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Night Echoes

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Lotline that couldn t decide whether to be ghostly horror romantic suspense or noir small town mystery The whole hidden diary in the attic andor reincarnation of a past tragedy is overused but
it might have 
might have entertaining if combined with a decent hauntingalas the haunting itself wasn t very intense ie not at all the abrupt shift into tracking some ped0 serial killer was ust too much The flatter than flat prose was no help I didn t GAF about the boring contemporary characters the diary ghosts couldn t even tell their own story with some antiuated flair Rather everything they wrote was summarized by the MC as she read it on an airplane Zzzzzz All her life artist Emma Beck has been incorporating elements of a particular house in her paintings Then she discovers the name of her birth mother and visiting the town she wa This was a very fun read with truely creepy haunted happenings and a suspensful mystery to be solved The mythology of reincarnation and hauntings got mixed up to a degree that wouldn t work if you thought about it too much but the strengths of the plot made up for it The characters were likable if a little generic and the setting the most well rounded character #of all created an atmosphere for the reader that was both inviting and chilling When #all created an atmosphere for the reader that was both inviting and chilling When the last time a ghost story kept you up at night i don t mean creepy gross horror I mean spine tingling check under the bed Les anges meurent de nos blessures just in case ghosts THAT was my reaction reading this book Ghosts suspense AND romance Who could resists. When Emma starts to hear soft whisperings late at night and Mike discovers lost letters and a hiddenournal in the attic they realize they are caught in a web of ghostly tragedy that once reached out to ensnare Emma's parents and which now threatens to devour her and Mike as wel. ,

I picked this up on a recommend from PBS and what a awesome book it was Emma an artist had decided to return to a small SC town She comes upon a house that needs a lot of work but feels she must have She hires sexy Mike Ruhl as a handyman Right after she moves in things start to go wrong in a house that Emma can t explain What is up with Between the Martian Death Flu and #Norwescon I got thrown fairly hard off the reading as of late But I was in the mood for a light #I got thrown fairly hard off the reading as of late But I was in the mood for a light y suspense y sort of story inevitable after re reading some Barbara Michaels This time though I wanted one I hadn t actually read yet so i turned to holly lisle yet So I turned to Holly Lisle Night EchoesThis was a perfectly enjoyable little novel though there is nothing terribly surprising in any of its elements Plucky Young Heroine impulsively purchasing Spooky Old House is a plot we ve seen before as is the reincarnation of ghosts never laid to rest But Lisle does a pleasant ob with them and I give her extra points for her heroine being a painter of cover art for science fiction and fantasy novels That is I admit a profession I haven t seen portrayed much in books Three stars Haunted houses and reincarnation both subjects that you d think I d be interested in seemed to fall short of my expectations in this book While not totally predictable it had many common elements I found one spot in the book that the right mixture of tension and suspense but for the rest only fair reading Bland characters flat prose cliched tropes clashing with a Estore But Emma is drawn to the house which seems strangely familiar as does Mike Ruhl the young contractor she hires to help her fix it up She begins to feel frightened though when she recognizes Mike as a recurring face in her paintings including one in a Confederate uniform And. I really enjoyed this book I couldn t put IT DOWN MY ONLY PROBLEM WITH IT IS THAT down My only problem with it is that closest person to the villian saw no signs of the evil lurking beneathe the surfaceEmma buys a house that she s seen in her mind s eye since she was five It s hauntedShe meets her contractor Mike and there s instant attraction like they already knew each other ReincarnationThe only part of the book that grossed me out was that Mike s sister is married to someone old enough to be her grandfather There s no reasonable explanation given for thatIf you like paranormal books with lots of twists and turns this one s for you Emma Beck returns to her family town wanting to discover the truth about her past and her fascination with a house This house has featured in her paintings for years When she moves in strangely "She Starts Finding That She S Painting Scenes In Her "starts finding that she s painting scenes in her or is it her There are strange ghostly happeningsMike Ruhl is the contractor hired to fix up the house Emma is finding him creeping into her paintigs sometimes dressed in a confederate uniform As time goes on they find themselves drawn and into the mysteries of the pastI liked it it is pretty predictable but #the two main characters drew me in and made me want from them I picked up this #two main characters drew me in and made me want from them I picked up this started reading and didn t stop until I was done with it Which means I stayed up way past my bedtime CURSE YOU MS LISLE It s been years at least a decade since I was grabbed so much by a book that I read it from cover to cover in one sitting Two thumbs up. When artist Emma Beck returns to her small South Carolina hometown to discover the truth about her roots and long dead parents everything she thought she knew about her birth begins to fall apart especially after she moves into the old wreck of a Civil War farmhouse she plans to