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First the positive comments I liked the hero in that he had humor and sex appeal The secondary storyline and the characters cousin and auntwas plausible and humorous There was a cute little og in the book and being a og lover I liked thatNow the negative I idn t like the uickie sex I rather enjoy two or three pages of a sex scene and this book just Neville Goddard didn t steam I was saying to myself Is that all Also the heroine was stubborn to the point of really irritating me Maybe it was my mood because I wasistracted but I kept wishing the book would end and almost stopped reading it a "Time Or TwoI Don T "or twoI Paleoepidemiology The Measure of Disease in the Human Past Publications of the Institute of Archaeology University Col don t if I will pursue reading Enoch right now The Suzanne Enoch With This Ring series is not uite as popular as some of her others but I love Enoch novels so I wanted to give it a try The first installment Reforming a Rake is only recommended if you re willing to put up with some sillyrama in order to still get scraps of funny The Work and the Glory Volume 7 No Unhallowed Hand dialogue I m running out of Enoch novels so I was willing and because of my mindset going in Iidn t mind when the plot veered into the absurd and my first impression of the hero was that he was a pervAnyway the hero Lucien is a maruess looking for a governess to give his cousin some polish so he can get her married ASAP and thus out of his house and his life He is Railway Engineering dry and cutting and seems to be fueled entirely by lust When he meets the heroine Alexandra he ignores all of therama in her past and hires her on the spot simply because he finds her The Christian Topography of Cosmas an Egyptian Monk delicious He propositions her from the first interview and continues to be uite persistent I found this a bit creepy especially because she was supposed to be an employee However Enoch has a breezy writing style so I continued to fly through pages and see the real Lucien behind all the inappropriate remarks and cutting wit He was actually a pretty nice guy but he forgot how to be one because he spent so much of his life isolating himself from others Alexandra with her forthright nature beauty and Profits in the Stock MarketWith Charts decorum crept under Lucien s skin and made him grow addicted to her As their relationshipeveloped I grew to like Lucien and Alexandra less At first she came across as a strong woman who had forged her own path in a world that was often grossly unfair to women unprotected by family or fortune However once she was presented with a perfect solution to all her problems as well as Lucien s her brain cells started to The Night Country die off inroves and she swung from being a pragmatic graceful heroine to an idiotic shrew who Jupiters child didn t know her own mind I felt like most of therama was put in here to fill pages and it frustrated me because the heroine s behavior made absolutely no sense Lucien for his part actually redeemed himself in this book As a counter to the heroine s off the wall behavior he Abnormal Psychology decided if he couldn t beat em he join em and he came up with a hare brained scheme that was so ridiculous it somehowworked His antics and funny observations were the only reason I finished this book It is funny how a character that made such a poor first

#impression became my #
became my of the book but that s Enoch for you She really Closer Stage Dive does create fun heroesOh and one thing the sex scenes were an enormousisappointment There was such a build up of tension and Enoch painted Lucien as some sex god so I was less than impressed when the scene came and went on a page I m not one who needs a sex scene but if its a huge theme of the book then the sex scene better be a good one or the book just Level Up!: Press Start doesn t uite work That was the case here I had one of those That s it moments To borrow from my GR friend Ally who always has such humorous but spot on observations it was one of those stick it in and be blissful situations that just felt MEH You have been warnedSo in a nutshell this book was silly It wasn t realistic and the heroine s brain turned to mush about 65% of the way through But it s Enoch and I still laughed and I still read it uickly It wasn t memorable by any stretch but I still liked it Ion t uite know how she Beasts and Priests A Selection of Portraiture does it but there you go 3ish stars for Lucien Reforming a Rake is the story of Alexandra and LucienOur H is an infamous rake with no concern for anything apart from his mistresses and gambling Whenistant relations are thrust upon him forcing him to sponsor his nervous poorly رجم الزاني جريمة يهودية وافتراء على الإسلام dressed cousin for the season while bearing her shrewd vapor prone mom he is forced to take matters into his own hand Hiring a governess for the same he never expects it would be the extremely beautiful yet infamous h Employing her on the spot he then proceeds to try to seduce her while the h stands her ground yet responding to his passionate kisses But whenisrupting forces smell a romance things get muddled up and the h is forced to thwart the H Will he win her back Or is it she who will reform the rakeHonest. Lessons In LoveA governess must never be alone with a man Her reputation mustn't have even a hint of scandal She must never reveal personal emotions No matter how strong the provocation by her employer A governess never uestions her employer's commands Even when he's tempting her to forsake respectability for esire She. ,

E even in a contemporary woman one who thinks herself in love with the said man She s a ruined woman in regency England and has barely escaped jailtransport for manslaughter and she turns her nose at the H s proposals of marriage and proclamations of love And it goes on and on and on An initial hesitation is understandable but her shrewish behavior increases with his every attempt at putting things a right for herThere are many sweet moments but all because of the H s smitten and caring ways I had a headache by the end To be fair I liked the way she stood up to her uncle and the ending itself was nicely one Still the H having to go so far as to isinherit his and her future children to convince her is the most stupid thing I ve ever "read Why explain id he owe anything to his cousin hide spoiler I "Why explain A Brother's Journey did he owe anything to his cousin hide spoiler I this Victorian romance It was humorous witty and sarcastic There was love passion intrigue and evil relatives It had it all Lucien Balfour is a rake with scandalous reputation He is an unrepentant rogue arrogant and cold His own father taught him that love is just a word to make people look less like animals while fornicating He neither wishes it no believes in it He can barely tolerate his close relations whom he is now responsible for He needs to get his cousin Rose to marry fast so that he can continue being his usual intimidating self But the problem is that Rose for a better lack of word has the appearance of a poodle and the style of a milkmaid So the goal is to hire a competent governess who will make her presentable and marriageable in short period of time Enter Alexandra Gallant young and beautiful yet knowledgeable and elegant governess extraordinaire She is smart tough and has a spine of steel Independence is the key to live your life as you wish it and she will never give it up Of course Lucien becomes brainless sheep when it comes to her He entices her with hot kisses and witty repartee he seduces her with his looks and caressing touches He is the master of seduction after all But what heoes not expect is to change himself how he views the world and people around him and most of all to get a chance to recognize that he will never be like his own father that he is a better man and will be even a better husband so long as the On a clear day UP poetry desirable bride agrees There is plenty shenanigans from interviewing the prospective brides to kidnappings verbaluels and rules of conduct This tale is entertaining and so lovely We see the backdoor workings of the most noble families exactly what it takes to The Lean Healthcare Handbook: A Complete Guide to creating healthcare workplaces that maximize flow and minimize waste destroy or absolve a young lady s reputation and bring about theesired outcome love match Honorable gentlemen and swooning ladies create a glamorous yet realistic cutthroat world of marriage market and how to get ready into battle either armed with beauty or with wits I adored this book and highly recommend it 25 stars She blinked and swiped her Niklas Luhmanns Theorie socialer Systeme Eine Einführung disheveled hair out of her face and saw her abductor Lucien she shrieked What in God s name are you I m kidnapping you he said calmlyAnd your littleog too For 40% of this story the hero was unnecessarily rude the saying honesty without tact is cruelty needs to be written on a chalkboard 100 times by him There was also an icky feeling to how he pursued and came at the heroine you know his employed at his mercy governess He mellows tow Oh ear Lord the stupidity in this novel is astounding I can t even believe that Suzanne Enoch penned this monstrosity This is efinitely one of the most frustrating books I have ever had the misfortune to read and I can t believe that a favourite author of mine wrote it What s wrong about it you ask Ha What s right about it would be a better uestion The heroine Alexandra was supposed to be this prim and proper and intelligent governess when in reality she s so fucking stupid it boggles the mind how she managed to breathe without assistance Seriously Whenever Lucien came on to her she Competitive Programming 4 Book 2 d go all Oh I am never going to be your mistress Shame on you And then she proceed on accepting his kisses and would kiss him in return SERIOUSLY BITCH CAN YOU GROW A FUCKING SPINE YOU INVERTEBRATEHer wishy washy attitude I am Nothing drove me to fits Dear God I wanted to bash her brains out with all her weakass protests UGH MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND START OWNING UP TO YOUR ACTIONS MOTHERFUCKER Everything would ve been less painful if Lucien was just likeable Noice He was an arrogant son of a bitch who spends his time insulting his cousin who idn t eserve his cruelty There was no character evelopment at all And by the 75% marker I stopped caring about them altogether I hate stupid heroines and bullshit heroes That s why this sorry excuse for a romance novel annoyed the bejesus out of me What a waste of Suzanne Enoch s talent This was so bad I wouldn t even recommend it to my enemy. Ke in London Though the sinfully attractive earl hired her to teach his young cousin his seductive whispers and toe curling kisses suggest he has something far less respectable in mindand that will never happen For although Lucien seems etermined to teach her about pleasure she has a few lessons to teach him about love. ,

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Reforming a RakeLy the hero Lucien is the BOMB Deliciously sinful evilish he "relentlessly Pursues The Heroine While the heroine while in love with her He is "pursues the while falling in love with her He is sexy and oh so witty his uips freuently cracked me up The heroine was independent and niceThe story was average and the romance sizzlingI have a feeling that if I hadn t read Almost Heaven before this I have loved it way All the swoons to LucienSafe35 Suzanne Enoch always You Only Live Once Memories of Ian Fleming Foreign Intelligence Book Series delivers with saucy heroines and alpha heroes who get entangled in love when they reallyon t want to beAfter the The Right Bride? dud hero and awesome heroine in The Bad Penny we have a game changer the elusive and seldom seen charming hero who falls in over his head Okay so he wants to and tries to seduce our virginal governess heroine but hey she can hold her own She s already killed off one unwanted suitor by shoving himown the stairs It was efensePLOTLucien hire Alexandra to groom his nightmare ward so he can marry her off as uickly as possible Sparks fly the moment the two main characters meet although Alex keeps him at arms length longer than most Lucien is that fictional fave an unrepentant rake Lucien reforms but is still a bad boy at heart He wants his heroine no matter what and oes whatever he can including kidnapping her to get her The heroine lost some point 45 stars and only because it could ve used a bit lengthdevelopment in the steam The Fence and Then the Trees department otherwise it s another 5 star read from EnochIt starts out with the hero who has been saddled with a whiney cousin andomineering pain in the butt aunt who he wants to have nothing to o with so he hires a governesscompanion for the ladies to get them out of his hair Turns out he s uite attracted to the governess and he tells her at the job interview in some very clear terms And so our story begins There is some first class verbal sparring especially from Lucien the grouchy hero to just about everyone who crosses his path He s the uintessential cynic You ll find yourself laughing or suddenly gasping an OMG I can t believe he just said that at some of his lethal barbs that are either irected right at someone or said under his breath brilliant ialog throughout the whole book Alexandra the heroine is a very independent woman and for some readers her independence may go too far or border the annoying but I thought the author handled it well especially since she had the same stubborn streak as Lucien so the two had to o a give and take of sorts that ends up twisting your heart a bit at the end which for me anyway shows some very good writing Lucien really ends up baring his soul to her in the end and you really feel for the poor guyThe steam scenes are a bit too short but the sexual tension is first rate There are a few I gotta have you now scenes that even though short were uite vivid Enoch s titles sound somewhat silly or typical romance fodder but they are spot on when it comes to the essence of the storyThis is one of those I am going to have you whether you want me or not lady reads and Lucien will stop at nothing to get the lady in uestion Boo What a paint by numbers RegencyNothing stood out in this book Standard plot and a two Le Guide officiel Aires de service camping-car 2020 dimensional hero and heroine that I faintlyisliked Alexandra is a ruined governess that finds work with the hero Lucien a peer I had a couple problems1 Lucien started in with the sexual innuendo within minutes of meeting Alexandra As her employer when she s Kentucky Ancestry: A Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research desperate for a job this just seems he s abusing power The tone was meant to be cocky and charming though which Ion t think Lucien is He Chimica Leggere e scrivere il libro della natura definitely has a mean streak that s supposed to be accepted as cockiness and entitlement The point is I never especially liked him2 Alexandra is one of those heroines that once she admits to herself that she s in love and the hero admits that he s in love and wants to marry her she can t just go with it She needs to come up with a bunch of flimsy reasons that they can t be together half of whichon t even make sense It annoyed me3 I was hoping that there would at least be a good climax which is what kept me reading but it basically boils The Last Clinic Darla Cavannah Mysteries down to a relative threatening to spread rumors about the heroine not especially page turning stuffAll that said I can see that Suzanne Enoch can write the prose itself is fine It s my own fault for not taking the recommendations given to me and reading this one because it was a uarter at a garage sale I can see why Could have been a 5 but for a most stupid charmless and bull headed hWho behaves like this Absolutely irrational and selfefeatingview spoilerA story that could have been such a winner A Biographical Dictionary of Dark Age Britain Seaby Biographical Dictionaries dragged as the h nagged while they also shagged and threw spanners at the H s every sweet gesture and efforts on her behalf This much tom tomming of independence and repeated rebuffing of overtures would be strang. Must never ever fall in love with someone above her station Especially a rake no matter howevastating his kisses may beAlexandra Gallant is a governess extraordinaire and if it weren't for that unfortunate incident at her last position she wouldn't now be forced into the employ of Lucien Balfour the most notorious ra.