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Pickled Potted and Canned The story of food preserving by Sue Shepard is a comprehensive review at the history f preserving food food preserving by Sue Shepard is a comprehensive review at the history Anaconda of preserving food examines a varietyf techniues used in food preservation including drying pickling salting and even refrigeration describing the history Two thieves and a puma of their use and applications A must for the loversf domestic sciences A great reference book I cannot for the life f me think why i bought this probably from reading an article in the Guardian about pickling something But anyway I am really glad i did it s absolutely fascinating From the first ways f preserving meats mostly smoking and salting fruits mostly bottling and jam and vegetables pickling and in brine to ultra modern ways f freeze drying food for astronautsAs a bonus my copy is second hand and
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to be the Denver Public Library which tickles me for some unknown reason Highly recommended To be read in chunks rather than as a rather verwhelming whole A fascinating compilation Jesus as Friend of facts and illuminating historical anecdote from around the world roughly arranged by techniue eg pickling smoking jam making rather than geographicallyr chronologically but with a general chronological sweep that leads up to a rather cursory section Futility and other animals on space age foods I felt interest lagged rather at this point either because the author is less inspired by modern food technology and its acronymsr because she is less vivid at this than at evoking a forgotten The Heavenly Bites Novella Collection or unknown culture But by and large she juggles her inevitablyverlapping subject matter for example the Mongols and their dried milk who appear in at least two different contexts skilfully We may not give much thought to the boxes in The Secret of Ashona Erec Rex our freezersr the cans Concise Townscape onur shelves but behind the story Combinatorial Lottery Systems Wheels with Guaranteed Wins for PICK 5 Lotteries including Euro Millions of food preservation is the historyf civilization itself The development House of Earth and Blood of portable preserved food enabled the great explorers to travel into the unknown and gradually map the planet facilitated the conuestf new territories and created routes for the expansion Dust Tracks on a Road of trade and the exchangef knowledge and ,

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narrative f it it s difficult to draw together a vast body f research an accessible and enterta Not uite as engaging as Kurlansky and Gordas. Historia de una batalla occasionally both a bit scattershot repetitive but still an interesting look at the historyf food preservation around the world as well how history was influenced by the slowly improving technologies I can t say enough good things about this book Comprehensive and very thorough yet very readable and accessible Engaging interesting fascinating informative I could probably come up with positive adjectives but suffice to say this book was just plain wonderful It was a joy to read and I learned a lot What could I ask for Excellent read The Tralls of Nindarry on traditional methods Mainly European Chinese and middle easternf preserving food The author does incorporate some Egyptian Polynesian and NorthSouth American preservation types but I would have loved but you can t have it all Very easy to read and informative without being too heavy I am typically a fiction reader and have been able to work my way through this which is unusual for me Great and informative book I thought it was very readable and it did teach me a lot The Rancher's Bride of new things about why we eat what we eat How different kindsf preserved food have come into existence For instance I remember in the early eighties my mother would cook a lot Endgame Challenge of canned vegetables Of course this was the cheaperption and probably her mother cooked in the same way using similar ingredients Nowadays we tend to buy fresh vegetables so I always wondered about that but now I understand better how cooking and shopping has change This is Ulture that Books For Kids: The Lucky Puppy: Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 (Kids Books - Bedtime Stories For Kids - Children's Books - Free Stories) opened upur world In Pickled Potted and Canned author Sue Shephard weaves together the stories Ukrainian Daughters' Cookbook of the inventors and inventions in a lively and richly detailed narrative that spans centuries and continents It is a tale filled with extraordinary charactersld legends and new revelations how Attila the Hun and his men gallop cured their meat; how cooks became chemists and chemists became cooks and how. .
Pickled, Potted, and Canned: How the Art and Science f Food Preserving Changed the WorldVery cool book The subtitle is How the Art and Science The Tales of Beedle the Bard (Harry Potter) of Food Preserving Changed the World to which I cannly say Thank Heavens Pretty amazing that the human of Food Preserving Changed the World to which I can Orgulho Asteca only say Thank Heavens Pretty amazing that the human can survive somef the assaults made upon it in the search for food And endeavor to preserve food for later consumption The stories are fascinating From gallop curing meat Attila The To Frozen the Hun to frozen at Tranuility our fingertips Clarence Birdseye it s been a long journey and we re not finished yetIf you think you might be interested in the role food availability and preservation has had Currently reading as you can guess from the title this book is about food preserving specifically the historyf food preserving If you want to know why we react to foods with built in biases Sue Shepherd gives you the wherefores and whats but lets you develop the whys Cylvia this book is in the library With a waiting listThis was an intriguing book to read alongside Mark Bittman s Food Matters and Michael Pollan s Omnivore s Dilemma Sue Shepherd provides historical perspective Cherry Docs Scirocco Drama on the effectf food preservation Island of the Dead (Isolation Z Book 2) on the populations that adopted them Often these changesimprovements came about as ways to provide cheap edible food for the military The successful adopters wereften better able to extend political and economic dominance La Seora de Caerlaverock over their rivals and secure greater access to raw materials and new lands This is a very well researched bookn the history f food preserving Too much detail for me though I ended up skimming the 300 r so pages I would have preferred a 30 page essay Don t let my two stars put you ff though good for anyone who wants the in depth history. Some even lost their lives like seventeenth century statesman and philosopher Francis Bacon whose death was caused by an experiment with a frozen chicken From the primitive techniues f drying and salting to the latest methods that have allowed us to feed men in space Pickled Potted and Canned gives us fascinating insights into the histories cultures and ingenuity f people inventing new ways to cheat the season. .