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This book is not great I say that off the top to anyone who picks it up after reading what I have to say because I don t want any nagging or resentment The characters are pretty cliche d they don t even act sensically from chapter to chapter What this book does provide along with the other 4 I ve read in the series is just a fun popcorn snack of cliches that I gobbled up and had a ton of fun reading If you re into mindless action adventure vampire stuff think Anita blake meets James Bond then pick these up In a genre that contains such heavy hitters as Kelley Armstrong and Kim Harrison Jennifer Rardin s debut novel is heralded as a fresh new take on the paranormal fantasy or whatever tag it is going by these days spectrumIndeed the idea that the main character is a CIA operative is intriguing and the vampsupernatural elements of the story are dropped in without any painful info dumps or unnecessary explanationsIn fact the whole story invites you to cling onto a very bumpy ride and either hold on or slide off Unfortunately for Rardin I ve decided to uit this ride on the first book and here are my reasonsThe pace is frenetic in fact too much so There is no breathing space no time to effectively build the characters no pause from the constant action to really get a feel for the world we re supposed to believe in hereSupernatural elements are thrown in without a full consideration of world building and characters suddenly develop new tricks without any true reasons being givenThe book tries far too hard to be funny and misses on most occasions Oh boy I m in smart ass mode and Vayl wants to break his ex s neck If we don t play this right they ll be scraping parts of us off the bumpers of these cars for daysJaz is heralded as a sassy spunky CIA operative However she is also held up to be a delicate looking beautiful redhead who it seems would be incapable of extricating herself out of the many many dangerous situations her smart mouth seems determined to place her in She is a loose cannon and it becomes tiring to see that her only answer to everything is a wiseass comment and the threat of violence I was also disconcerted by the fact she isses a person she has only just met there was no reason for this givenI struggled with the at times distinctly odd prose and similies For instance In the silence the banging of our bumper took centre stage like an American Idol loser this just makes very little sense Add to that Vayl made a sound in the back of his throat a primal distress signal the The Snakehead An Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld and the American Dream kind you might hear from elephants as they mourn over the bones of lost brothers This is a vampire we re talking about a sleekilling machine and the animal Rardin associates with him is an elephant And which elephants actually do mourn over the bones of lost brothers The writing stank to be perfectly honestAltogether a hugely disappointing read I m really starting to feel like there are no good first books in a UF series This one certainly doesn t buck that trend It seems like there were interesting ideas but everything felt so underdeveloped that I didn t careJaz s personality was extremely irritating in the first part of the book She seemed determined to out bitch the bitchiest heroines in UF that came before her I don t mind a tough personality and a little snark I actually enjoy those things But moderation is ey If you run your mouth every two seconds you don t look cool you look foolish She came off as very confrontational And Unpleasant I Really unpleasant I really t understand why anyone wanted to hang around her when she was like thatThen Jaz suffered a complete personality change Now I liked that I didn t want to ill her as much but I really don t Understand The Reason For It the reason for it all stemmed from something that Vayl had to do to her I get that but why did that change her It was very frustrating Luckily it seemed to baffle Vayl too so I didn t feel like the odd man outI didn t understand Jaz s attraction to Vayl He didn t seem like a bad guy but he didn t seem very interesting either I think the author shot herself in the foot by having Jaz and Vayl be partners for six months before we were even introduced to them It made Jaz s attraction already established and we never got to see it develop I don t see why she cares for him and I didn t feel any seething undercurrents to their attraction The author really failed at making me care This was never pronounced than when Jaz gave Vayl a speech about how honored she was about her new role with him I just didn t feel any connection so her feelings about it seemed really off and forcedVayl was pretty bland all around I think he has the potential to be interesting but he needs to loosen up He comes off as really stiff and he feels really old Obviously he s a vampire but the success of a relationship between an old vampire with a relatively younger human hinges on both of their maturity levels and the vampire s ability to mesh with the expectations of someone his age or the age his appearance suggests So Jaz needs to grow up and Vayl needs to become a little young at heartI was very confused by Vayl s insistence on her as a partner We later see the role he wants her to play but how did he Study Guide Practicing Texas Politics know that before they were partners I found it frustrating that Jaz didn t uestion these things like I wanted her to How can I get answers if she doesn t care enough to inuireThere were too many players running around this book Iept confusing the players in the different groups and having to go back to figure out who they were talking about The bad guys also felt ind of over the top Jaz s revelations about her past were pretty interesting although all I have now are uestions I m intrigued to see who this mysterious man is and what exactly she now is The out of body experiences were pretty interesting too I hope we get information on that in the next bookI plan to read the next book and hopeful my gripes about this book are smoothed out in the next one I read a lot of this subgenre light modern fantasy with a horror twist and usually a female protag This book and series is getting a lot of press and a heavy and fast push to get out putting it in the mainstream and lighter weight end of the spectrum Combined with the garish cover the horrible Meet Jaz Parks in cover copy and the cover uotes clearly intended for non genre readers I expected a guilty pleasure at bestIt s better than that fortunately but not as much better as it could be I m going to give a moderate spoiler to the book and a non spoiler to the series to explainThe setup is a common one for the subgenre simplified for the GrishamClancy crowd who isn t prepared fo. Je m'appelle Jaz Parks Mon patron Vayl est né en 1744 en Roumanie où il est mort Entre les mains de son épouse ui plus est Une vampire Mais c'est de l'histoire ancienne Pour l'heure Vayl. Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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He loves her country her job and will do whatever it takes to eep Vayl safe This is a character that you fall in love with from the start Who wouldn t like a smart mouth assassin with a penchant for nice cars Something else I loved about Once Bitten Twice Shy is that it starts out so simple You think that you already DISNEY REINE DES NEIGES 2 - Ardoise J'écris les nombres et je compte (3-6 ans) know how the story will go and as you read on you realize that this is something completely new Jennifer Rardin is a name to watch and if you haven t yet picked up her debut then you should I already can t wait to read the second Another One Bites the Dust 35 stars As I started reading this book I felt a tinge of d j vu The main character is aick ass girl and assassin The main male character was a vampire I then thought of the Night Huntress series and began comparing the two Well that s not very fair of me The two series are very different and I like each series on their own So here begins my reviewJa 2018 reviewI ve read this book before in 2011 but couldn t remember a thing Usually this is a bad sign My brain has the habit of blocking books and movies I hated Still my review from back then didn t sound ranty and I even stated being willing to try a second book in the series As I could get the first 5 book in this series for a steal at the charity shop I decided to give this series another chance and reread this bookAnd this is an enjoyable read My brain must have decided to also forget reasonably nice readsThe book starts with Jaz being told she s going to work with Vayl and then immediately switches to six month later I will confess I wish I got the story of their first six month working together as well Still I really like Jaz and Vayl The tension between them is interesting and promisingThe story itself is suspenseful but at times a bit chaotic I m not sure if it s the writing or that the plot might be too convoluted A small annoyance was the fact that Jaz as narrator didn t reveal information she had but Pictures For Sad Children kept eluding to it I haven t been the same since THE THING Ok I m paraphrasing here but mention like that were many before we finally were informed about what happened in the pastThat aside the story was entertaining enough that I m curious about the next book and want to see how the relationship between Jaz and Vayl will develop I ll be picking up book two one of these days Below is my review from 2011I reread it in 2018 and I will confess I remembered nothing of the story Rating from 2011 was 2 stars new rating 3 stars I heard many good things about this series before starting this book and was thinking I would certainly like it WellI really liked Jaz and Vayl and the chemistry between them I ll give the book that Otherwise it felt very chaotic both storywise and how it was written I had difficultyeeping my attention on the story because of that I m still not uite sure what the bad guys wanted and why I will confess Chances of me continuing this series are slim but I will be fair enough to say I would give book two a try if I came across it in a sale to see if the chaos in this book is because of inexperience or if it s just Rardin s style Woot Another vampire hunter female icks major ss makes almost enough smart remarks to annoy but not uite now teamed up with a very hot vampire who came across in the 1700s They are government operatives he legendary she big tough who are partnered because he asked for her which leaves her much confused They hunt bad guys of all stripes for the CIA evil vampires terrorists big nasty transdimensional things and magic critters She is the lone survivor of a strike team that was obliterated over a year ago and since then weird things have been happening to her like smelling demons She is Beco Once Bitten Twice Shy was a fun read I thought the storyline was interesting and I liked the characters Jaz is a tough heroine but she s also got the gooey humane center that makes a heroine realistic and likable to me I am a sucker for a smart aleck wisecracking lead character and Jaz can definitely hold her own I identified with her in her complicated family dynamics I liked that family was important to her even though she was also in a very involving career She s a "GOOD PERSON AND VERY STRONG TO HAVE MADE IT " person and very strong to have made it the trauma she suffered in her past I liked the dynamics of her relationship with Vayl a vampire who is hundreds of years old and who carries his own set of emotional scars They had very good chemistry even from the beginning The tension between them heightened my enjoyment of the book as it was clear that they both had feelings for each other but weren t sure what they were going to do about them just yet Vayl is sexy and dangerous but uite sweet in his ancient aristocratic way I liked the allure of his power and how he uses it but his inherent sense of honor and right and wrong I could tell he cares very deeply for Jaz and would just about anything for her although she d never ask him to do so I like the vampire elements distinct enough to give this story its own feel but with all the elements that I like to see in a vampire story At times the writing seemed a little disorganized like Ms Rardin had a lot to accomplish but wasn t uite sure how to get from point A to point Z I felt like I was only just getting the tip of the iceberg of this world but since this is only the first book I wasn t too hung up on that Some scenes moved a little too fast and I felt like I Was Missing Something From The missing something from the making me feel I had to reread some parts Also the villains weren t highly developed just evil and obnoxious but lacking any depths that would make them intriguing The major plotline for this story was interesting but it could have used a little enhancement to give this story its maximum life However I really did enjoy this book The mix of humor with the angsty elements was well done and I liked Jaz and Vayl s various sidekicks and assets they encountered as they accomplished their covert supernatural spy work The best part of this story various sidekicks and assets they encountered as they accomplished their covert supernatural spy work The best part of this story the chemistry and the symbiotic relationship between Jaz and Vayl and that s what will have me coming back for in this series As I read I felt sad that Ms Rardin is no longer with us She clearly had talent and I am glad she was able to bring her vampire story to life before she passed from this world Although there were some technical issues with this book I found it enjoyable and deserving of the four star rating I gave it I d recommend it to readers who enjoy a female lead urban fantasy with a nice mix of action angst romantic tension and supernatural elements I ve already added the forthcoming books to my to be read list. Esthétiue de Miami lié au terrorisme Mais notre mission se compliue lorsu'on découvre u'il est de mèche avec un salopard aux pouvoirs surnaturels capables de mettre l'Amériue à genou. .
R the supernatural element Our protag Jasmine Jaz Parks works for the CIA as an assassin working in the US against US law and apparently having enough assassination work to eep her super busy all of which reuires disbelief be not only suspended but hanged until dead Vampireswerewolvesmagiciansetc are out in the public in a way never explained and vampire abilities are conveniently idiosyncratic removing the need for consistency or explanationIn the forward Jaz is taken off individual missions and re assigned as the assistant to the CIA s vampire uber assassin Vayle first sign of an author who doesn t respect the genre reader stupid names for the vampires but not for the humans She doesn t Naradas Bhakti Sutra: Verses on Connecting with the Divine Infinite Through the Path of Love and Surrender know why she is re assignedSo she and Vayle go to Miami hotbed of international terrorism for some mild racism the brown skinned taxi driver is referred to as fresh off el rafto Cubano the non Muslim religious fanatic terrorists are led by people with stereotypical Muslim names etc Once there they discover the expected 1 The cult is going to release a virus thatills 90% of humans and vampires not terrorists at all technically 2 Someone from Vayle s or Jaz past is involved in the cult 3 Their CIA handlers include a mole working for the cult 4 There is a hunky PI investigating the same people and willing to give up his investigation his job and ultimately his home because Jaz is such a great Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain kisser 5 Jazissing PI Hunk makes Vayle insanely jealousSo they call in their non CIA for some new ber gadgets and proceed to introduce the term collateral damage to the book Oh and they meet a convenient 1000 year old psychic with a magic stack of marbles that contains all the mystic Worlds of Weber knowledge they might ever need A passable super light plot that might pull in the airport reading crowd The major problems 1 The VayleJaz relationship is horribly drawn out 100% predictable and boring 2 Jaz reaction to the Something Horrible In Her PastTM is so so and the mystery around it is complicated by unnecessary obfuscation 3 The villainous evil cult is not only overdone it s boring Only the mole in their organization has any personality and he s straight out of X Men 3 4 The action scenes are so so Not horrible but not amazing The good 1 They get new gear from their that they don t wind up needing The experimental gear doesn t always work but the failures aren t plot devices The character her paranoid friend Bergman who seems to have some time now that he s not an extra on the X Files is a fun character who isn t just the guy in the lab They also get new gadgets from the agency not just Bergman 2 the biggee The Horrible Thing In Her Past turns out a really really nice and unexpected element Jaz is a revenant In the event thatilled her whole team she didn t actually survive but she was sent back with some souped up powers to fight and The Shadows in the Street Simon Serrailler kill something The rules are unclear to herSo I enjoyed it enough to make it to the big surprise The big surprise made some of the goofy stuff before reasonable and interesting And I ll give the next a try I honestly don tnow how this book got so many 5 stars I had passed this book by so many times and never picked it up because the title just didn t do it for me I read the reviews and I thought to myself okay I ll give it a shot It was a waste of time really I skipped a lot of it because it was just plain boring and rushed The character development sucked butt I wanted to like Vayl and I believe that I would have if his character was "developed I didn t want his whole 300 years of life but it would have been a great thing to " I didn t want his whole 300 years of life but it would have been a great thing to some details to his background before dumping his late wife into the story His attraction to Jaz was out of the blue Jasmines attraction to Cole was weird and again out of the blue he Harm Reduction kisses her while hiding in the ladies room because he wants to be like Bond and sheisses him back forhell I dont The Sabbath know why Jaz and Vayl s relationship is never actually announced How she became a Sensitive wasind of described but not really well The magic or whatever that she received after Vayl feed from her wasn t really explained to the reader It gave no description of why she was getting magic what actually passed between them during that time cause she blacks out The black outs themselves I don t understand She constantly repeats hereself the job the job the job annoying really There were so many analogies in the book that I started skipping a lot The plot was rushed and none too exciting in my opinion Her relationship with her brother in pretty much described as non existent but he all of a sudden forgives her and understands how hard she had it in the past when she warns him about a bomb I honestly have so many complaintsI uit reading read this book at page 134 It was just too annoying and rushed to me I was tired of the lame bad guys taking over the world bit the late wife wanting some ring from Jaz Jaz smart mouth which is not really a bad thing but it gets old pretty fast I believe it could have been a good book if it wasn t so rushed and gave a little background info on the characters Before I started reading Once Bitten Twice Shy I had read several reviews that claimed that this was a good book a great book even But in no way was I prepared for how truly wonderful Once Bitten Twice Shy turned out to be I loved it plain and simple as that The story icks off with Jaz and Vayl working together in Miami Vayl is a vampire assassin one of the CIA s best and Jaz is his bodyguardassistant assassin Six months previously Vayl had reuested that she be assigned to him since then the two have been dancing a fine line between working partners and something When a routine assassination in Miami turns into a plot to infect the planet with a deadly virus Vayl and Jaz find themselves in the middle of it With a dirty senator on one side and a crazed fanatic on the other they must discover what links all the players together Unsure of who they can trust or where they can turn Jaz and Vayl turn to each other Along the way we met a cast of supporting characters that are perfect private investigator Cole who just other Along the way we met a cast of supporting characters that are perfect private investigator Cole who just to find Jaz irresistible to the irradiation of Vayl Liliana Vayl s vampire ex wife who we love to hate Cassandra a psychic who helps Jaz tap into some of her extra ordinary gifts and Bergman a freelance tech guy for the CIA and one of Jaz s oldest friends Jaz s inner dialogue was fun she s a smart ass and has a bit of temper but you just love her all the for it She does have an edge most of the time but underneath all that is a woman who has been to hell and back Jaz loves her family even if they get on her nerves Travaille à la CIA où il exerce son plus grand talent celui d'assassin Moi Je l'aide Évitez de me traiter d'assistante ou je vous en colle une Vayl et moi devons éliminer un chirurgien.