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Getters and setters the author describes adding methods that ust happen to be called setx and getx and have no link to methods that ust happen to be called setx and getx and have no link to property x other than name Bizarre From there I skipped back to the chapter at the end titled advanced goodness only to find even very basic stuff covered under the guise of advanced ie regex SimpleXML and gasp IDEs and popular PHP sites I ll be hitting PHP Hacks and the PHP Cookbook next both ALSO from O Reilly Hopefully one or both of them will reflect the uality that I NORMALLY associate with the publisher. Rn how to integrate the language with web pages Understand how to use strings arrays and PHP's built in functions Discover the advantages of using PHP as an object oriented language Explore how PHP *interacts with databases such as SLite and MySL Learn input and *with *databases such as slite and mysl learn input * such as SLite and MySL Learn input handling best practices to prevent security breach. I m working in a

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*But Am Taught On It I self taught on it I something like Crockford s similarly titled JavaScript The Good Parts to cover both the basics of PHP that I may not have encountered in my self taught tinkering as well as the cool tricks that seasoned developers have learned I was disappointed to find that this book contained neither Even the basics covered areextremely basic at BEST I got to the section on getters and setters which instead of covering the get and set magic methods that let you define actual OOP style. Nted programming and how to use certain features to integrate your application with databases Written by a longtime member of the PHP community PHP The Good Parts is ideal for new PHP programmers as well as web developers switching from other languagesBecome familiar with PHP's basic syntax variables and datatypes Lea.

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Poorly written book examples are hard to read In my opinion the title of this book doesn t correspond to its content All topics are treated without any deep for example the chapter about objects it s simply a oke sorry May be I misunderstood the purpose of this book but in general I didn t like it A very uick intro to PHP The good *thing is that it is short Some general concepts misleading or even erroneous OOP section for example After reading * is that it is short Some general concepts are or even erroneous OOP section for example After reading book I have a general idea about PHP I started reading the book because. Get past all the hype about PHP and dig into the real power *Of This Language This Book *this language This book the most useful features of PHP and how they can speed up the web development process and explains why the most commonly used PHP elements are often misused or misapplied You'll learn which parts add strength to object orie. ,
PHP AUTHOR Peter B. MacIntyre
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