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Consent jDisclaimer The review was written circa 2010 It is perhaps poeticustice that an author with the surname of Dixit should write a novel where the titles are borrowed from the movies of the Indian movie industry reminding one acutely of a certain diva from the industry who shares the surname This novel Varsha Dixit s Right Fit certain diva from THE INDUSTRY WHO SHARES THE SURNAME THIS NOVEL VARSHA industry who shares the surname This novel Varsha s Right Fit Shoe might not be as graceful as the other Dixit s dances nor as beautiful but it will have a certain attraction for those readers besotted by moviesThe story needs no telling It is the skeleton followed by "Every Romantic Movie Worth "romantic movie worth salt boy meets girl they spar there is a spark then a misunderstanding and finally all is resolved In between there is the sacrificing girlfriend the gushing mother the vamp camouflaged as a stunning beauty the best female friend It treads along a predictable path resembling the formula of Mills and Boons Except that it lacks the expertise and finesse of M B romance There are a few innovative personal touches though The flashbacks where the protagonist Nandini reminiscences about her tricky affair with Aditya do whet up one s interestAnd while the over the top dialogues and one dimensional characters do irritate in the beginning the novel somehow grows on you till the end It does not shy away from admitting its cheesiness and fluffiness In fact Dixit has gleefully added to the corny feel by classifying some characters as villains reminding readers of mustachioed gun toting cowboy types right in the beginning Also she has borrowed the title of her chapters from movies of every era possible there is an unheard of Ek Hi Maksad the legendary Mother India and something as contemporary as Dil Dosti etc And somehow the events in the chapter fit the title or vice versa Anyway as stated before this book is strictly for the movie buffs As a fitting tribute to such movies the story revolves around the seemingly complicated but in reality immature love story between the gruff broad shouldered man and the uivering girl who would lay down her. Twenty six year old Nandini Sharma is a girl who like most girls in India has been taken over by Bollywood She falls for her neighbour Aditya Sarin He is filthy rich and fairly intelligent

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Life for him Girl simpers and whimpers and pleads while the macho man Island Life: Inspirational Interiors. just glowers and hollers at everyone There is some sort of a miscommunication between them but we don t get it till the end and when we do it doesn t seem at all convincing In between we have perfectly unbelievable but whistle worthy moments like our hunk beating up the semi cockroach guy in styleThe author tries to be funny too but that does not work well for her Most of the times she ends up making her characters spew badokes But sometimes if we wait patiently enough and most of us won sometimes if we wait patiently enough and most of us won we do obtains pearls of wisdom One of them mentions that youngsters are either orgasmic about brands or arch enemies of materialism which is so right on Or her interpretation of how best female friends function till death do us apart or the next man whichever happens first has both humor and truth embedded in it But at other times her attempts at trying to make things funny ust turn awkward and soggyPerhaps control over language is the factor that strictly stops this novel from being a smooth read First of all the author is confused about where and how to use a comma She hands them out abundantly sometimes up to three unnecessary ones in a "single sentence Sample this A frisson of awareness crept into her mind as though someone was "sentence Sample this A frisson of awareness crept into her mind as though someone was Nandini immediately glanced around Otherwise she simply avoids the comma and also makes grammatical errors as in Sure do tell she prompted The author also has a strange aversion for the article a which she omits at several places In her mind and in the book statute becomes statue while publicly transforms to publically And she repeatedly uses the word filmy to talk of movies which reminds us of a transparent layer instead Not good thisAt the end this shoe is made only for those who can get their feet in and have a real snug fit For all others it is the wrong shoe altogether cutest love story ever This was nice little book but same old story yet told in a better way rom com served in a fast littl. He mocks death and suffers for love Right Fit Wrong Shoes may be Indian to the core but contains urban language The humorous book will have you laughing so hard that it will bring tears to Right Fit Wrong ShoeE book and I liked it immensely It needs to be "revisited in near futurePeople who don t read generally ask me my reasons for reading Simply put I ust love reading "in near futurePeople who don t read generally ask me my reasons for reading Simply put I Author A Murder With A Twist just love reading so to that end I have made it my motto toust Keep on Reading I love to read everything except for Self Help books but even those once in a while I read almost all the genre but YA Fantasy Biographies are the most My favorite series is of course Harry Potter but then there are many books that I ust adore I have bookcases filled with books which are waiting to be read so can t stay and spend time in this review So Remember I Loved Reading This And remember I loved reading this and reading you should also read what you love and then ust Keep on Reading This has remained my most fav rereads everThis is the story of Nandini whose family is as filmy as it getsShe has some stiff ideas about love and relationshipsThen DANG Enters Aditya Sarin the so called perfect guyIt all started w First of all a close friend of mine recommended this book to me Reading the description of the book I was sure that this is a girl material I was so bored by reading the description I am not very much into that this is a girl material I was so bored by reading the description I am not very much into stuff But this sounded too muchFirst of all the language was not so good for me It was so complex It had lot of shortcuts which not a even a text Serving the Centurion Servants of Vesta junkie like me was able to understand It takes lot of effort to complete dialogueSecondly when I started reading the book I was bored to hell I had no idea why i started this one as I have a habbit of complete reading the book which I started I was cursing my friend was going on with the book10 pages done still cursing my friend 25 pages still cursing my friend 50 pages I lost myself in the bookIf it was someone else they would ve completed it inust a day As a slow reader I read fast but get no time to read it took me 3 days To be precise 5 hrs I was so involved in the back It was so awesome There was no girlie about the story I felt it so interesting Lost in the story I got accustomed to the complex language A perfect rea. Our eyes The book does not have graphic scenes or physical intimacy and the words used are delicate The funny and romantic book is about a young woman's thoughts about the society she lives.