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Story of communist mysoginist uite possibily THE GREAT BOOK FROM POLISH FICTION great book from Polish fiction exists The main character possibily the great book from Polish fiction there exists The main character behaviour is incredibly annoying He often changes his mind so we don t eventually know if he is a comunist or not and what are his priorities in life Some symbols omances and pessimistic orations about the future of Poland On the other hand the book is certainly engrossing than other author s novels especially the second part and I uite liked the style of writing which is original but not tiring Surprisingly this book wasn t as bad as I ve expected it to be The plot was pretty enjoyable and very eromski style all over the place wi. The Coming Spring Przedwiosnie Zeromski's last novel tells the story of Cezary Baryka a young Pole who finds himself in Baku Azerbaijan then a predominantly Armenian city as the Russian Revolution breaks out He becomes embroiled in the chaos caused by the evolution and barely escapes. Th main hero living in weird and pretty unrelatable mindset that makes you turn your thinking 180 to understand his motivations but that is not a necessarily bad thing The one thing that destroyed my experience was the ending I could understand why main character from eromski
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Ludzie bezdomni what he did at the end but I was completely unable to comprehend what happened to lead to this ending in Przedwio nie This book is by Stefan Zeromski Bill Johnston is the translator It s a strange book with a plot that s all over the place starting in Baku before and during the Russian evolution and ending in Warsaw during the interwar Period With A Lo. with a lo. his life Then he and his father set off on a horrendous journey west to The Greenwood Tarot Pre Celtic Shamanism of the Mythic Forest reach Poland His father dies enoute but Cezary makes it to the newly independent poland cezary it to the newly independent Poland Cezary the suffering of the poor yet his experiences in the newly formed Soviet Union make him suspicious of soc.
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Ng middle section that takes place on a large Polish estate in the country The central character is an impetuous young man who sympathizes with Bolshevism but keeps getting his Bolshevik sympathies tested by the ealities of Bolshevism whether in the new Soviet Union or in secretive meetings in Warsaw Nevertheless he s also turned off by the conservatism of the Polish upper secretive meetings in Warsaw Nevertheless he s also turned off by the conservatism of the Polish upper and their inability or unwillingness to solve the problems of poverty and of minorities His ill fated affair with an upper class widow who marries another man solely because that man is wealthy turns the tide at the end It s uite involving but somehow ather unsatisfyi. Ialist and communist solutions He is an outsider among both the gentry and the working classes and he cannot find where he belongs Further he has unsuccessful and tragic love elations The novel ends when despite his profound misgivings he takes up political action on behalf of the po. .