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Purpose for the PainE end after only 2 years sober to just say all is well in the Lord While that may be true NOW I can guarantee it wasn t when these journals were writtenThen there s the issue of the type of journal This is a young girl who is enamoured with poetry and she writes in poems or song lyrics or snippets of flowery sometimes purple prose I m not going to go after poems or song lyrics or snippets of flowery sometimes purple prose I m not going to go after writing but it oesn t lend itself to a story of what happened It s not a today x happened or I want to write about x event journal It s very abstract and L'Odyssée des gènes doesn t explain any of the actual events except almost in passing I found myself flipping around wildly to try and understand what events she was writing about Clearly there was some trauma but she never just writes x happened to me at z time connecting chapters written in aid of understanding the journals rather than just photocopying them would have tremendously improved this endeavorAlso it s a great idea to see the actual written pages but MAN they re really hard to read at times I read it twice just to make sure I had an open mind and heart Iid I just couldn t like this iary It s not a tool It s a screed as a journal should be but it could ve one with some editing or perhaps it should have simply remained a private journal shared amongst friends therapist or whomever but not offered for sale to the world at large The censored swear words really bothered me for some reason I just Childbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens didn t really see the point inoing that and even feel like it took away from the story Other than that this was a very interesting personal book It took me longer to read this book than it should have because there were times when I couldn t put it own and "times when I idn t want to go back to it "when I Wolfgang Borchert In Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten didn t want to go back to it sefinitely a book that you get into it s not light reading in any sense of the phrase I ve read that some people are worried this book could serve as a trigger for those who have experienced some of the issues Gottfried Benn In Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten described in its pages Personally Ion t think this book will trigger someone to go back to self Princesas Dragn: El monstruo de las profundidades destructive behavior but Io think this book will only be of interest to those who have experienced some of the same strugglesself Medioevo da leggere Guida allo studio delle testimonianze scritte del Medioevo italiano Piccola biblioteca Einaudi destructive behaviorsescribed in the book substance abuse self mutilation An Honorable Assassin depression etc This is not a book for someone wanting to understand why would someoneo that This is a book for people who have been there The writing is not linear and it s not written to help the reader understand the author s behavior remember you re reading someone s Romanik zwischen Speyer Mainz und Heidelberg diary it reads like aiary If you re looking for solidarity read this book There are so many parts of this book that are painfully beautiful and. Nee Yohe the inspiration behind the non profit movement To Write Love On Her Arms chronicles her journey from self estruction to new life Over four years of journal ent. ,
You can start to feel like you re reading the iary you wish you written along the way If you re hoping to understand the why of someone else s behavior look elsewhere Renee Yohe is the reason I m alive She has inspired me so much This book is amazing And so is Renee Yohe and To Write Love On Her Arms Thank you This book much like my life was an epic struggle of love addiction hurt "pain and all the hardships people go through in life I can only say this Stop the bleeding Rescue is possible "and all

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hardships people go in life I can only say this Stop the bleeding Rescue is possible is the movementread this book it will change your life and the perspective you take on self mutilation a very ifferent read Louise im blauweiß gestreiften Leibchen difficult to follow at times but amazing all the sameit is the exact copy of theiary of renee yohe i love how they kept it in her writing cause it makes it so much personal its honest heartbreaking but has a happy ending for fans of TWLOHA or people who have gone through things like Fasting Opening the door to a deeperintimatepowerful relationship with God depression cutting and addiction its a great book to read may be emotionally hard to read for some and may even be a bit triggering for others but if you can handle it iefinetely recommend it great book We are not our scarsWe are found in the beauty Of their healing Renee Yohe Purpose for the PainI expected to love this book but the connection I feel with Renee The Next American Civil War developed beyond anything I had hoped to gain from reading it There s something soeeply personal about reading another person s iary I can t explain what it is but you ll know what I mean as soon as you begin Purpose for the PainI want the title of this book tattooed on my body someday so I will never forget what I ve learned and loved hereI truly have learned so many things just from the collection of intense hours i spent reading renee of intense hours I spent reading Renee often painful always beautiful journal I can t call myself exactly the same person I was before I started and that s no lie or joke Now you could technically say that every book changes you in some way because that s just the power of books but this one is truly special especially for anyone who has struggled with epression alcoholism or self harm The book is comprised of photocopied pages from Renee s actual journal Some are hard to read but it s worth every minute spent Weird But True Facts about US History deciphering the words Some pages are smeared with blood which makes the events all the real But along with the blood and the pain you will find redemption So much redemption and that s even vibrant than any blood will ever be I find books like these somewhat cumbersome to read I can appreciate that it s therapeutic in nature to putown feelings of epression and sadness into words on paper but I ve never really been a huge fan of this type of writin. Ries she takes readers through her eepest moments of Experimente des Lebens: Über wilde Kinder, Zwillinge, Kibbuzniks und andere aufschlussreiche Wesen despair to the hope on the other end Renee's story is a light of possibility to anyone who feels trapped byarknes.

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This is a story of the struggle that Renee Yohe went through I like many others I found myself rereading things over and over again But as it went on I got I like many others I found myself rereading things over and over again But as it went on I got to the handwriting I wouldn t ock
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book on keeping in her original handwriting In fact I think it adds to the story Not only id we get to read Yohe s struggles we got to see it too the raw emotion comes through those private handwritten journalsI was okay with things being blacked out I m assuming they were names of people or swear wordsIncredibly inspiring A beautiful bookHope is real Help is real Rescue is Possible Stop the bleeding TWLOHA Perfection is surrealism pg3In falling we learn to fly pg3A failure A fall A means to an end Thats all pg63Stuck in a world inside my head pg68Falling De blauwe boekanier down is an opportunity to get up it is only when I refuse to learn that I have failed pg200 Flipping through the pages and the first thing you notice is that its straight up scans from Renee s journal I thought that was interesting andifferent and it felt personal as if Renee was trying to connect to the reader at that level Although there is the problem of readability Some readers are not able to read Renee s writing especially when it s greyblackwhite scans I id manage to not able to read Renee s writing especially when it s greyblackwhite scans I id manage to Have a copy to give away if anyone wants one Lightly used This really should be a one star review but I feel very judgy giving stars to anyone s personal journal On the other hand I paid money for a copy as The Duke's Match Girl (Fiery Tales, did many other people Once we put things into the world we have to understand that people will have opinionsA caveat I m a big supporter of the idea of this book as well as the organization the author and her friends featured in this book started To Write Love on Her Arms Support for those in need will always have my support so if you or someone you know is struggling with self harm suicidal ideation or substance abuse feel free to PM me for referrals or try this group To Write Love on Her Arms is a non profit movementedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with Cold Hand in Mine Strange Stories depression addiction self injury and suicide TWLOHA exists to encourage inform inspire and also to investirectly into treatment and recoveryNow about the book It has its own issues The beginning chapter and introduction are interesting and have a story but they re very Christ in your face to start and then when we get into the book it s just someone s journal I m American tramp and underworld slang; down with Jesus but Io not like to be preached at I The Naked Consultation d hoped it would be aifferent encouraging tool for people who self harm but it s 1 about addiction and 2 glosses over a lot of the muck and mire without a real point and then by th. Purpose for the Pain is the inspiring story of a young woman's battles through addiction epression and self mutilation In heartbreaking etail and poetic outpourings Re.
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