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S from both worlds but strong nough to acknowledge it and to fight for it ven kill if needed It s the ultimate love story that has all of it to keep you reading it past your bed time and to make you feel like you want the next round after only a minute two writers together in a book is tricky and it sometimes doesn t work they stiles don t mesh well but this book is sooooooo synced and perfect if you didn t know the authors and they way of writing you would have thought it was a

person writing me I know m just one avid reader but I would put my money in the books from these two any time of the day I say BRING IT ON girls this is a must read I LOVE JOEY W HILLBUTLooks at the coverTHE COVER OH MYIT IS SO HORRIFIC huinn and the cover well the pick on the cover shivers This cover made me only think of hulk hogan sorry folks Hulk just dosen t do it for me Thank goodness I liked huinn and his persona as a whole V 11 REASONS WHY I LOVE THIS BOOK 1 The Vampire action2 The Mind talk3 huinn because he had a possessive sweetness that worked4 Sam because he brought the magical air to this book5 Butchintresting and strong I NEED His Book6 Dixinteresting and faithful I NEED His Book7 Selene and her sweet selflessness8 The storyline cowboywas fantastic as I would xpect from a V book9 The romance was insta love ish and that is something I always love10 The vampire politics 11 The MM candy rock solid relationship addition Joey W Hill remains to be Secured her spot in my TOP 10 favorite writer I look forward to my next book from her So why not 5 starshuinn and Selene I did not really care for thier persona as a whole They had bits that were nice to read but as a whole *I never really liked them My brain placed them as SCs I wanted to be rid of thier dialogue *never really liked them My brain placed them as SCs I wanted to be rid of thier dialogue this book uick so I skimmed a bit of themI would have loved if this book was about Dix Butch and Samthey made this book achieve its 4 star rating as SCs with LA VENTE EN VEFA easeI loved them to pieces for sure God I am so happy I have another book left off to EDEN book 12 I go Kind of a mixed bagThe romance is sublime but for a V book the sex is boring and way same same Except for that pegging scene Also as a proud member of TeamPain if you re going to bring out a single tail then for pity s sake can I get than 4 measly kissing strikesTalk about a chain yank and a half Though I do like getting to know various vamps in the country and Butch and Dixon are keepers I do hope they show up again because I like those twoSo kind of disappointingspecially with the boxes it ticked femdom kink and alpha sub But still a V and JWH book so Crossfire Crossfire even when it s meh it s still pretty good. Selene Torres arrives on the scene he getsverything he wants – and learns what he really need. Another winner for Joey HillThe Vampire ueen series never fails to pull you into the stories because of her skilled writingHer writing remains fresh and roticA must read for all romance fans 45 Yes Ma ma I ll be uinn s buckle
Stars I love Joey W s vampires selene and uinn s story was vampires Selene and uinn s story was wrenching Oh the twisted minds of those damn vampires I can t get nough I Les Souvenirs enjoyed this book than the last season of True Blood I m really hoping to see these characters cross over to another story because I m already missing them Inside Scoop uinn s BDSM journey is not for the faint of heart *and includesxtreme sexual situations and dubious consent *includes Crossfire Boxed Set extreme sexual situations and dubious consent well as malemale scenesWow Just wow You always wonder how smoothly a collaborativeffort is going to work DUN HOLOCAUSTE LAUTRE even between two authors as talented as Joey W Hill and Desiree Holt These two ladies melded as one mind This story takes place in the world of Joey W Hill s Vampire ueen series but can be read stand alone If you haven t read this series and why not this might be a good book to start with In this world vampires are viscous sexual and dominant and sometimes cruel but they sometimes find a connection and are capable of deepmotion though they hesitate to call it love In Nightfall we meet a young made vampire Selene Torres who is about to set ranch owner uinn Pedraza s world on its Navigating the Labyrinth ear uinn is a man s man Ranch owner former rodeo rider and bar owner uinn doesn t have much time for a life outside of work and taking care of those he considers in his care That too is about to change This is a hard book there are moments of cruelty that make you want to cry followed by acts of love that make you want to shout with joy This is not a safe book you will be drawn in and made to feel and sometimes they will be out of your comfort zone but they will make you think and I think make the story that much better I liked it Didnt love it thoughThe sexy parts were drool worthy Amazing The romancespecially from the H part was beyond sweetHer attitude as a vampire very well handledThe narrator FLAWLESSThen why didnt I love it Too much drama and vampire politics got in the way And too much unrestricted violence Who knows me will think this is weird of me because I hate rushed resolutions and Im not suimish but this book just took too damn much out of the story making it slow and boring at some points when interaction between the main charcters and a deepening of their relashionship would ve been waaaay betterStill like I said I liked it I d read from the series and the author although not right now This was pretty disappointing I didn t appreciate the co authoring I ju. Ranch owner uinn Pedraza has to find someone to run the saloon he won in a bet but than that he ne.

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St want to hear Hill s voice it was really distracting reading about the Vampire ueen universe in another author s writing Flabbergasted astonished and dumbstruck over Nightfall Joey W Hill and Desiree Holt has NOT disappoint in the continuing rotic love stories of Ms Hill s beloved Vampires The ups and downs between a vampire and their servant hasn t been this hot or
hotter then Ms Hill s Vampire ueen Novel The Vampire ueen s Servant Ms Hill has delivered another hot sexy sweaty unbelievable love story I ve been missing the Vampire ueen series after reading The Scientific Method and this book was really a bonus when i came across it The book is as xpected very Dans l'ombre du brasier exceptional reading You ve got the alpha human male uinn Pedraza hunky cowboy and ranch owner who s been trying to handle a ranch and bar and almost failing to do so adeuatelyand a made female vampire on the run Selene Torres a combo very much like the original pairs in V However there is to Selene than being anxcellent bar manager and bartenderThe dynamics between them is almost like Lady Daniela and Dev Of course Selene is the dominant one since she s a vampire and uinn although an alpha male is the slave who loves her There s a part where Butch Dorn and his slave Dix came into the story two formidable characters that were introduced in the OMG if you Boy Nobody ever wanted to read a book that made you jump out of your seat scream and cry like a crazy good crazy I think then this is the book for you I can not tell you what I love LOOOOOOOVEEED in this bookither the yuuuuuuuuummmmm cowbody sorry had to wipe off the drool there for a *Sec Or The Lovely Vampire *or the lovely vampire got the best of both worlds with these two ladies Desiree was one of the first authors that I read and usually cowboy theme is not my cup of tee but she got me HOOKED and it s been a love affair since and she didn t disappoint here as well I could tell her writing the details the beautiful descriptions and the attention to details and not overdoing it Joey what to say and getting out without a restraining order hihihi just kidding or NOT I m a huge fan in whatever direction she goes I love the strong female roles she nailed down to perfection love the fea bit adore the vampire and just the way she writes and her characters and the story and the struggle and the tension and the sweet victory and the BEST sex scenes and the loving and the motions I can go on and on she got it all and for me who is in love with these series and all others connected to it this is beyond perfection uinn and Selene are the best from both writers and their story and their love above the accepted boundarie. Eds a woman who can handle his alpha personalityand closet submissive sexual cravings When vampire.
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Nightfall Vampire ueen #11