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Good book My players had gotten used to the adventure path theme raising and ruling a kingdom with occasional mini adventures I wasn t sure how much they liked it but they raising and ruling a kingdom with occasional mini adventures I wasn t sure how much they liked it but they asking for so why argueSo it was with trepidation that I led them into this module because it is a hard charge from beginning to nd with diplomatic challenges REALLY nasty monsters and several killer traps Result they LOVED it they were absolutely they were going to die at any moment and had several very near death xperiencesThis module is not for the faint of heart or casual adventurer because the price of failure PZO9033 The Varnhold Vanishing Kingmaker 3 of 6 Pathfinder failure PZO9033 The Varnhold Vanishing Kingmaker 3 of 6 Pathfinder Path No 33 by Paizo Publishing The Stolen Lands consume many wanderers the perils of its rugged wildernesses and hidden mysteries prey upon ven the wariest of travelers Founded upon one of the most savage frontiers the colony of Varnhold defied. ,

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Kingmaker: The Varnhold Vanishing (Pathfinder Adventure Path)S very high and a nasty GM heh heh heh will put the players on a very tight schedule with no way to get off But this is will put the players on a *VERY TIGHT SCHEDULE WITH NO WAY TO GET OFF *tight schedule with no way to get off this is place to come if your players are looking for great challenge in multiple directions I love this I am in the midst of running this part of the Kingmaker campaign right now I can tell that it is going to be my favorite so far Up until now the players have been able to take their time with pretty much The Instruction Living the Life Your Soul Intended everyncounter and the game was mostly about The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes le Chateau exploration of the wilderness That theme is definitely still there but the map isn t nearly so crowded withncounters Supernatural the Life of William Branham Book 4 every few milesThis par. The many dangers of this harsh region At least it did until all the residents of the fledgling community completely disappeared Now it falls to the PCs to discover what became of theirastern neighbor a secret steeped in generations old hatreds and the mysteries of an mpire long crumbled to dust Can they uncov. ,

T of the adventure path features the largest and by far the most deadly dungeon the PCs will have faced up until this time The NPCs and villains are well developed and memorable PCs who have become spoiled by the one ncounter per day pace until now are in for an unpleasant surpriseI particularly like the way the adventure introduces a bit of mystery and a few red herrings If a group follows the wrong leads it is certainly possible to Intelligence and Spirit end up at war with their intended alliesThere are a few typos and a reference or two to something that doesn t actuallyxist in the book Check Pazio s website for full rrata. Er the terrible secret behind this shocking disappearance before the same calamity befalls their own land This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path includes The Varnhold Vanishing a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 7th level characters by greg a vaughan a gazetteer characters by Greg A Vaughan A gazetteer Iobaria frigid land of savagery and fallen mpires. .

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