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Ve been paid for What I was meh about It s narrated by Lee and let s be honest as much as he was able to grow on me by the end of the series because of what happened to him I didn t really care about him Especially because of his relationship in the book kind of just threw in a trope that no one needed BLESS If this novella didn t exist I d be a very unhappy lady Crazy Never a dull moment in Chaos Walking This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book PrescriptionNot as good As The Rest Of The Books But Certainly Important If the rest of the books but certainly important if are still curious what happens after THAT ending in MoM Okay I liked this because CHAOS WALKING And it had the last line that I wanted to read in Monsters of Men lol lol but I knew it had happened anyway But it also had the misfortune of being narrated by Lee who I couldn t freaking care less about Honestly Lee is my bane and I liked him as a person but his weird thing with Viola in the main trilogy
annoyed the heck 
the heck of me AnywayI did like the Snowscape monster and it was really sadterrible what it turned out to be And I m glad Wilf was here WE WILF Attention Chaos Walking fans You can read this story as well as The New World and The Wide Wide Sea by going here Or see message 15 in the comments below in fact that would probably be the better option because it s faster hahaNote If ou haven t read the whole tril That last sentence though. Ay I don’t want to give anything away ; Patrick Nes. Sada kada sam procitala i novele ove predivne trilogije i kada su se utisci malo slegli mogu da kazem da je knjiga jednostavno fantasticnaKada mi je kum doneo kada su se utisci malo slegli mogu da kazem da je knjiga jednostavno fantasticnaKada mi je kum doneo i su se utisci malo slegli mogu da kazem da je knjiga jednostavno fantasticnaKada mi je kum doneo knjige i sam ga slusala koliko ih hvali bila sam malo skepticna posto je u pitanju YA distopija Ali ljudi moji ovo nikako nije knjiga za decu omladinu sta godi U taj zanr se moze svrstati samo po stilu pisanja i godinama glavnih protagonista Sve ostalo tema koja Nes opisuje medjuljudski odnosi i sukobi su preteski za nevine decije mozgoveDa postoji mogucnost da se da vise od 5
zvezdica ova trilogija 
ova trilogija ih dobila 10Now when I read the short story of this amazing trilogy and when my impressions shrugged I can say that the book is simply fantastic When my godfather brought books and while I was listening to how his gloryfing I was a little skeptical since it is YA dystopia But folks this is not a book for children adolescents whatever In this genre can be classified only by the style of writing and the age of the main protagonists Everything else a subject that Ness describes interpersonal relations and conflicts are too difficult for the innocent children s mindsIf there is a possibility that this trilogy can be given than 5 stars it will won 10 of them Not an official review but OH MY EFFING GOODNESS Spoiler coming upI began to read this story out of the pure curiosity of what happens to our beloved Todd and as soon as I began. Snowscape is set after the end of Monsters of Men so. ,
To read I realized that I ll never get the closure I wanted I was 999% sure that there would be no mention of Todd because of where the story was headedAND THEN THE LAST TWO PAGES HAD ME LIKE OMG I CAN T EVENHE S AWAKE And Those Were I CAN T EVENHE S AWAKE And those were only words I ever had to hear After having my heart broken for far too long because of the open ended leave it to our imagination ending of Monsters of Men I was overjoyed to the ending of this amazing story by the astounding Patrick Ness The tears flowed and it took a the astounding Patrick Ness The tears flowed and it took a for them to stop I d give this 43 page short story 65 stars if I could YAS I CAN FINALLY BREATHE AGAIN Go ahead break my heart I don t care sobs Yay for short stories set in this world What I liked WILF 3 It s nice to see what happens after the series ended and to see how things are going with what they settled on The Snowscape in itself was kind of sad and horrible but ou can also relate to the deeper theme of humans loving to have their own snowscapes so they don t have to handle their own problems And I will forever love that even though this is a short story if In Search of Adolescence you wanted to analyse this YA sci fi bookou could Because Ness is a brilliant writer that way Getting to learn about the Spackle Yes pls Novellas that are free should be this length Like it s not The Wrath and The Dawn novella short where the story doesn t even get started but it s also not long enough that it should. That’s when ou should read itThat’s all I’ll Snowscape