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But boy do I hate it when she eeps referring to herself as an old lady 40s is NOT old fuck that shit Micky has somewhat controlled her drinking but is still lonely still goes out alone still feels she is the odd one out She is navigating who she is within her friendship circle and what her place is recognizing that she needs to step up if she wants to eep them around Which I so admire about her considering her massive heartbreaks and aches and shatters over the last few books She is involved in an interesting detective case having to do with a mob family and missing women and I uite enjoyed this one It got confusing with all the names and characters at times and I had to go back and re read a few parts but very well written As with book 9 there is no lovin for Micky again a tragedy to this girl I like to think of Micky as irresistible once a woman sets eyes on her Micky just owns her with her mysterious allure Whenever book 11 comes I hope she sleeps with everyone not even lying lol GO MICKY GET SOME ORGASMS 55 out of goddamned 5 Seriously how often does it happen that ones reads a series of this many books and never rates any of them under 4 Brilliant Ms Redmann if ever I meet you you are so getting top shelf scotch This was my first book by this author yeah I started with the tenth installment in a seriescrazy right But everything I read about this series said it was a must read So I jumped in the pool lateThis book loses nothing as a stand alone You truly can read it and enjoy it without reading the previous nine I own the first in the series too but I bought that one This book I received as an ARC Private Investigator Micky Knight is approached by a woman reuesting help in finding her sister Much to Knight s surprise the woman winds up in the morgue or is this only someone who looks like herAnd then another woman goes missing one who looks a lot like her former client Is this the sister the same womanMicky has to her former client Is this the sister the same womanMicky has to what the game is and who s playing Because the stakes are murderAlthough 1oth in the series this easily works as a stand alone While not getting lost I believe I would have benefited greatly from reading the first books in this series This is a well written mystery with compelling characters The *Suspense Starts On Page One And Maintains *starts on page one and maintains satisfying pace until the unpredictable ending So I have a problem For the last week or so I ve been binge reading this series in order to get caught up and read this newest book My problem now that I m done I m stuck with a serious book hangover and don t now what to read nextIt should be very telling to The Animators Survival Kit know that this is book 10 in the series and I don t think I rated a single book lower than 4 stars Most are 45 5 star reads Starting a series that s this long already can be daunting but mystery fans can t afford to miss this one Yes every single book in this series can be read as a standalone but I don t recommend reading them that way There s always a mystery that s neatly wrapped up within the pages but you ll be missing out on a lot of the overall goodness of Micky s life if you read this as a standalone Start at book 1 for the full picture and you won t be sorryA major benefit to reading the books in this series back to back is that I feel like I ve really gotten to see Micky grow as a person over the last few novels Not only that but I feel like Redmann s grown as an author too The first few books were wonderful but once this series got to the book Water Mark it really hit a whole new level of greatness I m completely invested in what happens to Micky next and even though Inow it s unfair to Redmann for me to just inhale a book in a few hours that she s been working on for years and immediately beg for that s exactly what I m doing I want and I wish I didn t have to wait to find out what happens nextA minor spoiler I was a bit surprised to see that this book had view spoilerno sex in it for the first time in the entire series There s mention of a former relationship but there s no on page issing romance sex etc in this one for the first time all series I m taking that as a hint that Micky is really maturing and hope that it means she s ready for her HEA in the next one hide spoiler. Ontact for another missing buyer one who looks a lot like Micky’s client The same woman The sister Micky has to uncover what the game is and who’s playing Because the stakes are murde. Not Dead Enough Micky Knight #10Can t go wrong with this serie Absolutely love it This is book ten yes 10 of the Micky Knight private detective series It s remarkable how Ms Redmann *HAS WRITTEN THESE BOOKS IN THE *written these books in the of 30 years the first one was published in 1990 and ept the stories flowing and the characters so realistic Even though this is a standalone mystery Micky s personal issues are a relevant part of the book which is connected with the previous installments so reading the whole series is highly recommendable I now thatcommitting to reading ten books might be too much but they are all so worth it However might be too much but they are all so worth it However can always start here and if you like it read the rest afterwardPersonally I ve started reading this series several years ago in their chronological order and I m hooked up for good To start with the books are well written page turners These are hard boiled mysteries not cozy ones in which the main character finds who did it from the comforts of her sofa The stories seem real and they don t sugarcoat any human tragedies Additionally the character development is superb not only for the lead but also the supporting onesMicky is the epitome of the anti heroine a woman with serious flaws who had a hard childhood and who paid a high price for her life achievements as an adult The great thing about this character is that she seems so realistic in her self deprecation her sarcasm even her loneliness It s inevitable that your heart goes with her as life gives her yet another blow I absolutely love this character with all her flaws and also her strengthsThe setting of this book as the rest of the series is in New Orleans where the author lives Her descriptions of the city are so realistic that you seem to be there and that includes not only the landscape but also the soundscape and the weather The constant presence of the heat and humidity is a metaphor for the suffocating environment in which some of the characters live I like that the author doesn t give us a view of the city taken from a tourist brochure but a place plagued with contradictions New Orleans is the main pillar of these books so much so that if you d change the setting of these novels they would lose half of its appeal I can t wait to see where Ms Redmann s next book is taking Micky and her friendsOverall an excellent lesbian mystery book part of a fantastic series Hopefully there are many to come 5 starsARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewSee all my reviews at wwwlezreviewbookscom I had a burning need to read Not Dead Enough nowing it would be Mickey Evolution of Anisogamy, The knight s last adventure And now that I ve inhaled the book there s no other way to read it I don t think JM Redmann is planning to write any in this series The end held a finality to it Cordelia s letter Mickey reaching a new normal with her friends the whole tone of that last chapter I want to cry I want to start over with book one just so I can be with them againI loved this plot better than book 9 even though there were a lot of names in the Brande clan to juggle with I m not even going to start trying to write some sort of recap because there is just way too much going on It was a clever plot even if I was able to sniff out the bad guy or gal long before Mickey had a clue But I only guessed part of it so that was not too bad The story had a good pace andept me glued to the pages I love to be with PI Mickey as she is working a case I love her street smarts her observations the office her endless cups of coffee and her shrimp po boy lunches the sticky situations she gets herself into and out of Outside work Mickey has matured over the series No longer the wild self destructive woman of the first books She has worked through most if not all of her traumatic past and has given it a place We have come full circleThroughout the book I had certain hopes for Mickey that didn t materialize in the end But still I m strangely okay with it I think that is the brilliance of Redmann s writing Go read the whole series start with book 1 and you will see what the big deal is In the meantime I will nurse my book hangoverff no romance for Mickey Themes summer in New Orleans a missing sister who is the woman in the morgue an Atlanta crime family wome. A woman wants to find her missing sister That should be easy for an experienced PI like Micky Knight Until the woman―or someone who looks like her―ends up in the morgue Micky finds he. N are chattel Mickey working the case I was waiting for Cordelia this whole time so sad it s over 5 Stars 450 Stars After ten books this series is still brilliant Redmann is up there as one of the best mystery writers ever Ten books in a row and all of them are great to fantastic it s just damn impressive It s has been almost 3 decades Redmann has been writing these books and the characters are still not stale Think about how impressive that really is All of the books star Micky one of my all time favorite characters ever She is a flawed character that has been through than you can imagine still drinks a little too much and sometime slips over to the wrong side of the law But what makes Micky so damn likeable is that her hard outside shell is really protecting a heart of goldIn every one of these books is a standalone mystery You could just pick this book up and read it fine I personally would suggest starting at good old number one While the mysteries are completed each book the drama angst heartbreak and love is a continued storyline through all of the books Micky and her core group of friends you read about their lives and how they change over the years with each and every book And sometimes it s even than that A character that was important to the mystery of book one actually popped back up in this book Had you not read the first book you would miss their history together I now it is daunting to start a series that has ten books But I honestly dare anyone to read the first three books in a row and not become completely hooked It s that good of a series I don t want to talk about what happened in this book too much for spoiler reasons for people who might be new to the series I will say this was an important stepping block for Micky Micky needed this book to better understand herself and to have some inner peace I guess technically Redmann could end the series here Micky s on a good track and it s a nice even 10 books but I sure hope not I want even for Micky and a big send off so Redmann please bring on number elevenIf you are a mystery fan these books are a must Redmann is an excellent author and this series is fantastic I do believe reading these in order you will get the most out of the Micky experience My only complaint is I wish Redmann wrote faster I want Micky now An ARC was given to me for a honest review What an interesting as well as unsettling series Michele Knight is at it again reaching out to the downtrodden and solving cases that seem tough to get a handle on It is indeed her saving grace as she continues to work onignore her personal issues I have enjoyed this series because the main characters personal issues I have enjoyed this series because the main characters multidimensional and to some extent flawed which in my opinion can make for an excellent read especially if the read is a series The writing provides depth as we continue to gain insight about the main characters The writing provides some funny lines which had me chuckling The story also provided a visit with some characters from previous books in the series which was good to see and we learned a little about Cordelia and what she is doing and possible thinkingARC provided by BoldStrokes Books Inc via netGalley Wow another good bookI ve binged read this series not being able to put any of the books down It is very very good and I really recommend the Micky Knight books The storylines are nothing I ve read before they are and can be dark and can cause triggers for some people The characters all off them work so well and very likeable Please someone tell me there is another book in the works Well I did it I got through 10 books and am now so sad Saddest of sadfaces I tried to put this off for a few weeks but was on what turned out to be a disappointing vacation and needed some joy This was my joy I m already *Planning To Go Back To Book 1 To Get Constant *to go back to book 1 to get constant fixes Please please Ms Redmanndon t tell me this is it There has GOT to be I need descriptions of turkey sandwiches and pots of coffee More sweat and grime of NOLA in the summertime More Torbin po boys Joanne stakeouts hopefully another cat with attitude that has been away far too long Book 10 has Micky older wiser with a few grey hairs in what I describe as her luscious black curls. Rself in a tangled mess not nowing who the real victim is or how her name eeps coming up in places it shouldn’t Like newly minted Realtor Karen Holloway’s house sale papers as the