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This was thorough and appropriate to its audience Short informative chapters and lots of photographs Lovely photos and good xploration of the Ice Age peoples who painted pictures of bison mammoths tc in caves This was a fantastic addition to our Art History class covering the very arliest nameless artists of the distant past A fascinating look at the possible whys and hows these paintings were created The layout was done well with numerous photographs of cave paintings and some modern artists renderings of how they were created It is good My children xpressed interest in learning about cave artists last year when we began reading History of the World v 1 so when I found this book I sna. A strikingly illustrated introduction "TO THE ICE AGE PEOPLES OF "the Ice Age peoples of Compelling text and vivid illustrations present the story of the Cro Magnon humans who lived in Europe during Ice AgeIn this beautifully illustrated book for young readers Patricia Lauber brings to life the Cro Magnons for young readers Patricia Lauber brings to life the Cro Magnons Europe the Ice Age hunters and gatherers who were the ancestors of modern humans Writing with simplicity clarity and sophistication.

The Cutting Season
Arly statues beads cave paintings including techniues5 What the Art May Tell Theories on the meaning and purpose of the art to the people6 The Importance of Chauvet Older yet as sophisticated as later different animals better preservationAn appendix goes into some detail on carbon 14 dating I found this interesting to all my school aged children grades 6 3 and 1 though my 1st grader liked the pictures and my interpretation for her most It was detailed nough to interest my 6th grader and again the pictures helped with interest for my 3rd grader It was the Best Book I Have book I have to bridge the simpler books and the detailed high schooladult level books on the caves definitely a 5 star read for us. Le and presents four theories about why they were created In between she details what we do know the Cro Magnon's origins in Africa and the Middle East; their push into Europe 35000 years ago; their 5000 year overlap with Neanderthals Throughout the story comes alive with well chosen images of artifacts and artists' renditions of ancient lif For young people fascinated by cavemen Painters of the Caves is a welcome resour. ,

read & download ß PDF, LA MAISON DE L'ABBAYE: Les chroniques dEdward Holmes sous la rgence du duc de Bedford et durant la cruelle et sanglante guerre entre les Armagnacs et les Bourguignons eBook or KindlePUB ✓ Patricia Lauber


Painters of The CavePped it up The children njoyed it a great deal I took a star off because I thought the topic wandered a bit but great deal I took a star off because I thought the topic wandered a bit but was overall njoyable and very informative This is an outstanding book for kids on cave paintersice age peoples The photographs are some of the best I have seen in kids books to show the actual paintings in the caves but in addition there are large color photos of a computer simulated face of an Dtruite : J'ai pous un pervers narcissique (Rcits, tmoignages) early modern human toolstc Chapters are as follows1 Great Discovery intro and how Chauvet was discovered2 People of the Ice Age Brief depiction of Los Animales Fruteros early groups Neanderthals Cro Magnons what was an ice age 3 A New Way of Life Tools invented and how that changed life 4 Stone Age Artists Shexamines all aspects of their lives what they ate how they hunted what tools they made where they lived and what art they created In Les Rois Mages every case she takes care to separate known facts from theoretical conjectures giving renders a portrait that is as accurate as it is livelyShe opens and closes the book with striking cave paintings of woolly rhinos horses bison lions and others that were a hallmark of thesearly peop.