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A head injury in book form I am not a Stern fan although I once was so that may influence my review but I did not find it funny nor informativeIt is however as other reviewers have noted uick mindless reading so there s that I think one s appreciation of the book will vary depending on how a book will vary depending on how a a Stern fan one is Since I am not a fan I sped through this was bored much of the time and was lad when I finished it Meh It seemed as if Howard was trying way too hard to be interesting I ve been an incorrigible Stern fan since my early teenage years when I tried to impress my older brother by finding him funny eventually I really did But for a brief and The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master glorious two month free trial of Sirius recently I haven t listened to him in his satellite era yet that fleeting reunion made me remember how much I like him I saw this book at a thrift shop and thought it was worth a few bucksIt surprised me how perfectly it captures Stern s voice I had no expectations about the prose it always surprises me how the average person say can speak perfectly articulately but can t write at all and even thereatest entertainers usually write insipid autobiographies but the book s written in Stern s exact voice Whether that the credit ought to Mischief Under the Mistletoe go to Stern or the writer who helped him I can t say from the acknowledgments Most people assume that the author of this kind of celebrity book just hires auy to write a book for him I always assumed that as well so I went right out and hired Larry Ratso Sloman Ratso s first job was to inform me that I d have to wrte the book myself I should have fired him for insubordination but it s like listening to a ood episode of the show With His Neuroses And his neuroses and obsessions and self deprecation and fantastic embellishments and attention to bizarre details Like p 50Thanks to my overprotective mother I was the target of every bully in the neighborhood A fat neighborhood kid named Johnny who used to blow his nose into his Italian ices and then eat them with a wooden spoon used to beat me up so regularly that my parents made me o to judo school to learn to defend myself On the day of my first lesson I took a brush and scrubbed my feet down before I went I knew in judo you had to take your socks and shoes off I always hated to take baths or showers I would Quicksand go for days without washing until my mother would smell me ando You stink and march me in for a bath So I went to judo with my scrubbed feet I took off my shoes and socks and the Korean instructor looked down at my toenails and he freaked out Then the next paragraph is about how this sort of thing led him to do drugs and he d buy pot from a friends older brother a big fat white Jewish Monsieur La Souris guy who d be lying naked on his bed like a beached whale wearing a sombrero while reading Penthouse and playing with himself it was a disgusting experience Theuy s the best I picked this up to read on a whi. The #1 bestseller and fastest selling autobiography of all time Private Parts will be released on March 14 as a major motion picture from Paramount Pictures and Rysher Entertainment This is the event Stern's millions of fans have been waiting for Yes The King of All Media is back letting it all hang out in his outrageous new movie And here is the book that track.

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Private PartsRiers too many practitioners of less skill Thought They Could Do Dirty Humor On they could do dirty humor on with the same finesse and it led to a lot of bad radio But Howard is no rebel in the strictest sense he does pander and compromise and self promotes shamelessly He cultivates his rebellious cred as much as his fans unuestioningly accept it Howard is complex than that He tells the truth and lies simultaneously The trick is understanding that and rolling with it and having fun EG I did this all out of order The first time I d ever heard of Howard Stern was when I SAW THE FILM VERSION OF PRIVATE PARTS IN 1997 the film version of Private Parts in 1997 some friends who were fans I then read Miss America soon after it was published again not knowing much about Howard Fast forward to 2010 I m now a Sirius radio subscriber and daily listener of Howard s show Because of this I thought it was about damn time I finally sat down and read Howard s High-Opp great literary achievementI liked Miss America a lot better than Private Parts I enjoyed the first half of the book when Howard talked about his family and breaking into the radio business I love hearing stories about Howard s parents and reading about them was just as entertaining I wish he d incorporated of his family life even life with his first wife Alison into the book He does do a lot of this in Miss America though so that might have been done on purpose so he d have material for the second book But I do wish he d included stories about his personal life after heot marriedThe rest of the book suffers from being outdated which isn t Howard s fault and doesn t reflect on the actual writing at all Unfortunately this was clearly meant to be read when it was published almost 20 years ago Howard s opinion on several of the celebrities he mentions is now completely different Jay Leno for instance is praised in Private Parts as being a nice Soledad guy who was set up for failure by Johnny Carson when he took over the Tonight Show This is a strange opinion coming from Howard who recently trashed Leno publicly in numerous outlets for how he handled himself when Conan O Brien took over the Tonight Show Howard also addresses topical for 1993 news stories and issues that are hard to comprehend in 2010What I found most interesting with this book was the fact that I probably wouldn t have been nearly as big a fan of Howard if I d been a listener when Private Parts was first published He describes aood amount of juvenile schtick that seems beneath him in Parts was first published He describes a The Miracle of Forgiveness good amount of juvenile schtick that seems beneath him in I understand that the schtick is how he built his name and reputation but I very much prefer the mellower Howard of today Given the choice between Butt Bongo Fiesta and Win Sal s Money I d take Sal in a second I liked this one AND Miss America Whichever one in which he talks about proper ass wiping etiuette would have to be my favorite Read 10 or 15 years ago after enjoying the film many times Works better as a film in my opinion. S I love him I really love him Stern's brutally frank Don't ask I'll tell tome spares noroup or institution Studded throughout with Howard's favorite photos pickings from the Hate Mailbag and illustrations this is the original in your face manifesto complete with movie art that will once again have fans storming the bookstoresand everyone else running for cove. ,

M I ot the book from a friend months ago and wasn t planning on reading it right away I thought it d be years before I actually started it Then I just rabbed it one morning when I stuck on About Three Or Four Other Books I three or four other books I couldn t et into I started flying through these pages I think you have to already find Howard Stern funny to like this though There are scores of people who would be highly offended by even the mild stuff he says here By even the most mild pictures in the book too highly offended by even the mild stuff he says here By even the most mild pictures in the book too for people used to Stern s sense of humor and for people that enjoy his sense of humor this is an awesome book I laughed numerous times actually out loud More than once I had someone look at me like I was nuts I will admit that he does come off as full of himself I don t know there are much worse things than being full of yourself in my opinion so that tends to not bother me so much Just something I noticed it s hard not to notice it actually I enjoyed the parts where he talked about the FCC the
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I think knew about some of it but I had no idea they d one after him to that extent I think it s insane I can t believe certain stores banned his book and sold others that showed nudity on the cover andor had explicit subjects Makes no sense to me That a store would blot out Stern s name and his book title from a LIST and actually alter another companys list is absolutely crazy to me I don t think it s fair for anyone to tell me what I can and can t read The letters from fans and from non fans were awesome too I loved how he stuck some little stories in from Allison and Robin it was cool to her their thoughts on things too I ll definitely read it if he writes another Probably one of my favorite books I have ever read Many times I have had to put the book down over the years because I am laughing so hard I m a Stern fan to the point that I have archives on disc of most of the radio shows خاطرات زیبا ناوک سيبا زينب ؛زندان going back through most of the 90s and some before that Yet I had never taken the time to read Howard s book Most of the stories in this book will be familiar to longtime fans I have to say I enjoyed Robin s autobiography a lot than this it is much better written and far thoughtful and insightful Nonetheless there were many times I found myself laughing out loud at Howard s tome especially when he lists some of the outrageous uestions Stuttering John hurled at bigheaded celebrities The book seems padded at times and probably is best read by people who ve listened to the show for a long time Howard unbeknownst even to himself is a satirist one who casts a wide net puncturing pretense and slaughtering sacred cows The people who don tet him don t bother to think beyond the statements he makes He s the best critic of the hot air of celebrities and sometimes politicians we have He says what we think but don t dare say ourselves Transgressive affrontery Problem was once he broke bar. S the odyssey In Private Parts Stern spills his life story from his dysfunctional beginnings to his unlikely turbulent rise to super stardom In the process he shares his views on everything from foreign policy to fatherhood and Madonna to masturbation with lots of lesbians in between No matter whose side you're on Cher's I hate him He's just a creep or Stallone'.