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On the whole I enjoyed reading this book It s a necessary book now than ever to borrow a cliche activist phrase from this ageThe only thing I came away with somewhat book now than ever to borrow a cliche activist phrase from this ageThe only thing I came away with somewhat are my thoughts on the intended audience of this book Don t get me wrong Each essay "Has An Important Point "an important point view in its own right I don t doubt the necessity of any of these pieces or the validity of any author s voiceIt says on the back that this book is intended as a resource for Palestinian solidarity activists teachers and Jewish communitiesEssay collections Her Teacher like these I feelike are effective and persuasive if directed at a specific audience no matter how broad that audience isAs a member of the first item of the Date with the Devil list as well as one possessing white Jewish ancestry I found the essays that discussed the privileging of Ashkenazi narratives in Jewish communities as well as essaysike Omar Barghouti s that discuss very hyperspecific aspects of the Palestinian cause most namely BDS and that deliberate on these aspects validity basis and purported antisemitism to be the most useful to me There is something in this book for sure for everyone that this book has intended to reach out to But I just wonder about this book s accessibility especially for the group of people that I think most sorely need access to and need to understand discourse Undaunted (The Kings of Retribution MC, like thisI m talking about the Jewish community as a whole which this book claims to be intended for partially but I found that from start to finish the discourse around social justice around activism around identiarian politics would not do well with an entryevel crowdWhich clearly wasn t the intent of this book So I don t feel the need to say much else about my thoughts about that I just think a few of these essays would do really well with the Jewish community as a whole as pieces that the Jewish community particularly young socially conscious Ashkenazim would do well to hear But these essays get well buried in the extremely well written rest of the book that seems to be aimed at seasoned activists as the book blurb says or Palestinian solidarity activists specificallyThere s much to be said about the merits of making academic discourse accessible La casa ue arde de noche language wise to those withess access to academia or with The Untold Story of the Fourth Holy Grail War (Fate/Zero, less experience within specific activist fields I think it s a much mucharger conversation one that even extends over the entirety of the Strohbär left as they reckon with the gains gained by the right wing in America as well as worldwide over theseast few years And it has to do with the neglect to some degree of those with سيناريو فيلم (إسكندرية... ليه؟) لـ يوسف شاهين less access to universityevel education and spaces where discourse Sex Signals: The Biology of Love like this regularly occurs If theeft isn t reaching them then sooner or ater the right willSo I dunno I came away with a very positive view of this book with just some misgivings about the book s audience When. When the State of Israel claims to represent all Jewish people defenders of Israeli policy redefine antisemitism to include criticism of Israel Antisemitism is harmful and real in our society What must also be addressed is how the deployment of false charges of antisemitism or redefining antisemitism can suppress the global progressive fight for justice There is no one definitive voice on antisemitism and its impactJewish Voice for Peace has curated a collection of essays that provides a diversity of perspectives and standpoints Each contribution explores criti. On Antisemitism

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Ory that I either didn t know or only knew at the evel of a former anti war organizer so it was helpful to gain the deeper context especially as it s paralleled with my own experiences as a Korean born US raised anti imperialist It also gave me helpful A Handful of Dust language and tools to think about the ways I perpetuate or allow antisemitism to exist in the world My only critiues are that I wish there had been from POC discussing white supremacy and that I incredibly helpful tool for thinking through the need to always connect identity politics to where structural power and oppression happens helped me think through the workings of antisemitism anti zionism anti racism and anti colonialism in a nuanced way A good intro to the Israel Palestine conflict and clearly a much needed book on why conflating anti semitism with criticism of Israel is problematic A great starting point if you want toearn about the issue some themes become a tad repetitive but you do get to hear from diverse perspectives The whole point of this book not clear from the title is that people opposed book not clear from the title is that people opposed the existence of the Jewish state do not automatically deserve the accusation of being antisemitic I accept the book s premise because many Jews and others have been anti Zionist for many reasons ev Valuable not only for critical discussion of the role Antisemitism and Antisemitism discourse plays in the Palestinian struggle but for critiue of how we form arguments ideologies and identities that can be applied with adaption to many if not all issues in our Heaven Next Stop A Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot at War lives Doesn t appear to me to diminish the reality of antisemitism it s use in Israel Palestine discourse and in theives of Jewish people and communities while providing critical discourse on how it can be weaponized to silence criticism of Israel A good starting point for discussions some readableaccessible than others Manymost readers will find their thoughts challenged in at The Summoning: Return of the Archwizards, Book I least one or two of the essays but that is what I found so valuable in this volume Gave me aot to think on and digest as a non Jewish American concerned about the conflict Israeli and US or US supported human rights abuses in the region and the reality and impacts of antisemitism Some of the essays in this collection oversimplify anti Semitism and some of the claims made explicitly or explicitly are ones I disagree with eg the assertion that it s somehow inaccurate or disingenuous to describe anti Semitism as cyclical in nature However most of the essays are good and a few are really great I m glad the Jewish community is having a discussion the essays are good and a few are really great I m glad the Jewish community is having a discussion Orientalism the Euro centric roots of common definitions of I m glad the Jewish community is having a discussion Orientalism the Euro centric roots of common definitions of Semitism the construction of the category of Semite in the first place and the practical effects on Jews Palestinians and others of the ways that anti Semitism are defined and un defined in American Jewish discourse. Hat are often marginalized in mainstream discussions of anti Semitism including Jews of Color and SephardiMizrahi JewsJewish Voice for Peace JVP is a national grassroots organization inspired by Jewish tradition to work for a just and Asking About Sex and Growing Up: A Question-and-Answer Book for Boys and Girls lasting peace according to principles of human rights euality and internationalaw for all the people of Israel and Palestine JVP has over 200000 online supporters over sixty chapters a youth wing a Rabbinic Council an Artist Council an Academic Advisory Council and an Advisory Board made up of eading US intellectuals and artist. ,

I sat down to read this book I was expecting to earn about the meaning of antisemitism the forms it takes in the World And How It Is and how it is What the book actually revealed to me was even powerful That is the essays in the book pulled away the curtain of false accusations of antisemitism and revealed the movement for Palestinian rights The the book pulled away the curtain of false accusations of antisemitism and revealed the movement for Palestinian rights The does have an appendix with JVP s statement on antisemitism and that is a clear and succinct definition of antisemitism But the book as a whole ets the Palestinian rights movement take center stage In this way the authors demonstrate a recognition that while antisemitism is real and pervasive in history and in our time and deserves our attention and condemnation there is a call to focus and center Israel s oppression of Palestinians and Jewish Voice for Peace is answering that call in this book Each of the essays take a different perspective and focus offering in the end a kaleidoscopic vision of the movement that is moving to behold Enjoyed Two Degrees of Separation Israel Its Palestinian Victims and the Fraudulent Use of Antisemitism but Omar Barghouti To make the Battletech Lethal Heritage long story short this book handle or atast tries to manage the impossibility that some Jews have to criticize Israel this is due to the fact that the known situation whoever criticize Israel s politics is accused of being Antisemit even if this is pretty ridiculous as the people are themselves Jews but it is soThanks to the Jewish Voice for Peace to remember us not Jews that they are not all against Palestine in times Pisuhänd like these it s necessary to work for peacePer farla breve uestoibro cerca di raccontare Predicting Through Jaminis Chara Dasha l impossibilit da parte di alcune persone di religione ebraica di criticare Israele uesto sembra essere dovuto al fatto che chiunue critichi Israele viene accusato di antisemitismo anche see persone sono a Die Schattenfrau loro volta di religione ebraica e uindi il tutto sembra piuttosto strano ma cos Grazie all associazione Jewish Voice for Peace che ci ricorda a noi che non siamo di religione ebraica che ci sono anche ebrei che non sono controa Palestina e che in tempi come uesti sarebbe ora di avorare assieme per a paceTHANKS TO EDELWEISS FOR THE PREVIEW 45 stars I ve been reading the essays of this book in short spurts over the Sasquatch last five months As a non Jewish woman of color in an interracial and interfaith relationship with a White Ashkenazi Jewish JVP member organizer I found this book to be an important educational resource to examine my understanding of antisemitism and its contemporary uses to justify empire I think aot about how I hope to raise children in both secular and religious feminist Jewish community inclusive of non White identities interfaith families and anti Zionist beliefs the essays here give me hope that I may be able to someday make that a reality There was a ot of history and the. Cal uestions concerning uses and abuses of antisemitism in the twenty first century focusing on the intersection between anti Semitism accusations of anti Semitism and Palestinian human rights activismThis anthology provides a much needed tool for Palestinian solidarity activists teachers as well as Jewish communities Featuring contributions from Omar Barghouti Judith Butler and Rebecca Vilkomerson as well as activists academics students and cultural workers On Political Solidarity and Justice includes the voices of Palestinian students and activists and Jews .