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What a freaking awesome debut for Annelise Reynolds The storyline was original and kept me engagedAs a reader not knowing Phoenix and Ember s backstory and secrets kept me on the edge of my seat What are they running from What happened in their past and can they overcome it in the mist of they overcome it In the mist of these secret walks in Grit He is a sexy and charismatic alpha that has set his sights on Phoenix The chemistry between them is hotter than second degree burns But what makes the story complete is the secondary characters like Titan and Ember The banter between them is comical and entertaining This book has it all Suspense sexy scenes and comedy that will keep ou laughing There s no point in putting this in Luftwaffe Victorious your TBR Just buy it and don t denyourself this book any longer Can t wait for book two to see where the story goes Phoenix Barhow I love theeIt was a pleasure to Phoenix Bar by the lovely upcoming author Annelise Reynolds Annelise can tell a story that will have Ten Days and Nine Nights you guessing with each turnPhoenix Bar is the story of two friends Abby and Mackenzie and the men that will stop at nothing to see them safe Abby and Mackenzie are hiding the unspeakable hell they ve battled All they want is to find peace When they meet Grit and Titan from the Steel Demons MC they find two men willing to protect and fight for them Grit is a hot alpha male who won t stop until he gets what he wantsAbby They are explosive together Their passion is fiery and their love is fierce Their story is full of twist and turns The suspense will keepou on the end of Masterpieces of African American Literature your seatTake this ride with Abby and Grit It will leaveou begging for It is one Adolescence: What's a Parent to Do? you absolutely do not want to missI can t wait for the next book I need Mac and my man Titan ARC for honest review What can I say about this debut read by Annelise Reynolds Get ready to go for a ride through a tunnel of mystery suspense alpha explosion and the feeling of wanting Annelise Reynolds givesou characters that are strong sassy and well developed She has put everything ou could want in this book Phoenix is one hell of a strong woman that will do whatever she can to protect her secret and the ones she loves Brice is an alpha among all alphas He goes for what he wants and protects with all that he has to give These two are hotter than the ashes of a Phoenix when they become one Ember a woman that has a lot to give but has a past that she cannot forget Titan a man that wants Texas born MC bred Grit is used to rotating his women like he rotates his socks but that all changes when he meets Phoenix. ,

S drove me nuts because it was teased over and over again it s also what kept me flipping the pages Well that and wanting Brice AND ABBY INTERACTIONS I FOUND SOME Abby interactions I found some the bad guys connections to Abbythe story to be a little far fetched but I d much rather have that than read something that comes across as too predictable And believe me one of the baddie bes comes out of the blue but her demise was uite satisfying Is that weird to say lolI m looking forward to the next book in the series but I m a little worried because Titan and McKenzie s sorta relationship is already driving me up the wall But I m guessing all of their conflict will lead to some excellent stress relief exercises An NA MC hybrid it was riddled with spelling mistakes OTT and the plot was fueled by A Great Terrible Secret that turned out to be just the same predictable type of thing ou would find in a number of books in the genre I think I am going to forget this one in record time Wow this is a great MC book full I think I am going to forget this one in record time Wow this is a great MC book full suspense mystery sex hot alpha bikers as soon as i started reading this i was intrigued by what AbbyPhoenix MacEmber were hiding loved these girls the bad ass bikers who began to care about them Gonna be waiting patiently stalking the author for the next book well done Annelise on our debut it was amazing with loveable characters Wow I love this book I read a lot and I was hooked in chapter 1 and it only got better As I was reading it felt like I was being pull I loved the story but i didn t like the writing stile While reading it something was bothering me thru the whole book Alpha biker and a chick with a big mistery is now a cliche so nothing new in that department tooI m a big fan of MC read but this one was a bit poor Amazing first time author Annelise Reynolds has created a story about two best friends Abby aka Phoenix and Mckenzie aka Ember and their alpha men Grit and Titan i love how protective of these girls the men are even when there trying to get to the truth of who they are as their hiding from their identity s lots of twists lots of laughs by the club brother s and lots of hot sex between Grit Phoenix poor titan couldn t get a leg in with Ember but the banter and chemistry between them will no doubt set fire to tgere upcoming story in book two and i for one cannot wait to read it i loved this book and devoured it so happy for Annelise Reynolds congratulations on becoming a published author. Ack to burn her Can Grit keep Phoenix safe or will Phoenix die trying to protect those she loves from the flames of her pa. ,
Hat he can t have or can he There are moments where ou laugh because of the banter between the characters and there are moments where The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month you say toourself eah that is hot I believe Annelise Reynolds has out done herself with this debut I look forward to reading Can ou run He Said She Said your past or willou have to stand our ground and face it Can ou run from past or will The Sober Survival Guide you have to standour ground and face it find out what Hunger Overcome?: Food and Resistance in Twentieth-Century African American Literature your future will hold What A debut This book just sucksou into this world of secrets lies lovelustbetrayal and of course hot as sin bikersI really connected with Phoenix charater she was sweet caring loving she had secrets in her past she was hiding I enjoyed her development and how her character opened up and grew her chemistry with Grit was undeniable she just had this pull towards himGritwow that sexy delicioushotalpha Biker that Allies in Healing When the Person You Love Was Sexually Abused as a Child you can t help but love his character was very well written his connection and relationships with Phoenix was fiery sweet and undeniable they just grew as A coupleThier is so much going on in this story it keepsou guessing the secondary characters and thier development were also very well written The story flowed beautifully and left 28 Stories of Aids in Africa you wanting and I read this all in one setting and read it over and over again This book will just suckou in I am in A total book hangoverAnnelise writing really sucks The Next American Revolution you in and keepsour attention it just draws ou in it is intriguing captivating I cannot wait for in the seris I am so hooked so bring on my man Titan ARC received in exchange for A honest review This book started off a bit slow for me but when it hit it s stride I couldn t put it down I loved the idea of two BFFs opening up a business together and I loved how they were able to wrap two alpha males around their pinky fingers without even really having to shake a tail feather at them Abby and McKenzie were GENUINELY LIKABLE FUN AND SASSY ALL WITHOUT BEING OVER likable fun and sassy all without being over top or fake which was a relief The guys Brice and Titan well they were guys They did the f her out of my mind thing and when that didn t work they made their plays for their women After some minor bumps in the road one was successful Woot woot and one let s just say that he has a bit work cut out for him Hopefully he hangs in there and sticks with it or rather herBrice and Abby had some great chemistry and treated us to a couple of deliciously HOT scenes Be prepared to melt for the filthy mouthed BriceEven though not knowing what the big secret wa. Phoenix is hiding from a past filled with hurt Just as she finds love with Grit the pains of her past are going to come Phoenix Bar