E–pub/Kindle [Sahm I Am Tales of a Stay at Home Mom in Europe] by Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Ome Mom in Europe is hilarious and entertaining with wonderful gems of Insight Into The Need into the need enjoy your children at stage of their development Moms and Dads both Stay at Home and those Working outside the Home of small children will see themselves and

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children in s descriptions Suddenly those incidents will be a little funnier and a little less serious than they seemed at the time Those Moms and Dads with older or grown children will find themselves reminiscing with a laugh and maybe a tear or two about similar such times Perhaps even wishing that their uiet clean house was just a bit messier and busier with the chaos that young children bring. Gn country From peculiar store hours to getting milk at midnight Christine Hohlbaum's hilarious look at life with children in a Bavarian cow town will leave you laughing and crying fo. ,
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Sahm I Am Tales of a Stay at Home Mom in EuropeSAHM I Am Tales of a Stay at Home Mom in Europe contains a series of humorous down to earth real life stories about the life of the author Christine Louise Hohlbaum As is the case with most modern women the author struggles to have it all by being a Work at Home Mom WAHM trying to write this particular book while undertaking the very challenging and time consuming career of being a Stay at Home Mom SAHM of two small very healthy and energetic children To add even into this already chaotic mix Hohlbaum s husband is transferred from The United States To States to Thus the family learn how to fit into a Different Culture Complete With Different culture complete with different and family expectations. Diary of a Mother author Christine Louise Hohlbaum champions the stay at home parent movement with her second book SAHM I Am Tales of a Stay at Home Mom in Europe As a spokesperson fo. This aspect of the book allows an enlightening look into life customs in Germany Some these differences might seem small and easy to adjust to for adults However of these differences seem small and easy to adjust to for adults However small children it may be uite an adjustment not to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving as they did in the United States As any parent nows small children and chaos go together like PBJ Everyday is full of adventure hilarity and great new insights into the world Life is never busier or sticky than this special time in a child s life Hohlbaum has the amazing ability to step back and see the humor and the insightfulness in her life and then share her findings with others SAHM I Am Tales of a Stay at R parental empowerment Christine offers her readers a renewed look at raising children through the eyes of an American expat in Germany How different is it to bring up ids in a forei. .