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This is a powerful and poignant retelling of Shakespeare s Othello I read the original and its modern predecessor back to back and in my humble opinion thought Chevalier did justice to this timeless story from the renowned bardIt was a bold and interesting option to transmute the original from an epic tragedy to the experiences of a handful of children during just one school day on a playground This truncated time period and microcosm community is used as a stage for the wider modern political and social world If Shakespeare wrote of the conspiracies of man then Chevalier drew insight to the pettiness of it Her young cast of characters are every bit as scheming intuitive and pack minded as their ancient counter parts and THIS PROVED THAT THE SAME PREJUDICES proved that the same prejudices sadly every bit as prevalent centuries laterI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author Tracy Chevalier and the publisher Hogarth for this opportunity I will be honest here and say that while I new the rough story of Othello I have never read it or seen it so I chose to read this book from the synopsis Rather Than The Shakespearean ConnectionThe than the Shakespearean connectionThe is set in Washington in the 70 s the focus of the book is a Ghanaian "diplomat s son called Osei It s his first day at a new school and the " s son called Osei It s his first day at a new school and the takes place on that one day The main focus is on a group of students Osei Dee Mimi Blanca Casper and Ian There is also focus on the hideous teacher Mr Brabant and his colleague Miss Lode who mostly is a uiet and pliable characterIan is an awful child he is the school bully a manipulative racist who takes pleasure in belittling others and is always looking for an opportunity to take advantage of a situation and if he can make others lives a misery while he s at it then that s all the better When Osei joins the school that Ian has worked hard to manipulate to his will and catches the eye of the popular Dee Ian senses a shift in the balance of the carefully manipulated school playground hierarchy and sets out to make Osei the outcast The children seem to have an automatic assumption about black people that they have picked up from their openly racist parents and teachers Osei entered the school assuming that his colour would be the greatest issue and in some ways the racism plays a large part in the story but the racist undercurrent aids Ian s cruel pursuits too He is not about to have his hard work undone by the new black boy in his school I found this story disturbing and found myself absolutely furious at times especially at Mr BrabantThis wasn t a comfortable read but it was intense and is very well written It is relevant to current times because it is updated and relatable to what sadly is still an issue The use of the playground setting was genius I would definitely recommend this boo. From the New York Times bestselling author of Girl with a Pearl Earring comes the fifth installment in the Hogarth Shakespeare series a modern retelling of Othello set in a suburban schoolyardArriving at his fifth school in as many years a diplomat's son Osei Kokote nows he needs an ally if he is to survive his first day so he's lucky to hit it off with. Could push the story into its downward spiral and yet these adolescents were not mere stand ins for their Shakespearean counterparts Osei s double isolation as the only black boy and new boy at school is mirrored in his home life disconnected from his parents no longer having a real relationship with his once beloved sister constant relocation due to father s many postings various successful and unsuccessful outings at American schools and dealing relocation due to his s many postings various successful and unsuccessful outings at American schools and dealing the ignorance and casual and overt racism in the world around him Osei is an intelligent boy but one susceptible to the machinations and manipulations of Ian with the growth of his inner rage fear loneliness and pain We may not get uite as much detailed backstory with Dee but we are given enough to see how different Dee is from her peers that she is eager to connect with Osei and seeks to understand him and bridge the gap between their differences a bright happy serene girl worldly and mature than others in her class whose goodness and boldness Ian exploits to drive Osei s suspicion Ian is perhaps most like his original source Iago pure Machiavellian villain clawing at power brutal and uncaring of the feelings of others driven by jealously and coldly delighting in his power to destroy But he too arouses pity and sympathy an adolescent if only we could reach him turn him to a better path And that is the genius of Chevalier s setting and time and characters New Boy eeps the powerful themes of Shakespeare s work but ups the ante and the stakes since it s the lives of children now in the balanceOverall this is a worthy entry to the Hogarth Shakespeare series and though I did find some flaws with it and did not love it nearly as much as the muscular and meta Hag Seed I would definitely recommend it That said I think this one is for readers of contemporary fiction than Shakespeare fans there s little allusion or ode to Othello or the Bard here which fiction than Shakespeare fans there s little allusion or ode to Othello or the Bard here which the story and characters stand on their own merits but is a bit untethered from its source material received an ARC of this on edelweiss thanks to Hogarth and Penguin Random House This is the modern reimagining in the Hogarth Shakespeare series of the dark psychological play Othello It is transferred to the 1970s and set amongst 6th graders and teachers in a elementary school in a suburb of Washington DC It works surprisingly well and the action takes place over the period of a day The heavy and raw emotions of an incendiary jealousy bent on destruction rage envy insecurity and resentment fits well into the school playground where the smallest of incidents gets blown up into mammoth proportions The importance attached to in crowds and popularity resonate with school Les traits originaux de l'identité européenne kids and underline its insidious malevolence in the school milieuOsei is black a Ghanian diplomat s son and the epon. Schoolyard whereids fall in and out of love with each other before lunchtime and practice a casual racism picked up from their parents and teachers Peeking over the shoulders of four 11 year olds Osei Dee Ian and his reluctant girlfriend Mimi Tracy Chevalier's powerful drama of friends torn apart by jealousy bullying and betrayal will leave you reeling. New Boy author Tracy Chevalier

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K it may not be a comfortable read but it is so well written the characters are realistically crafted and it is nicely paced There were shocks and surprises aplenty I can imagine this book being studied in secondary schools in a comparison to Shakespeare s Othello It is a striking piece of work in it s own right and that will catch the attention of adults and children alikeI was given a copy of this book by the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review New Boy is a very tightly wound compact retelling of Othello that Boy is a very tightly wound compact retelling of Othello that the original s exploration of love and betrayal racism strength and weakness but transforms the situation to an elementary school and setting the conflict between adolescents which heightens the tension and pathos for the reader Tracy Chevalier does a fine job turning the classic passionate tragedy into a character drama in which the children s thoughts and deeds are a reflection of the some of the worst or most insidious ills and nastiness of American society and though set in the 1970s I felt a dull ache of discomfort of how relevant the same sentiments and issues and ills are "in today s world I would rate this 35 stars overall it s perhaps a bit short for my liking especially " today s world I would rate this 35 stars overall it s perhaps a bit short for my liking especially Othello is one of Shakespeare s longer plays somewhat unbelievable in the rate of escalation of events arrival and love and betrayal and conseuences all in a single school day the ending which has a dark but unsettled feeling and it didn t do much to engage with the source material beyond its adaptation to this new narrative which felt like a bit of a missed opportunity But I rounded up to 4 stars for the very solid craft and execution the well developed versions of Othello Desdemona and Iago who uickly captured my interest and aroused my sympathy and the consistently tense and foreboding atmosphere Chevalier created in the most seemingly unassuming of locations and placesOsei is the titular new boy a Ghanaian diplomat s son whose arrival on the playground of an all white school in the Washington DC upends the established array of alliances and status to the delight of Dee who immediately connects with Osei and to the displeasure of Ian who prefers the previous pecking order and wants to destabilize O s fledgling relationship with Dee and social currency Knowing what s in store in a general sense for OseiOthello DeeDesdemona and IanIago means we follow Tracy Chevalier s developments through the day with trepidation these are children after all so their confusion and anger and distress and suffering all the weigh on our conscience especially driven as they are by parental and social forces imposed on these childrenIn less than 200 pages Chevalier gives us a wealth of backstory for Osei Dee Ian and MimiEmilia In some ways I was amazed at how uickly Chevalier. Dee the most popular girl in school But one student can't stand to witness this budding relationship Ian decides to destroy the friendship between the black boy and the golden girl By the end of the day the school and its Galicia (Histories of Europe) (Histories of Europe) key players teachers and pupils alike will never be the same again The tragedy of Othello is transposed to a 1970's suburban Washington.