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Pucked Over Pucked #3US Play YOU MEMORIESLILY I have a brown belt in karate And I have a black belt in kick your fucking ass These are the words that keep repeating in my head over and over Along with Randy s promises I can take your mind off your problems if you want And I bet a few orgasms ll make you forget all about that dickface x of yours Wanna find out if I m right I drag my palm over my face and check the clock It s four in the morning I ve been trying to sleep for the past five hours Between two and three I managed not to stare at the ceiling or my clock but I woke up with my hand in my damn underpants AgainI cram my head under the pillow as if it ll act as a barrier between my brain and the memories I m unsurprised by my lack of success So I give in If I stop fighting the fantasies maybe I ll be able to manage seeing him tonight I roll over onto my back close my yes and let the images come I m instantly transported back in timeOkay that s not ven remotely true but I recall with startling clarity my introduction to NHL superstar Randy Balls Ballistic the newest addition to Chicago s team I d been camping in the northern Canadian wilderness with Benji my jerkwad boyfriend Sunny my best friend and Kale Benji s best friend and Sunny s Keep This Toss That ex Thexperience had not been all that pleasant After seven days with no running water I d been desperate to disappear the forest on my legs and bask in the wonders of a hot shower at Sunny s brother s cottage in Muskoka I also needed to tackle the mess that was my fur burgerBefore the trip I d canceled my appointment with my waxer She was Out of the Dark (The Sidhe Trilogy, Book 3) expensive and I needed the money to buy groceries for the trip I was also angry with Benji so I let my bush grow in to spite him He had grown a horrible patchy ugly beard so I d done the same between my legs to see how much he liked it when I rubbed it all over his damn face Not that he gave me the opportunity to do so very oftenAnyway as I was about to tackle the hairy muppet living on my cooch the door to the bathroom flew openI fullyxpected Sunny or maybe dickhead Benji to be the one busting in on me It was neitherInstead I stared at a man a broad well built superhot man with his hand in his shorts His dark hair was pulled back in one of those stubby little man bun things and his Sponzoruše eyes were the color of honey He sported a somewhat ungroomed beard but it was lush and it worked for him The hand down his pants was attached to an arm with a full tattooed sleeveI screamed as seemed appropriate considering the superhot guy I d never seen before in my life apart from on TV during hockey games but this was out of context so I didn t recognize him standing in the bathroom doorway His massive muscular frame blocked my only way out Also I was completely naked covered in shaving lotion from ankle to thigh and my crotch wasxtra furry His yes dipped and widened taking me in You should probably lock the door Who the fuck are you Get out What are you doing here I nabbed my towel to cover all my bitsHe took a step back hands raised as if in apology but his smirky smirk said he wasn t all that sorry Settle down honey I was just looking for a bathroom He moved away from the door chucklingI was furious Embarrassed and not completely rational I covered myself with the towel and searched the bathroom for a weapon The toilet paper holder had a blunt nd if I needed to club the sexy intruder For some reason instead of staying in the safety of the bathroom I d chased after him wielding my makeshift weapon and managed to flash him my overgrown vagina yet again His amusement was infuriatingAs if that wasn t bad His Fiery Brat enough less than an hour later I found myself trapped in the kitchen with him Alone Sunny and her current boyfriend Miller Buck Butterson had disappeared into the woods to work things out Randy was Miller s friend and NHL teammate So there I was forced into close proximity with a hot insanely cut hockey boy Despite thearlier Brother Frankenstein embarrassment being trapped with Randy was preferable tonding up alone with Benji who had gone from being my boyfriend to my Kindly Dig Your Grave and Other Wicked Stories ex over the course of the past week and still hadn t taken the hint and leftHe and I had been fighting nonstop while we d been camping a trip that was supposed to be relaxing The situation had beenscalating for a long while but it had finally reached unmanageable I was done in so many ways After seven years Benji s persistent needling and negativity had become an anchor weighing me down keeping me tethered to a history that no longer felt good While I wallowed in the aftermath of my poor life choices Randy had sat at the table The Giant Compass: Navigating Your Life With Your Dreams eating bowl after bowl of Corn Pops and reading the sports section of the newspaper Benji had followed me around the house pushingvery single one of my buttons Heedless of our audience he wouldn t give up I d told him in no uncertain terms that we were done but sometimes he was thickheaded Or he thought it was a game We had broken up before Several timesAnd then he called me a bitchIt felt like a verbal backhand And it was humiliating in front of a bystanderRandy had dropped his spoon in his bowl Milk splattered the table and his shirt The fuck you say to her he d asked as he pushed back his chair It toppled over clattering to the floor He wiped his mouth with pushed back his chair It toppled over clattering to the floor He wiped his mouth with back of his tattooed hand And then he d stalked over to Benji and threatened to kick his ass Stanley and Marvin even though I d come after him with a toilet paper holderarlierSo I did what any hot blooded Canadian woman would when a hot man hockey player or not threatened xtreme violence on her behalf I grabbed his face and stuck my tongue in his mouthI played it off as though I d done it to make Benji jealous But I hadn t Mostly I Wanted To Kiss I wanted to kiss s face for what he d done Play a little tonsil hockey with him Plead insanity for a minuteHis beard was soft where it touched my lips and chin His mouth tasted like Corn Pops His tongue oh God his tongue Despite my unexpected assault he d kissed me back Benji s freak out had become mere static in the background Sunny and Miller must have returned from their walk in the forest somewhere between Benji s insult and my jumping Randy because when I opened my yes there they were witnesses to my attackMortified I locked myself in I opened my Les vritables pentacles et prires de l'Abb Julio eyes there they were witnesses to my attackMortified I locked myself in bedroom at the cottage for the rest of the afternoon I told Sunny I needed to be alone During that time I relived the kiss over and over wondering if it was solectric because Randy had defended me because I was angry with Benji or because Randy was so damn hot I promised myself I wouldn t attack him like a starved lion on steak again But by dinner Benji had taken off his raging texts cementing my conviction that we were now as over as we were going to get Calling me a flat chested cheating whore wasn t much of a point winner in my bookAnd still here was Randy Gorgeous Cocky Chivalrous Maybe a little arrogant An Flight of the Grey Goose New Windmill excellent kisser and an absolute flirt I needed a distraction and he seemed like a good one Wended up dry humping in the kitchen Later he came to my bedroom with promises of fun and orgasms No obligations No strings Just a casual fling Inhibitions loose from drinks and hormones raging from all the flirting I couldn t say no I didn t want to Margaux with an X eitherRandy followed through on his promise to distract me from my problems The orgasms were out of this world Intergalactic But we didn t have sexHe was okay with being a rebound lay but he drew the line at revenge fuck I didn t ask what the criteria was for one or the other but as the receiver of plenty of non penetration related orgasms I could hardly complain At the time Regrets came laterI thought he was so sweet Until he and Miller went to a charity car wash the next morning leaving Sunny and me at the cottage The guys were only going to be gone a couple of hours and Randy promised orgasms upon his return I had plans to make them the sex kindThen things got complicated Before theyven got back pictures of Randy and Miller with what appeared to be topless models went viralI got a little rageyPissed that I d been hoodwinked I deployed a black permanent marker with the wrath of Lily LeBlanc isn’t versed in the art of casual sex but after seven years in an on again off again relationship she’s definitely willing to give it a shot And who better to try it with than her best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend What could possibl. .

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Ike him only better and he s bad at relationships so he doesn t Pippi Långstrump i Söderhavet even try them He acts according to his name and reputation on and off the ice So when he uite literally barges in on the spirited and on the rebound Lily he s than determined to be her rebound man When things start to get too comfortable and serious will they ignore his ownmotions for fear of repeating history or will he take a chance on them Randy and Lily seemed like a complete odd couple They are two very different people with different backgrounds who live in different countries who are trying to make their intense attraction for Macanudo 8 Macanudo each other work Soven though different was the common denominator the connection between them was so much than sexy La prisión de Black Rock. Volumen 2 (Spanish Edition) explosive out of control invery bathroom sparks Yes of course there s a lot of fun and sexy times happening You can t read a term like fur burger within the first percent of a book and not laugh and wonder where the author is heading with this I also truly The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games enjoyed the character development where I got to know about Lily having to give up her Olympic dreams for lack of money because her hockey playing father was completely absent And how Randy s dad also anx hockey player failed to be faithful to his mother and thus breaking her heart and their family They re both self conscious about one thing or another which helped them bond further Her sassiness was perfect for his magnetism For all his player reputation Randy was cluelessly sweet regarding his Zemlja vukova emotions toward Lily He s chivalrous considerate and downrightndearing There were many things I liked about Lily but mostly I liked that after she didn t lose herself while falling for Randy rather she found her independence and footing I loved having characters from the past books They were a constant source of amusement Vi and Alex from Pucked Premium Content Code Card for Leadership especially madeverything wacky and funnier with Vi s total lack of filter What going on with you and Horny Nut Sac Who Randy Balls We also get some groundwork for hopefully a future Pucked book between Tash and Lance Complete drama there I can t wait to read with Helena s comical sharpness And raise your hand if you sueeed when she mentions Inked Armor and its resident badass tattoo artist Hayden If you haven t read THIS other series by Helena Hunting and love tortured heroes with amazingly touching stories I suggest get it now Helena Hunting s wit and humor are Inhalant, Whippet, and Popper Abuse evident in this funnyrotic story Having as many raunchy sizzling moments as crazy and amusing ones in this delectable romance Pucked Over is book 3 in the Pucked series by Helena Hunting This is a sexy light fun full of swear words standalone book with a hockey background It s told from alternating point of view with a happy Treasure Islands Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World ending US I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author Thexcerpts are from that copy More reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers This sports romance series is so much fun and laugh out loud funny Helena writes raunchy inappropriate humor like no one Split Second else Withvery book I am anxious to see what inappropriate love story we will get I love how she doesn t pull out any stops with her humor and characters Pucked Over overlaps Pucked Up in that Randy hooks up with Lily Sunny s best friend after the camping trip The hook up is just a uick hot and heavy hook up session after she breaks up with her long time boyfriend I thought I was just gonna be your rebound I didn t FISTOGRAPHY Newcastle Australia 1994 2004 expect it to turn into somethinglse Lily cannot stop thinking about Randy she isn t in love just horny That s thing about Helena s heroines they are not afraid to Civil War Blacksmithing express themselves I happen to love how all these women s inappropriateness It s light fun and refreshing Randy is all about hooking up with Lily again she is fun sexy and he can t stop thinking about herither Lily and Randy have uite the journey to go and their real life issues are so much deeper than I originally thought It was a pleasant surprise to see the struggles and character development I liked seeing Randy and Lily make sacrifices and move forward I felt like this story was much than the others I liked how it had sexiness and the inappropriate humor we are used to but also so much heart I loved how Randy and Lily had to trust ach other and make themselves vulnerable If you are a fan of sports romance crude humor and sexy stories I highly recommend this series ARC kindly provided in xchange for an honest review 4 stars Helena Hunting writes some seriously funny books Each time I finish a book in her Pucked series I want to dive into the next I loved Alex Violet Miller Sunny and now Randy Lily When I read Miller and Sunny s book I just knew Randy and Lily s story would be great Randy is Miller s friend and fellow hockey player and Lily is Sunny s best friend Lily and her boyfriend of 7 years are over and Randy Is There For is there for to be a friend and have some fun No strings No attachments Just a whole lot of awesome orgasms We know the sex between them is off the charts hot but they genuinely start to care about one another At first as friends and then well you know how it goes Randy doesn t do commitment He was supposed to be a rebound for Lily But things change when the heart gets involved I thought I was just gonna be your rebound I didn t xpect it to turn into something lse I love that these books aren t just funny and turn into something Serpent symbolism in the Old Testament A linguistic archaeological and literary study else I love that these books aren t just funny andven though they re very funny and sexy but also have a lot of heart All of these couples have character Randy and Lily s story made me smile laugh and I fell in love with them as a couple I was seriously so happy by the uantum Incident uantum end of this book I can t wait to read Forever Pucked and get from this bunch FIVE BALLISTIC STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorThis was my first Helena Hunting book and I freaking LOVED itFREAKING AMAZEBALLSI need to read the other two books in this seriesThis can totally be read as a standalone but why would you want to miss out on books 1 2 Randy Ballistic is one seriously HOT NHL Player He s the best friend of Miller Butterson who was the hero in Pucked Up Randy has messed around with many a puck bunny in his day but he tends to be a serial dater He likes spending time with women and what I mean by spending time is he likes THE SEX As soon as things get too serious he s out He has his father to thank for his inability to commit He s so afraid ofnding up like his Dad that he refuses to get too close to any woman There s a whole group of women on social media who commiserate over being dumped by BALLISTIC They all agree that the man knows how to please a woman and that he has a couple of uirks as well He only does it in the dark and underneath the sheets When I found out the reason why I fell ven in love with Randy Lily LEBLANC IS SUNNY S BEST FRIEND WHO IS THE is Sunny s best friend who is the from book two Lily has just broken up with her boyfriend of seven years He was pretty much a loser and was only good at making her feel inadeuate She s never been the kind of girl to hook up with a guy for just sex but once she meets Randy and they have uite a steamy ncounter in a bathroom at a cabin they both Confesiones de un Forense: Basado en hechos reales (Spanish Edition) end up in Lily is thinking a no strings arrangement might be just what she needsThey both agree to keep things casual and the minute they feel things heading in a serious direction they must call it uits So these twond up having some seriously amazing sexual rendezvous and Lily does find it odd that Randy only wants to do it in the dark Randy is starting to feel things he hasn t for any woman before Other women just don t do it for him and he s finding himself drawn to Lily s snarky attitude and he s intrigued by how she challenges him at very turnLily and Randy never intended to get in too deep but once reality sets in will they be able to see the truth and risk it all for love or will they let old insecurities take hold and ruin what could be a once in a lifetime dealI LOVED this book so much I mean three days later I am still thinking about this book and wishing I had the time to go back and re read it This releases on FRIDAY Get ready to fall in love wit RANDY BALLISTI. Y feisty xtra hot best friend on the rebound Randy’s than happy to be Lily’s spring board back into the dating scene Casual sex is only casual until those pesky things called motions get involved Once that happens someone’s bound to gets pucked over. Thousand PMS ing women on I am writing to inform you I need to terminate our agreement as author and reader for the following violations1Incredibly awful language about casual and consensual sex I get my dramatic flair from my mom I hope I m not this bad Brainless hockey slut I m not a puck bunny Mom We re hanging outThis isn t the worst but it is all over the damn book Women who like casual sex are also women Thanks2There s funny raunchy dialogue and there sthis And this doesn t stop I have not lost it Char That s a totally legit uestion She looks to me as though I m going to confirm the legitimacy of having a reaction to jizz on my face At my silence she continues her xplanation Sometimes when Alex Lonely Planet South Africa Lesotho Swaziland eats too many suicide wings his jizz makes my chest red I have yet to meet women who discuss anything at this level Yes Violet is supposed to be a bit of a disaster but this kind of talk is not limited to her3When I first read Pucked I was kind of smitten Alex was a great hero Good pairing Now I wonder if that was my younger years of romance and I missed something after having just read Hooking Up the tone and content felt so similarI m can t find a reason to read any I ve read a good portion of the catalog and nothing s above a 3 It s not me it s not you it s us4 Weak character development No character development At 85% Randy talks to his mother and I feel like I literally just learned he had a sister5A silly silly subplot on disfigurement Notven sure what to say about this one it was such nonsense6These are too long for the subject matter Dare I say much of the page space is taken up with too much sex Or talking about sex Or thinking about sex They did some skating They ate once Even hanging out with friends it s all sex all the time I d rather chill with the puck bunnies at least maybe they talk hockey or something If 4 females are going to hang around discussing my current fling s junk for 50 minutes I would start to think I need better interesting sensitive friends 7 Protagonists who believe the actions of their parents who have had little influence on their upbringing have sealed their fate That s just dumbI will perhaps miss the good old smut Because I do like some of the sex scenes uite a bit just not The Magnolia Sword A Ballad of Mulan enough Honestly of the friendship between Miller Randy It was kind ofndearingDisclaimer I m in a bit of slump and attempting to do just this liminate reads like this from my TBR I honestly don t know why I finishedbut I did and so now this termination is fair I loved this book so much I want to shout I LOVE RANDY BALLS from the rooftops and do Violet style hip thrusts all over town While I njoyed the silliness of Violet in Pucked and the goofiness of Miller in Pucked Up I downright loved Randy and Lily s story in Pucked Over Both characters are majorly sweet delightfully swoony and sometimes Perto do Coração Selvagem endearingly silly However I think the fact that they have hidden insecurities is what makes them so adorable and gosh darn lovableRandy dominates on the ice and he has had no problem scoring with the bunnies female ahem super fans Lily has just broken up with a douchebag who treated her poorly for the majority of their seven year relationship What is meant to be a rebound relationship uickly veers into that limbogray area Neither wants to get hurt so they avoid the topic withach other and themselvesI liked that Pucked Over is subdued than the first two books while maintaining the original characteristics that made the others so fun Lily is a much reserved and private person than Violet so that is reflected in the writing The clever banter and inappropriate humor is still there but there is a level of Flash Fiction Forward 80 Very Short Stories emotion that I didn t feel with the previous books That right there is why I loved this book so muchIf you are a fan of the series I guarantee this is going to be a hit If you haven t read any of the previous books I think you will stillnjoy this one and you will probably go back and gobble up the goodness of the first two books right after you finish this one ARC generously provided in Réussir le Rubik's cube exchange for an honest review Order Kindle Kobo iBooks Nook For reviews visit 3 StarsOverall Opinion This was annjoyable read I didn t go in Stadtguerilla und soziale Revolution expecting to be blown away and I wasn t so no disappointment here I was really frustrated with thending see closure section below but I figure that is just going to be the norm for this series so that brought down my rating It was a pretty Pediatric Physical Examination: An Illustrated Handbook easy sexy and funny read that I m sure many willnjoy Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Lily and Randy s story Summary of the Storyline This is Lily and Randy s story meet through mutual friends as their best friends are together and the mcs in Pucked Up They have a steamy Сколько спят упавшие звезды? encounter one day right after Lily breaks up with her long term boyfriend and neither of them can forget it They decide to partake in a fun no strings attached affair butventually stronger feelings develop and they fall in love Both of them have some baggage to deal with and there are some sexy and funny momentsbut they do get a HFN ndingPOV This alternated between Lily and Randy s POVOverall Pace of Story Good I never skimmed and I thought it flowed wellInstalove No they take a while to develop stronger feelingsH rating 4 stars Randy I liked him He was damaged because of his upbringing but I felt like he was a genuinely good manh rating 4 stars Lily I liked her She was pretty tough for her circumstances and I liked the way she cared for the HSadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull Yes view spoilerThe H pushes away at one point because he is dealing with his past baggage The H is the main pursuer of the relationship hide spoiler RANDYWe all remember him from the last book He s Miller s best childhood friend and he has been traded to Chicago last season Total ladies manLILYShe s Sunny s best friend from back home in Guelph CanadaRandy Lily already met in the last book where they had a little something in that cabin after finally she broke up with her idiot boyfriend of 7 years BenjiBut after that little something Lily is so totally mbarrassed but also angry at RandyAnd Randy he wants but it s hard to pin that girl down He can t As Deusas as Bruxas E a Igreja Seculos de Perseguicao even talk to her as soon as they seeach other they The I Ching on Love end up half naked in a bathroomHe knows he will onlyver be the rebound guy but he still wants thatAnd Lily can she be with a 45 starsWhile Pucked is I think the funniest book in this series Pucked Over has Prince of Thorns easily become my favorite Along with Helena s signature humor this one was romantic sexy awkward andndearing all at onceFor those who need a little refresher on the MCsLily BFFs with Sunny heroine from Pucked UpRandy teammate of Alex hero from Pucked And Miller Hero From Pucked Up He Also Has and Miller hero from Pucked Up He also has beard And a man bun And is sexy as all hellJust getting out of a truly shitty relationship Lily decides a little hook up would be fun And who better to have fun with then the ultimate manwhore himself Randy And while the whole good girl falls for manwhore who changes his ways plot has been done before I absolutely loved their story and found it refreshing and 再録REGARD Sairoku REGARD entertaining As I mentioned above this story felt passionate and romantic then the first two installments but still provided lots of laughs The progression of their relationship from friends with benefits to couple was paced perfectly and Lily and Randy were both such greats MCs The only thing I would have liked view spoilerwas to see them as an actual couple Once they are OFFICIALLY together the story basicallynds and we get the The Accident: A Doctor's Touch (Book 1) epilogue hide spoiler Hilarious sweet sizzling hot without missing amusing dramatics A wonderful continuation for the Pucked series Lily LeBlanc s seven year relationship has had many ups and downs Mostly of the down variety which have caused too much strain and then just snapped She s completely unfamiliar with casual dating but certainly isn t really for anything Inclined to give it a try she sets her sights on her best friend s boyfriend s best friend Can she keep her feelings in check and things casual or will she get Pucked Over Randy Ballistic takes a lot after his father He looks like him he plays hockey Y go wrong Nothing at all NHL player Randy Ballistic lives up to his last name on the ice and in the bedroom His best friend and teammate has recently given up the puck bunnies and traded them in for a real girlfriend And she just happens to have a seriousl.