(NEW) Roman Invasion A British Boy AD 84 by Jim Eldridge

It was ok A mix of emotional events and informative adventures faced by a young boy It s taken me back in time and gave me an eye to visually witness past possible events How would you feel if You Were Captured By The Romans And were captured by the Romans and mom and sister were killed how would you feel if were killed How would you feel if were forced to work on bui 11 year old Bran is a British boy from the Brigantes tribe When the Romans invade he is taken prisoner His mum and sister are held hostage so if Bran steps out of The Iron Trial line they will be murdered He sleeps in a tent with two other prisoners Greek citizens Bran feels safe with them to talk and share secrets since they re not exactly Romans But Bran has bigger problems he has to observe the Roman ways They build roads with drainage systemsong straight roads so they can always see ahead and A Handful of Dust look out for enemy attacks Bran plans to use the Romans knowledge against them but soon he discovers most of their knowledge belongs to the Greeks They have copied and pretended they inventeddiscovered themBran knows the Romans areiars and cheats but does he think they re stupid No he admits the Romans are a pretty clever bunch They re fierce clever and well just AMAZINGThrough reading this book I felt as though I was reading facts about the Roman Empire in a fun way Jim Eldridge can certainly write good stories This is the second book I ve read of his the first being The Trenches Both books are an excellent read although I found The Trenches interesting This entire series is a wonderful way to Es ist was es ist learn history or teach it to adolescents I find today s generations seem to recall when theyearn thro This is a slightly edited version of what I wrote on LJ when I read this book 5 years ago having been delighted to stumble across it in Part of the million selling MY STORY series that brings the past into the real world giving it a truly human touch It's AD 84 when.

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Roman Invasion A British Boy AD 84Ring to people with disabilities Glad to see he d been reading the British Central Tribal policy papers on disability awareness Apparently my need to be sarcastic about this book hasn t yet DIMINISHEDANOTHER UNINTENTIONALLLY COMIC MOMENT COMES WHEN unintentionallly comic moment comes when accidentally kills a Brigantes warrior who attacked the Roman camp while trying to protect the nephew who had previously saved Bran s ife It s understandable that he might Feel Bad About It In An Enemy Of My Enemy bad about it in an enemy of my enemy but having said a few pages before that the Britons were always fighting among themselves anyway we get this My heart was heavy I had committed a sin one for which I should have died And yet I was still alive Was this to be part of my punishment the torture of waiting next morning when asked how he isI am cursed I said I am waiting for the Goddess to send her messengers to kill me and carry my soul to hell for what I have doneThe Goddess who s going to send him to hell for committing a sin ditto is Brigit Yup a Goddess well known for killing her followers and sending their souls to oh you know It was extremely Well Written And Wonderful Enjoyed written and wonderful Enjoyed A good book about the adventures of a Celtic prince taken captive by the Romans in 84AD and used as a hostage as they build the Stanegate road just south of what would ater be Hadrian s wallThis would be a good historical account for primary school children studying the Romans in school As an adventure it was acking though Some stuff happened but this was a series of things that happened than an engaging story Most children will probably prefer Caroline Lawrence s Roman Mysteries although this one backs a ot of good educational content into a small space FIC ELD War Rome history Great Britain History June 2011. Hostile country and Bran is to go with them as a hostage to ensure the egion's safety but no one is safe in newly conuered Brita. Bookshop the made it very clear that we could expect a certain ideological slant What we d been finding and what continued to hold true is that books about a certain ideological slant What we d been finding and what continued to hold true is that books about Britain written in the 1950s were generally pro Roman though Rosemary Sutcliff at Tiempo hendido: un acercamiento a la vida y obra de Antonia Palacios least was pro in a very nuanced way while those written in the 2000s tended to be decidedly anti Roman This book provided one or two of my favourite history failines of the entire project The hero Bran an 11 year old prince of a British tribe is given to declaiming a ot about how he s a British warrior and will NEVER submit to the Romans but will die first Unfortunately the first time his tribe finds a group of Roman soldiers small enough to take on which they do after hiding behind trees so they have both greater numbers and the element of surprise he his mother warrior ueen his two male cousins and his 8 year old sister brought into this battle because as his mother says the British LOVE their families and don t eave them behind Let the Fire Burn like the Romans are all taken prisoner uninjured And his mother proceeds to have aong conversation with the Roman govenor in Latin The upshot of this conversation is that Bran will be held hostage so his tribe won t attack the Romans as they go on their merry way building a road Bran gets uite friendly with the Greek surveyor working on the road the Roman army is building This man has his mute nephew with him and tells Bran that the boy will have a good career as a surveyor since he can communicate by drawing I said nothing to this just ate my food but Talos and Pentheus must have known what I was thinking The Romans weren t known for being caring to people with disabilities I m just going to put that one up again The Romans weren t known for being ca. Bran a prince of the Carvetii tribe is captured by the Romans A The Colors of Memory A Novel legion of soldiers is marching east to build a military road It's.