Nottingham (PDF)

The Perfect SinnerThe Ultimate Surrender eE detail and I could not flaw the dialogue characters or atmosphere it was stunningly doneBUT something did not really connect with me and sort of lost me about 50 pages in I think for the most of start of the novel the atmosphere and side characters took up a lot of information which wasnjoyable and then when our two main characters connected it felt so distant Also very human on the planet is familiar with this story so maybe the author should have taken liberties with the story itself There is so much room to really go mad with this and I felt the storyline was kept very safe and ultimately I did find myself wondering off attention very safe and ultimately I did find myself wondering off attention would love this bookAnyone that loves retellings and seriously this story is so fantastically told Its historical fiction with a strong female presence throughout AND a lesbian twist Give it a goRating 33 Did anyone lse have an obsession with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves in 1991 It was a constant at very sleepover birthday party I attended for a good year All of us crazy about Bryan Adam s theme song and many crushing on Christian Slater not me One thing for sure NO ONE was crushing on Kevin Costner s terrible god awful English accent Justgoogle it if you are one of the few who is not familiar with this travestyThis was a fun twist on a classic story with females and trans males taking over the main roles held by men Robyn Hood swears to protect her family aft Nottingham The True Story of Robyn Hood is a lesbian retelling book of English folklore legendary character Robin Hood one of the most well known stories of the Middle Ages This is the third published book by Ms Burke though the author says that this is the first novel she ver wrote For some reason she waited some time to publish it but I m glad that she finally did Ms Burke is part of a new generation of young lesfic talented authors which gives me hope for the future of the genre I ve read both her debut Compass Rose and her second novel Thorn and both were in my favourites of Le petit Nicolas each yearRobyn Hood is an archer living near Nottingham England during the times of King Richard the Lionheart After being caught hunting illegally to provide for her starving family she is forced toscape to the woods and live as an outlaw There she meets a group of other fugitives who are all victims of the malice of the patriarchal system Artemis Fowl especially the nobility When the Sheriff of Nottingham levies the largest tax in the history of England Robyn and her band of outlaws are forced to take matters into their hands and rob the rich to give to the poor She has to be clevernough to avoid the Sheriff s persecution but Lovers and Enemies even careful of the mutual attraction for his daughter MarianThis is another winner by Ms Burke Normally pirates stories dark fantasy or middle ages tales don t appeal to me but I m always happy to read her novelsven though they are normally out of my comfort zone The author manages to create dark dangerous and hopeless places and slowly carve a crevice of light peace and hope in them The characters journeys are full of adventure hardship and redemption making the stories interesting and njoyable Robyn is such a flawed but redeemable character a prisoner of her own time and her personal

that your heart will go her in her suffering and will fill with joy in her moments of happinessThe rest of the cast is very well written in its diversity and depth and shows the injustice of the patriarchal system of the Middle Ages in which women from all society levels were treated like xpendable property of the powerful Surely Middle Age xperts will have criticisms to make in terms of authenticity and use of language but I get that that the author took liberties #in the name of making the story readable and njoyable for a bigger audience I personally njoyed it very much and #the name of making the story readable and njoyable for a bigger audience I personally Elric of Melniboné Graphic Novel enjoyed it very much and wait patiently for what Ms Burke creates nextI normally don t make comments about covers but let me say that this is another outstanding design by Ann McMann which truly honours the beauty of the storyOverall anxcellent retale of courage loyalty and redemption 5 starsARC provided by the publisher in La stratgie Ender exchange for an honest reviewSee all my reviews at wwwlezreviewbookscom. Nd the Sheriff’s intriguing and off limits daughter Marian Robyn must find a way to pull off the biggest heist Sherwood hasver seenWith both heart and freedom at stake just how much will she risk to nsure the safety of the ones she lov. ,
Sapphic noisesThis was very good and it only took me a long time to finish it because of university I kind of wish I had waited to read it when I could have njoyed binging it in a shorter time but I also know that when a book takes me such a long actual reading time it s because I don t skim read too many paragraphs and that s usually a sign I m loving it I did find the writing very detailed and that means that sometimes it was asy to just focus on the dialogue instead but in general I think if you re someone who s interested in the legend of Robin Hood you will find this book very satisfying because it focuses on how the Merry Men although here they re mostly not men came to beThe cast is basically all ueer as it should be and I simply loved it and loved the inclusion of Little John as a trans man but since a big part of the plot is about Robyn and a few of the other outlaws having to disguise as men I didn t always find the language used to always be very trans inclusive Even if this problem never applied when it came to Little John himself trans inclusive language shouldn t be something reserved for trans characters if you include and acknowledge trans people you should also be careful not to focus too much on what body parts make or don t make any particular gender That s the only complaint I have reallyOverall I would recommend this as it s always good to see ff retellings of myths and legends and ven if I loved Robin Hood
a kid well the cartoon this sapphic and ueer version is the only one I will be acknowledging from now on Oh my gosh I ve been anxiously awaiting this story that s filled to the brim with awesomeness I couldn t get Le Glaive et le Bouclier enough of these uniue andndearing characters because I ve spent my Christmas Day in good company with Robyn Marian and the other badass women in this novel I ve had the pleasure of living vicariously through Robyn as she did her best to keep her family and her group of merry women safe and I had the time of my life just laughing at the way Robyn and her fellow outlaws did LA VENTE EN VEFA everything in their power to outsmart the sheriff This author has done a wonderful job of representing thentire LGBT community in this novel and that means so much to me I ll always be on the look out for books from this superb author because she always transports me to Crossfire Crossfire exciting worlds with unforgettable characters After reading Nottingham The True Story of Robyn Hood by Anna Burke there are a few things I can say without hesitation This is an absolutely brilliantly written story I now have a new addition to my favorite books list and Anna Burke has joined my list of favorite authorsNottingham as the title suggests is a retelling of the story of Robin Hood with a decidedly LGBT slant Even with this retelling Ms Burke does manage to keep the basic premise of the story comparable to the original This makes itasy to recognize who the main and Crossfire (The Loner, even the secondary characters are The characters themselves are very well developed It isasy to connect with all of them Les Souvenirs except the bad guys of course and I became uite immersed in their storiesThis novel will take you on a roller coaster ofmotions beginning with heartbreak The beginning of this novel truly broke my heart but as I continued to read I Crossfire Boxed Set experienced so manymotions such as fear anger longing joy happiness the whole range of DUN HOLOCAUSTE LAUTRE emotions all in one book It takes anxceptional writer to create that range of feelings for her readers and Ms Burke has done that Navigating the Labyrinth exceptionally wellI recommend this novel toveryone whether you are a Robin Hood fan or not You will love this book I know I didI received this book from Bywater Books for an honest reviewRainbow Reflections It seems like when you get a book you don t want to put down life gets insanely busy I didn t get to binge this one as I wanted and it drove me nuts I thought about getting to read it and looked forward to a break so I could get a few #Pages In This Is #in This is second book by Burke other was Thorn and I Antología Historia de la Cultura de Guatemala, Tomo I enjoyed them both but this one I loved A retelling of the old tale only so much better The romance is good but not heavy and the characters are amazing and well developed I loved them all and want to know what becam. Robyn Hood didn’t set out to rob the rich but in Nottingham nothingver goes according to planAfter a fateful hunting accident sends her on the run from the law Robyn finds herself deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest All she really want. E of them Burke does an Dans l'ombre du brasier excellent job with the setting which made itasy to visualize it all This book has so muc there is a place here for all of us to Boy Nobody exist as we are instead of how others wish us to beI loved thispic lesbian retelling of the classic Robin Hood I always loved the story growing up and have read two other wlw retellings but this one is by far the bestI adored the host of characters and their connection to achother and their creation of family Tom and his sweet little
Lisbet Midge and Little John and Alanna Tuck and Yvette Robyn and Marian Beswoon my heart My only complaint is I wanted ven How I would love a seuel and heck The Ten Thousand Doors of January even just short stories ofach of the couples How I would love to be a fly on the wall for all of these pairings If you were a lover of the classic story or ven just like women banding together to kick ass and stand up for themselves and others you ll love this Female Robyn HoodThere is no uestion that Anna Burke can write She can set a scene simply by changing her writing style to match the "era of her stories And it is because of her writing that I was able " of her stories And it is because of her writing that I was able get through this Look Burke wrote the best book that I read last year Compass Rose Definitely stop what you are doing and read that one if you haven t Since reading that I have gone into the last two Burke books I ve read with xtremely high xpectations I m fully aware that is probably why I have been mostly let down by them Both Thorn and Nottingham are retellings of well known stories that she #Has Given A Lesbian Twist #given a lesbian twist intrigue of a sapphic Beauty and the Beast and Robyn Hood was off the charts It s too bad that the stories didn t deliver like I had hopedCan I put my finger on why this fell short for me Perhaps it is that it takes awhile for Robyn and Marian to cross paths Maybe it is the fact that they are separated for most of the book I don t know I just wasn t super invested in side characters and relationships that were so much prevalent than the romance I wanted to readAlso I m not that into period pieces medieval things tc I tend to like things in the modern Get It era So you really need to probably just ignore my review all together OK Clearlyverybody Spears Down else loved Thorn and Nottingham And Burke can write her socks off so no complaints thereI d recommend this to people who like to read about well known stories poverty the woods bad sheriffs arranged marriages ugly church ladies cross dressing stealing from the rich to give to your families and pet birds Okay This book broke me It tore my heart out then proceeded very slowly to put it back Very very slowlyNottingham is the second lesbian Robin Hood retelling I ve read in less than six months While Niamh Murphy s Outlaw A Lesbian Retelling of Robyn Hood had a definite YA feel Anna Burke s Nottingham is all grownupAnndless feud between the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robyn s family sends her hiding in the Sherwood Forest when a ARC received from Edelweiss thank you to Edelweiss and Bywater Books opinions are my ownA gorgeous LGBT retelling of a classic we all know and love by an outstanding writer steamy women centric and beautifully imagined Nottingham The True Story of Robyn Hood by Anna Burke StandalonePublish Date January 21st 2020Cover Rating 710Adult Retelling LGBT Historical Fiction What is this book aboutA deadly hunting accident sends Robyn into the woods running from the law All Robyn wants to do is keep her family safe but when the Sheriff raises the taxes Robyn must take matters into her own hands Relying on a band of merry women and the Sheriffs intriguing daughter Marian Robyn must find a way to pull off the biggest and most daring robbery in Sherwood history With verything at stake what would she risk for the safety of her loved ones Also At some point MY AGE IS SHOWING LOL I was obsessed with Kevin Coster movies including Robin Hood Prince of Thieves super nostalgic for this movie right now I wanna lay this book down in a bed of roses Oh yeah I said itMy thoughtsI loved the female centric cast and the lesbian twist the writing is amazing SERIOUSLY and I am really interested in reading other novels by this author That world was brought to life in absolut. S to do is provide for her family and stay out of trouble but when the Sheriff of Nottingham levies the largest tax in the history of England she’s forced to take matters into her own hands Relying on the help of her band of merry women .