NEW (PS Your Cat Is Dead) By James Kirkwood Jr.

One of the original black comedies This book is bizarre but very funny I love the dark sense of humor and Kirkwood nails it to a T By the end of the book you find yourself wondering who the crazy one is I think this book certainly set the bar high for those who want to venture into the realm of un PC comedy writing Anyone who enjoys an eccentric read should check out this book It is a classic that will never go out of style I have an e friend who turned me on to PS Your Cat is Dead She wrote I highly recommend this book to all my friends It s sick and twisted and I new then it was something I wanted to read However when I found out There Was A Play Version Also Written was a play version also written Kirkwood it s copyright 1979 with the rights owned by Samuel French that was the version I read firstAnd fell in love with the play A comedy where the first line is Holy shit that has one of your main characters butt naked literally for a good half of the play and that ends with the two male leads ending up in bed together not uite as literally but with the implication that it is possible was right up my twisted little alley The basic plot is about Jimmy Zoole an actor in New York City at a turning point in his life At 38 he hasn t uite made it and is starting to realize he may never make it His relationship with his girlfriend Kate is on the decline through both of their faults but partly because he plays everything very safe and Kate is tired of the struggle of getting him to take the chances an actor and person needs to do occasionally in order to grow His loft has been robbed twice in a row one of which resulted in the theft of his one and only copy of the novel he was writing in an attempt to see if he was capable of doing something other than acting And finally his cat Bobby Seale is at the vet ill And of course is actually dead before we even hear about himHe comes home on New Year s Eve having been fired from his latest acting job to have his girlfriend finally break up with him and catches a robber Vito who we find out in the story is also a hustler hence the ending in his house and decides to take care of the burglar himself It wasn t until just recently that I finally decided to give the book version a read There s also a movie version starring of all people Steve Guttenberg as Jimmy which I have seen It s been a long enough time since seeing it that I can t remember much outside of that it wasn t as bad as I had feared and that it had transferred the setting from New York to LA and as a result has Vito an Italian turned into a Latino named Eddie I ve often gone on about how I don t like to compare versions whether it s book to movie or reboot to old version Isaac Asimov used a good example in the book How to Enjoy Writing A Book of Aid and Comfort of comparing the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci to a stained Glass Version By Another Artist They Are version by another artist They are different mediums each with their own pros and cons and it does a disservice to both versions to compare And I really tried to not compare the book to the play I La Tnbreuse Escorte (Bien Belle Compagnie t. 3) know love and hope to produce and maybe even direct one day But I couldn t help myself The play because of it being a play is much shorter is much tighter in story The novel starts off slow and is much slower paced which threw me In the novel the events happen over a few days while in the play it s all in one night I preferred the play as it gave it that you had a REALLY bad dayind of feel to it and my sympathy for Jimmy stemmed a lot from that The main climax of the play is also in a different place in the book and is not the main climax there Kirkwood adds another event that I vaguely remember is also in the movie But the novel being a novel has the chance to go into some great character development for both Jimmy and Vito I m able to fall in love with both characters much in the novel and my sympathy for Jimmy comes from a different place as a result In fact if I were ever given the chance to direct the play version I d make my Jimmy and Vito read the book as part of their character research Kirkwood also has the chance to have some great lines in the novel that wouldn t do well spoken When talking about the theft of the novel I was victim not of burglary but of « Si je reviens un jour » - Les Lettres retrouvées de Louise Pikovsky (RDL.BD) (French Edition) kidnapping Jimmy in the book says It would be hard harder to try to re create what I d written than creating it in the first place Having had to re write a book almost from scratch myself I could easily relate The relationship between Jimmy and Vito also has a chance to grow a bit in the novel and feel less contrived Jimmy s realization that Vito has the same eyes as Kate early on lends cre. It's New Year's Eve in New York City Your best friend died in September you've been robbed twice your girlfriend is leaving you you've just lost your joband the only one left to talk to is the bisexual burglar you've got tied up in theitchen PS Yo. .

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PS Your Cat Is DeadDence to the idea of these two potentially ending up as "lovers And Kirkwood also has the chance to have Jimmy make "And Kirkwood also has the chance to have Jimmy make between Vito and Bobby Seale especially the idea that Jimmy didn t adopt the cat the cat adopted him Late in the book when Jimmy says to Vito I liked my cat I loved that cat but I don t particularly like cats in general it s is a flat out metaphor for how Jimmy thinks about sexual relations with men in general and Vito specifically The theme of not nowing what to do with your life making this an odd bookend to my last book review is much prevalent through the Book Than The Play How than the play How of what we are or become depends upon talent luck appearance type environment fate timing inheritance intelligence native or acuired or is it a lot of it just plain push and shove Jimmy asks himself about midway through the book And is it a lot of it just plain push and shove Jimmy asks himself about midway through the book And s not the only one having this insight Vito in telling Jimmy about his life explains that his dead lover tried to impart to him the advice that you ve got to be than the life of the party as that will only last you for so long And near the end of the book Vito uotes his lover again You better find out what you want in life because that s what you re going to getThe novel also has a different ending than the play and while they re both a bit contrived I like the play version it makes story sense to me and didn t have me saying Really REALLY like the novel version did but I m not sure how much of that response was because I had the other ending in my headBoth versions are uick reads and some of the best lines are in both including the best insult ever May your orgasms turn to stone And both versions made me relate as both a writer and as someone who s had the occasional venture into theatre The story is engaging the characters are believable and relatable and it goes to show that it s okay maybe even healthy to uestion your place in this world and that when bad things happen you just have to eep plugging away After all as Jimmy s friend Pete says Life is nothing but a bunch of revue sketches The birth sketch the first day at school sketch the discovering what your dong is for sketch the marriage one and so on Some are bombs some are so so a few are perfect but when they re played out forget them On to the next And remember like revue sketches the bad ones always end Where to go what to say I had never heard of this until this Christmas when I looked for a Christmas book And what a bookEverything goes wrong Jimmy is fired his girl leaves him he gets robbed and PS his cat diesAt least he ties up the burglar And then things get REALLY strangeI liked the feel of 1972 the anti establishment attitude I got a little tired of the give and take and talk between the burglar and Jimmy at times but I Cahiers du genre, N° 45 : Les fleurs du mâle : Masculinités sans hommes ? kept readingIt ended as it should I didn t love it but I liked it Happy New Year Kyle James thanks for meeting me today Inow it was tough to manage being dead and all James Not at all When I got your note I new I had to talk to you We have so much in common Kyle How s that now James Well you re a writer who hasn t finished anything of conseuence in months and I m dead It s basically the same thing Kyle That was uncalled for James Hey I m not the one who gave your critically acclaimed wacky comedy play novel only two stars now am I There is an uncomfortable silence Kyle So I m sort of into the idea of plays even novelized ones being these big character studies where we get a hero tossed into a what if scenario and we see how he grows and develops through that I really liked your approach to that James Thanks It can definitely be interesting Kyle But so much of this story wants to take it over the top all the time There was so much ham in the first few sections of the story I felt I was reading a Monty Python sketch James Har Kyle Sorry But it s true James I m sorry did you not read any of the rest of the cover I co wrote A Chorus Line Where did you think subtlety was going to come from It s your own fault if you don t like the presentation Kyle Sure but I feel like you had to realize just how strong you were coming on with how ridiculous everything was James Right Let me just put that down then In a play especially farce comedies tone down the acting I remember when they told Shakespeare to do that in his Kyle Okay okay But I feel like if you wanted to write a play which it looks like you did then you probably should ve just done that It wouldn t have felt so weird There s this bizarre style clash between Jimmy s narration style when he s just talking to us like in a voiceover and when people are talkin. Ur Cat is Dead was an instant classic upon its initial publication in 1972 when it received widespread critical acclaim reader devotion and subseuently went through dozens of print ings over the course of the next decade The stage version was eually. G to each other as if they re well reading lines from a script It s so jarring it makes they re well reading lines from a script It s so jarring it makes tough to focus on the character and the humor That s another thing though I only laughed at one scene in the whole book when Jimmy throws fruit out his window at his fleeing ex James Who doesn t want to do that Kyle I now But where were the rest of the jokes Just about everything else came off as funny because it s crude which almost never works in writing or sadtrumpetwav funny James Dotwave I have no idea what words you just said Kyle I you The Gutter Prayer know I mean it seems like you want us to laugh at just how terrible Jimmy has it But that s not all that funny I mean the whole buildup of the first third of the book is just the continuing how screwed can this guy possibly get James Like he says I don t believe it Kyle Right but everything that happened to him is actually pretty believeable in fact you might argue that with the background Jimmy gives us about where he comes from and what he does and the type of person he is it was pretty much bound to happen though usually probably not all at once It s annoying that he s not trying to get out of the way of this oncoming train of terrible events James Well you re not him You don t evennow what you would do Kyle I am totally glad I m not him But everything that happens after the burglar shows up is incredibly farcical Almost nothing that happens once the actual play gets going makes sense I might not Histoire de la fatigue - Du Moyen Âge à nos jours know what I would do but I can sort of tell you what I would not do and that is cut the burglar s pants off after having him bound prone over myitchen counter Not to mention that the burglar mentions pretty soon after this that he d like to make it with Jimmy No judging but I feel like there were parts of this book that were personal than others Just about any moment I expected you and the burglar to start making out or some M rated scenes to start happening James It s a comedy It s not going to make sense The hilarity comes from the utterly bizarre things that he starts thinking of doing to get back at life and making things right and HEY YOU just insinuated that I wrote myself into this play Kyle Well uh it s Durgapur Chronicles kind of right there James Jimmy etc James Just because we share a name and are both writers involved in the theater scene and might tend to be a little overdramatic and okay I think I see what you re sayingKyle Nothing wrong with that just something I thought aboutJames And here I thought you might not have been paying attention at allKyle And I hate to be gender studies guy James Oh come on you love to be gender studies guy Your last three or so reviews give it at least a paragraphKyle I don t like it It s just something I notice sometimes Anyway out of the cast of about 10 probably five of those people are gay and bisexual men I mean geez Inow your view of the 70s is pretty forward but I don t think they re that closely concentrated even in New YorkJames You have obviously never been to New York And those are the characters that involved themselves in this I didn t pick themKyle Touch That does sort of touch on what I liked most about this book though It s such an interesting period piece with the drug references culture references and even the gay notes made by the burglar that everyone swings a little bit James I resent being called dated but you write what you Cocorico je sais lire ! avec les P'tites poules - Mthode de lecture syllabique et progressive ds 5 ans know I m glad you at least got something out of my surrounding worldKyle Not only that but Jimmy s resolution to his problems seems to be to just shut down have drugs pull into his tiny world with just his writing and his burglar with a heart of gold friend Novels today with a similar premise are all about building a world that expands out and learning about others and their problems I m fascinated by what that says about the changes in cultureJames I don tnow You re the generation that s supposed to be so in touch with your emotions Maybe it s selfish but maybe that s the only way that we could deal with what was going on at the time We had a bunch of people that were like minded though Kyle Maybe And maybe we wouldn t be so eager to reach out in our literature if we didn t have people who fell back inside themselves before I mean of course Jimmy isn t the first but it s something I finished thinkingJames Oh thanks Laud my work then take away my notoriety This did go on to become a play if you weren t aware Thousands of people laughed and got a feeling of empathy out of itKyle Hey I m just a writer that hasn t done anything of conseuence in months Obviously my opinions are pretty worthlessJames Finally we agree on somethingKyle Hey. Successful and is still staged over 200 times a year in productions around the country Now for the first time in a decade Kirkwood's much loved black humor comic novel of manners and escalating disaster returns to bewitch and beguile a new generati.