in different segments There is a ton of yearning on both sides that I felt that up the book in different segments There is a ton of yearning on both sides that I felt that could touch it physically I think the exceptional art might have helped that along as well Essentially these two have a love that that neither is sure of acting on but for two totally different easonings The thing is they both think they are doing what s best for the other However we come into their elationship at the boiling point where choices are made confessions are said and mistakes happen This was heartfelt and wholesome while still having mature emotions and moderately intimate scenesTrigger Warning there are themes of depression and internalized homophobia Thank you the Diamond Book DistributorsTokyopop via NetGalley for and internalized homophobia Thank you the Diamond Book DistributorsTokyopop via NetGalley for *Me Read This In Exchange For An Honest Review 455Kyosuke * read this in exchange for an honest eview 455Kyosuke Kasumi have been friends since childhood but they couldn t be different Kyosuke is the golden boy extroverted confident in himself and good at pretty much everything whereas Kasumi is introverted and kind wary of people s intentions Thus even as friends they complement each other You have to be aware that in Japan being ueer is almost a crime so a lot of folks have internalized homophobia and are not as open as we are in the west Normally it s hard for them to accept the fact that they are not straight With that being said they both have feelings for each other but they can t confess what they truly feel cause then their friendship would end I think their background stories are important in this manga because I know what it s like to uestion everything about yourself and sometimes hating yourself in the process wondering what s different from being ight or wrong and ultimately be capable of just being you without care for what other people may think This author has a beautiful art style and it eally shows the drama when needed to The expressions give you the best context and the length normally a manga volume goes from 150 200 pages helps building the story of these two characters that deserve nothing but the best I strongly ecommend this manga since it is a stand alone and for those who are wondering they do have their HEA but first Kyosuke and Kasumi will have to go through a lot in order to understand that it s better when they Solo un Jesús marica puede salvarnos: Reflexiones cristianas en clave gay (Spanish Edition) re together when they let themselves be loved Ieceived an ARC in exchange for an honest eview via NetGalley. Now school is over; their elationship suddenly becomes a lot less simple to describe Facing the world and one another as adults both men find there are things they struggle to say out loud even to each othe.