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N hinge on one thought one colour one expression Yet taken together and letting the short fragments hold our attention for than a moment or two the reader is taken on a deeply moving voyage not only into the past of the heroine and her family but also into the inner struggles of an individual displaced and disconnected from her roots into her anxieties and fears to accept new of an individual displaced and disconnected from her roots into her
Anxieties And Fears To Accept 
and fears to accept that can bind This book was originally published in French in 2009 the English translation by Sheila Fischman was published in 2012 and it received the Governor General s Literary Award 2010 Ru was also shortlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize in 2012 it received the Governor General s Award for French to English translation in 2012 and the 2013 ca First Novel Award In addition it won the CBC Canada Reads competition in 2015The word ru holds a wealth of meaning in both French and Vietnamese In French ru means stream or flow of money tears or blood In Vietnamese ru means cradle or lullaby The essence of this book lies within those meaningsThis book is tiny yet it flows with deep meaning and many things to ponder like a haiku in prose It is also very visual like a miniature painting it holds everything within that is supposed to be there yet one does have to look very carefully at first and then take a step back in order to appreciate all of itThis is an immigrant story so there is suffering in this book However there is also great humour in places and an array of other human emotions throughout its many little vignettes It moves through time and place Vietnam Malaysia and Canada with brief mentions of other countries tooI found this story to be very interesting and I was fascinated most of all by its flowing format and how the structure held everything together like a cradle Although this book is very small it isn t one to pick p and knock off for a ick read If it is up and knock off for a ick read If it is that way there is a lot that will be missed I do recommend this for readers who are interested in spending time not only reading about but reflecting on the experiences this family lived through I read Ru by Kim Thuy as part of my Women s History Month lineup in 2017 Thuy is a Vietnamese immigrant to Canada who has worked as a seamstress and lawyer Ru is an autobiographical fictional account about a Vietnamese girl s experiences before and and after immigrating to Canada This slim novel won the Governor s Award for best Fren. Une odeur d'assouplissant Kim Thúy restitue le Vietnam d'hier et d'aujourd'hui avec la maîtrise d'un grand écrivainA runaway bestseller in ebec with foreign rights sold to 15 countries around the world Kim Thúy's Governor General's Literary Award winning Ru is a lullaby for Vietnam and a love letter to a new homelandRu In Vietnamese it means lullaby; in French it is a small stream but also signifies a flow of tears blood money Kim Thúy's Ru is literature at its most crystalline the flow of a life on the tides of nrest and on to peaceful waters In vignettes of exuisite clarity sharp observation and sly wit. Ru is a fictionalised memoir based pon the real life experiences of author Kim Thuy Told in brief passages sometimes no longer than a Kim Thuy Told in brief passages sometimes no longer than a her words were carefully selected and they packed a powerful punch Her reflections and memories painted vivid pictures Collectively they became an exhibition of her life experiences from a young girl in war torn Vietnam her family
S Escape By Sea Their 
escape by sea their in a Malaysian refugee camp their introduction to life in ebec learning to assimilate and to grasping the American dream Her gift with words is remarkable Somehow she managed to incorporate all the senses and evoked an array of emotions managed to incorporate all the senses and evoked an array of emotions infused colour and substance and shared her insights and perspectives on motherhood on love and family No matter how many words I write I will fail to convey just how powerful how impactful this short work is My best recommendation is to invest a few short hours of your time and read this very special award winning book yourself Footnote I read this rapidly and then enjoyed it all over again as I discussed it at length with my GR friend Celia So much to discuss considering the brevity of the book Thanks for the buddy read Celia it was an absolute delight A small book with a big impact The story of a Vietnamese immigrant told in short journal like entries It moves from past to present and back again as the narrator tells of how she and her extended family lose their life of comfort and find refuge in Canada The stories are moving heartbreaking at times but The Red Scrolls of Magic ultimately anplifting story of family and love Beautifully written Finished it in one go A totally absorbing memoirreflection on life in Vietnam escape with the boat people finding something like a home but not really in ebec Unusual in structure rich in imagery the interconnected vignettes paint a portrait of the heroine her family her country and what it means to be connected and prooted at the same time Towards the end of the book looking back on her earlier life the narrator muses after only thirty years I already recognize our old selves only through fragments through scars through glimmers of light It is these fragments the scars and the glimmers of light that Kim Thuy has made the central theme of her book Like the workings of memory in our brains nothing is told chronologically much is only hinted at and on superficial reading not developed in depth Connections between vignettes ofte. Une femme voyage à travers le désordre des souvenirs l'enfance dans sa cage d'or à Saigon l'arrivée du communisme dans le Sud Vietnam apeuré la fuite dans le ventre d'un bateau au large du golfe de Siam l'internement dans n camp de réfugiés en Malaisie les premiers frissons dans le froid du ébec Récit entre la guerre et la paix ru dit le vide et le trop plein l'égarement et la beauté De ce tumulte des incidents tragi comiues des objets ordinaires émergent comme autant de repères d'un parcours En évouant n bracelet en acryliue rempli de diamants des bols bleus cerclés d'argent ou la puissance d'. ,

Ch literature in 2010 and is Thuy s first novel Growing p in the United States one learns of the many sides of the Vietnam war One side students do not learn much about is the fate of Vietnam s people Thuy writes how a well to do family has their wealth taken from them by the new communist government inspectors These agents move into the family s compound and track their every move ntil this once proud family is forced to leave the country when it is no longer safe Leaving an extended family behind with hopes that they may one day be reunited in safety the family flees on a rickety boat to Malaysia on their way To Uebec Ru Signifies Lullaby In Vietnamese And A Small uebec Ru signifies lullaby
In Vietnamese And A Small 
Vietnamese and a small memory in French Thuy links the two in her beautiful prose as she describes Vietnam before the war As a member of the pper class her protagonist and family enjoyed the same wealth associated with the well to do in Europe This luxurious lifestyle ended with the communist takeover and Thuy s parents ended The Resilience Workbook for Teens up working menial labor jobs outside of Montreal so that their children could enjoy a better life than the one they were forced to flee Once Thuy has her protagonist find her new voice in French she becomes a product of the North American dream A short novel of vignettes I found Thuy s words to be captivating Reading of the contrast of prewar Saigon the detention center in Malaysia and the new conditions inebec are chilling Living a life of pheaval Thuy through her protagonist admits that she does not know how to love ntil she had her own children As a mother she learned the language of love as only she was privileged to give a child some of the Vajra Wisdom unconditional love that she was denied growingp in a prewar divided country and then later as an outsider Her children then enjoyed the fruits of her parents labor and the intergenerational interactions become the most touching scenes of the novel Although Kim Thuy is not originally an author by profession her words along with Shiela Fischman s translation are stunning Whether it was in describing the imagery off prewar Saigon or a snowfall in Montreal Thuy s Liftarens parlör till galaxen use of prose reeled me in from the first pages Despite being short in length Ru is powerful in its message in describing the Vietnamese immigrant experience and then striving to achieve the American dream I hope that Kim Thuy chooses to write because this debut was beautiful and I rate it 4 sparkling star. We are carried along on annforgettable journey from a palatial residence in Saigon to a crowded and muddy Malaysian refugee camp and onward to a new life in Fatal Flaws: Navigating Destructive Relationships with People with Disorders... uebec There the young girl feels the embrace of a new community and revels in the chance to be part of the American Dream As an adult the waters become rough again now a mother of two sons she must learn to shape her love around the younger boy's autism Moving seamlessly from past to present from history to memory and back again Ru is a book that celebrates life in all its wonder its moments of beauty and sensuality brutality and sorrow comfort and comedy.