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Ly found someone for herself Someone she is not about to share Though Lucy's father Mac constantly carries the pain of #Missing Of His Wife Who #of his wife who in Africa he is coming into his own at Pearson Academy After a dozen years between obs he finds himself to be a popular and successful part time English teacher He believes he is making a real difference at the school is providing for Lucy and is even realizing a big dream by starring in a professional production of Hamlet If you are the biggest Shakespeare geek this side of the euator that means life is good This is where the story opens up The story told through Lucy's eyes takes you along for the ride as that good LIFE STARTS TO UNRAVEL ON THEM starts to unravel on them landing the Mackensies in an unexpectedly strange little community *called Elizabethtown Elizabethtown is an attempted utopia put together by a * Elizabethtown Elizabethtown is an attempted utopia put together by a of founders fifteen years ago The goal; to ensure that citizens want for nothing have perfect euality Nd are able to become their best possible most productive selves Too good to be true Maybe It feels or even downright sinister at times to Lucy and Mac Was it simply bad that led them to this place or Lucy and Mac Was it simply bad luck that led them to this place or someone out to get them And if someone was out to get them why would that someone want them there Along the road to Elizabethtown there is a rud secret admirer to deal wtih followed by a crazy summer at the Brentwood pool complete with noisy teenaged boys tractor beam voodoo confusing crushes and heavy freaking elephants to lug around Silver Linings is about Lucy and the people who #ARE SO IMPORTANT TO HER LIFE #so important to her life is about that deep comfortable safe and sure love between a father and his daughter; deepening closeness between a girl and her best friend and the confusing but touching first love between a boy and a girl who come from different parts of the universe or possibly even different planets Welcome to Lucy's roller coaster li.

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Silver Linings Part 1

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Lucy and her father live in furnished basement apartment in a of the city that sometimes makes Mac nervous They to basement apartment in a part of the city that sometimes makes Mac nervous drive to suburbs to prestigious Pearson Academy each day in an old rusty station wagon without air conditioning Their combined wardrobe fits easily into the one small closet in the one bedroom apartment And yet these realities do not get them down because the Mackensies know how to look for Silver Linings Lucy who often feels much older than her fourteen years is at the top of her class at Pearson Academy She loves music and is happy to be taking piano lessons and enjoying Honors Band And best of all after years of moving around and not having one she now has a best friend Cynical sarcastic outspoken but fiercely loyal Nadine Brentwood has come into her life and changed everything But the reverse is also true; overshadowed by a popular basketball superstar brother who sucks all of the attention out of her life Nadine has final.