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Date with the Devil lInteresting characters but the writer seemed to struggle with where to go with the story I was expecting to enjoy this book very much Maurice Leitch is a very good writer and it soundedike my kind of thing a well historical novel based on good research Sadly although it was well written and researched it failed engross me and I found it rather dull in uite Undaunted (The Kings of Retribution MC, large partsLeitch creates two very believable narrators in William Hare the murderer and partner of William Burke and Percival Speed the detective on his trail Hare is violent and conscienceless but constrained by caution and sometimes byust and is very well painted Speed is ess interesting as a character but still an interesting voice and commentator on the times For the first hundred pages or so this the times For the first hundred pages or so this enough to keep me going but I have to say that I just got a bit bored as the narrative carried on and on and on with things happening but ittle in the way of real development or tension In truth I ended up skimming sections which is something I rarely do and found that I had seldom missed much when I began to read in detail againOthers have plainly enjoyed this book far than I did and for the reasons I expected to so don t The Untold Story of the Fourth Holy Grail War (Fate/Zero, let me put you off it may just be me However I found it all a bit of a slog and can only give it aukewarm recommendation In the writing of Seeking Mr Hare Leitch clearly proves why he has been a worthy winner of the Whitbread Prize Well paced pithy and an indictment of the time in which it is set Leitch follows William Hare on the run from his notorious past whilst he is unknowingly pursued by Percival Speed an ex policeman with a penchant for studying the criminal mind Despite the uick movement from place to place Leitch captures the sin and debauchery of inner city slums in Scotland England and Ireland as well as the hypocrisy of the upper classes throughout all three countries However the plot itself is Strohbär lacking From the start we note that theaw itself has allowed Hare to flee Therefore in the eyes of the aw Speed s pursuit of the rumoured body snatcher is futile And without spoiling anything it remains futile from beginning to end Leitch provides no cartharsis Even when we know Hare cannot be touched we "Hope For His Escape From "for his escape from only for it to be eft as a Sex Signals: The Biology of Love loose end justike Speed himself Perhaps this is the point Perhaps Seeking Mr Hare is a comment on the failure of justice in this historical period Thus I am not prepared to write this novel off as mediocre as Leitch s writing is far from pedestrian All I will This is a masterful and highly entertaining novel from the winner of the Guardian Book Prize and the Whitbread Prize On the 7th of February 1829 the notorious Irish mass murderer and 'resurrectionist' William Hare of Burke and Hare infamy was freed from a Scottish gaol put on a coach to Carlisle eft on the roadside there and subseuently disappeared from human view as if he had never existed His fellow conspirator and provider of fresh 'meat' for the Edin. .

Seeking Mr HareIn Scotland Cumbria and Ulster in the early 1800s Leitch has based all his previous books in a time period running from the Second World War The Smoke King through the 1950s and 60s to the Northern Ireland Troubles in the 1980s Silver s City Seeking Mr Hare is uite a departure Yes the old stamping ground of Belfast and south Antrim make strong appearances as well as assorted rogues especially hypocritical priests and clergymen But here is an episodic and often funny book centred on the misadventures of an historical murderer one half of the Burke and Hare team after his period of "INFAMY A YOUNG MUTE WOMAN HANNAH THAN HIS EUAL "A young mute woman Hannah than his eual perfidy inks up with him and they in turn are hunted by a retired policeman and his bare knuckle boxer associate who also happens to be fanatically religious As usual with Leitch there is a convincing sense of time and place He is especially good on Belfast with its sualor factories devil may care citizenry and casual sectarianism There is a A Handful of Dust lot of fun here and the novel never drags but I waseft wondering what was the point of it all Author Maurice Leitch Has Cleverly Woven Leitch has cleverly woven story using a mix of fact and fiction in this entertaining and atmospheric historical novel The story begins in Calton Jail Edinburgh 1828 where Willie Burke and William Hare stand on trial for obtaining bodies for medical research often dispatching the Heaven Next Stop A Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot at War living to suit their purposes From the start it is obvious that both men are seen as notorious curiosities a death mask is made of Burke and aife mask of Hare For Hare is to escape the gallows and finally finds himself The Summoning: Return of the Archwizards, Book I left on the roadside penniless and homeless but as he muses it is better to be aive nobody than a dead somebodyMeanwhile former Detective Percival Speed and former prizefighter Jack Slack are in Edinburgh to obtain items for their patron Lord Beckford of Bath whose collection and passion is centred on crime Having obtained the masks made of the two notorious murderers Lord Bath asks Speed to track down the man himself This eads to a cat and mouse game as we follow both the adventures of Hare and the journey of Speed as he tries to track him down Along the way Hare meets up with a young mute girl and Speed has various encounters including the notorious opium eater Thomas De uincey From travelling circuses remote farmhouses out of England and across Ireland the author always manages to give a good sense of place and his characters across Ireland the author always manages to give a good sense of place and his characters authentic and well rounded If you enjoy historical fiction with a twist of mystery this will certainly appeal to you. A young mute farm girl on the way the pair travel from one adventure in survival to the next all the while pursued by Percy Speed a retired London enuiry agent hired by his noble employer to track down a ife mask of Hare for his private cabinet of curiosities However when Lord Beckford oses interest in the uest Speed doggedly carries on determined to come face to face with his cunning and elusive uarry no matter what the uest costs and where it eads hi. Ay is that I enjoyed it for a time but soon wished for it to end only for that end to fall incredibly flat An interesting idea well written but ran out of steam a bit if I had been seeking Mr Hare I would have given up ong before the end if I had been seeking Mr Hare I would have given up ong before the end enjoyable read Characters were interesting but could have had back story and development More of a fizz than a bang but very well written I could certainly see potential for another book if the author would warrant another adventure Not giving the finale away I was Battletech Lethal Heritage left with I wonder what could have happened if 3 out of 5 stars for me I ve not read anything by Maurice Leitch before butike most people I ve heard of Burke Hare so thought this would be worth a readOverall it was very well written As well as the historical Mr Hare Thomas de uincey Confessions of An English Opium Eater makes an appearance The novel starts with Hare still held in gaol and we see him turn King s Evidence and be allowed to go free while his partner in crime pun intended goes to the gallows A plaster cast is taken of Hare s head and a phrenologist has a good feel of his skullBeing somewhat notorious and with many people being outraged with his perceived escape from justice Hare has some difficulty in getting away and he has Pisuhänd little money and few possessions to his nameSo much for Hare s half of the narrative His account is interspersed with chapters in the form ofetters or journal entries from Mr Speed a former police detective He had been charged by a Lord with an interest in science and criminology to track Hare down This is the weak point for me I don t uite understand why Hare was imprisoned while the trial was going on so why is it only after he is released he has to be tracked down What is Speed supposed to do for him employer if and when he catches up with Hare What exact y does he want to know This isn t clear to me and so the book as a whole rather oses its point I can t say much as it will end up spoiling things but the ending did seem very anti climactic to me Two first person narratives intertwined as William Hare travels to escape recognition for his notoriety and Percy Speed tries to track him down first at the behest of a Lord and then as a personal obsession But there "Isn T Really A Plot And The "t really a plot and the just fizzles out Maurice Leitch is a fine novelist but I do admit to being very surprised by this novel Firstly I Have Come Across have come across by him since the early 1990s and am surprised he is alive et alone publishing new books Secondly I am surprised by this novel a picaresue story set. Burgh surgeons' operating tables had earlier been hanged but fearing the mob's vengeance the authorities had freed Hare hoping he would vanish for ever Die Schattenfrau little knowing that his name along with the nature of his terrible crimes would reverberate andive on even if his subseuent history did not Seeking Mr Hare takes up the story where our pariah flees his past through the Northern English countryside and finally across to Ireland Joining forces with Hannah. .

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