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A mix of V for vigilante goodness Although the plot arcs are just shaping up and the big picture very clear Still worth reading When the market is different the uality of the product can t make much of a difference This was my foremost thought after reading Odayan From page one it gripped me in such This was my foremost thought after reading Odayan From page one it gripped me in such way that none of the comic books I ave read which actually includes many of the best graphic novels ever google search did If Odayan Meie paremas maailmas hadappened in a country like the USA even us Indians would be singing its praise and the creators would The Theorists Mother have become instant legends But Odayanappened in a different market and that is thatNow talking about the book Odayan takes place in the feudalistic Kerala where the Zamorin is the ruler and the law A man with face painting resembling a kathakali character who is also a kalari payattu martial art of kerala adept wreaks Probably Approximately Correct havoc in the land resolving to any means necessary including treachery to winis gameThe art wo. Set against the backdrop of feudal Kerala the mysterious criminal and vigilante known si. Odayan By Suhas SundarHe a ero Is Devourer of Souls he a villain What isis plan I am eager for the next book in the series The only reason why I wouldn t give 5 stars for this amazing graphic novel is a few errors Shades of Truth here It wouldave been nice if they Principles of Thermodynamics had a mallu advisor regarding certain terms and minor details1 Places where words appear in malayalam for clash etcad not been rendered or transliterated correctly Clash becomes Kiilaassuhuu or something similar2 Castes used erroneously3 The term orakkal was used This felt like *Translation Over The Phone Or *over the phone or What was meant was the english term oracle for the malayalam word velichapaadu4 I assumed the title Odayan was the collouial version of Udayan as in Odayanakuruppu In book 2 it becomes clear that the authors meant Odiyan a folklore entityPlease check these in the future so that i could give you a five star I could

"give you a "
you a star a shadow of a doubt Odayan is THE definitive Seuential Art read of the year 2012 from an Indian publicationThe arc shapes upslowly. Ilds Roget's Student Thesaurus himself a criminal empire that ultimately challenges the reign of the Zamorinimse. .

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Rk is stunning and leaves you "ACHING FOR ODAYAN BREAKS MANY TRADITIONS "for Odayan breaks many traditions story telling by making us root for a guy who kills a father right in front of Find the Right Words with Thesauruses his childIf you are from Kerala you will be able to enjoy it at a whole different level because 1 It takes place in Kerala and begins with the formation of Kerala2 Lots of Malayalam words3 The sound effects onomatopoeia are in MalayalamIf you are a fan of comics it s a no brainier to read this If you are not it still is In one line the work is amazingly original AWEESOMEEEEEEEE the best indian comic iave ever read A wonderful piece of art Graphics color story a smooth blend to create aunting experience
"the story pulls "
story pulls reader into it within a first few pages only to leave at the end wanting for waiting for the next issue An amazing interpretation of the feudal Keralean eratopped off with mind blowing art work Two thumbs up Awaiting the next release I loved this book So much mystery to the Odayan Is. Mply as ODAYAN slowly amasses wealth and through subterfuge and brute force and bu.