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Se I related to her so much For one she has two cats that she considers genuine friends and she lowers the volume of her music when she s driving so others on the road aren t disturbed These are such trivial things to get excited over but it s rare to see such relatable introverted attributes there was see such relatable introverted attributes There was a lot of diversity in the side characters such as June s best friend Shelby going by theythem pronouns and it is respected by those around her Also and I think this is important to note there wasn t any homophobia or discrimination in general aimed at the main characters which is such a refreshing thing to experienceThe writing was simple yet very poetic It wasn t difficult to follow the story and the metaphorssimilies were all wonderful to read Normally I m adverse to popular culture references in books but I genuinely loved the ones in Soft on Soft Maybe this is because they re mainly gay popular culture references we ll never now I loved the uotes from Brooklyn Nine Nine Parks and Recreation and ueer Eye and they all made me laugh out loudThis is an uneventful plot since there isn t any angst in the romance I d argue that this is a good thing since many sapphic romances in the past have been imbued with tragedy and we deserve to read pure fluff by now However it was difficult to eep my attention at times because there was no underlying complication to the plotOverall I obviously loved this book and I would definitely recommend it Pick it up for the inclusive sapphic representation Read it for the fat main characters where their weight doesn t encompass their entire character or they aren t forced to lose it all Consider buying it for the ownvoices anxiety and Middle Eastern representation and support the author I can guarantee you ll find something that you can love in this short bookTwitter Blog If you re looking for a SUPER SWEET FF romance this is the book for you There is so much diversity regarding race and sexuality But the story itself was a bit too sweet for me June and Selena met through

"Work June Is A Makeup "
June is a makeup and Selena is a model They were so cute around each other and I loved how open and honest they were about their relationship and where they wanted things to go With my romances though I don t really like it when they re just about a happy couple I wanted to happen and it Rly hermit life June begins to realize that she wants She wants modelactress Sunshine Reincarnated Selena Clarke It doesn't hurt that Selena is amazing with cats and uiets down June's anxiety to bearable levelsJune is given the choice of facing her anxieties about relationships to gain. .
As just about them hanging out and being together So this one was a bit too slow and happy for me This romance feels like an antidote to a lot of things It s ff with no homophobia against the MCs and indeed diverse ueer rep all positive with nonbinary and ace spectrum people and one of the MCs is pan It s got two fat leads one entirely happy with her body and one anxious but no fatphobia Both POC one black one ArabPersian and a Muslim and they re allowed to be completely soft and happy with one another without hurt and
"Anger Racism And Islamophobia Clearly "
racism and Islamophobia clearly in the world but only inasmuch as both women are conscious of their identities and there s no overt bigotry June suffers from anxiety and Selena is totally supportive and understanding which creates a space where June can work on her issues Effectively the book is about two multiply marginalised people taking centre space in a world that loves them and allows them to love each other And is thus as warm and soft and fluffy as a duvetIf you like your romance to have conflict or a driving external plot this book may not work for you because there s basically none June s anxiety is the only issue impeding the HEA here and it s not a significant one This is very much a book about fat neurodivergent ueer women of colour being seen and centred and loving and being safe throughout with absolutely no threat anger pain or distress and power to its elbow for doing what it does However it really did need a decent edit to sort out some confusing flashbacks and a lot of does However it really did need a decent edit to sort out some confusing flashbacks and a lot #of errors allow me a moment to get #errors Allow me a moment to get Between ff doesn t sell and the institutional racism of publishing a book like this is pretty much doomed to self publish which means a first time author must either shell out a lot of money on edits with no idea of what they re likely to make back financially if they can even afford the spend in the first place or not do that and then the book isn t as polished and effective as it should be and readers are put off Granted lots of people don t get book deals but this is a systemic injustice disproportionately affecting marginalised authors which is something we should bear in mind when we insist that every self pubbed author must pay an editor Answers on a postcard and if the answer is burn down publishing and start again just let me get the matches. Not only a girlfriend but also a better understanding of how far she'd go for love But would she take it Would she leave her comfort zone for something softerSoft on Soft is a character driven without an intense plot or conflict For fans of something low on the angst and high on the flu. .

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Soft on SoftI don t now how To Explain How This Made explain how this made feel but basically I felt like I was always waiting for something to happen I don t now this was indeed soft but I think I m not too good with books that are purely romance and nothing else I also felt like it all happened too uickly and there was no transition between most chapters325 Thank you so much to the author for sending me an ARC Preorder it on here Review also on my blog Drop what you re doing at this exact moment and preorder this on Kindle You won t regret itIf there was one word I could use to describe this book it would be inclusive Every sapphic individual looking for representation can find themselves in the pages of this book I can t explain how special it was for me a plus sized anxious and bisexual teenager to see someone like me in a healthy adorable relationshipHave you ever read a dedication that made you cry Soft on Soft had me enthralled and suealing with joy from the very first page something that is difficult to achieve with me We all adore angst in romance but sometimes it s refreshing to just have a clean fluffy relationship that makes you clutch your heart in excitement I ve already preordered my copy on and I recommend you do too It s only 2 and supports a wonderful ownvoices authorJune is a fat anxious pansexual Middle Eastern makeup artist whose Instagram has gotten a lot of traction Selena is a popular fat black demisexual model who has uite a large following too June has done Selena s makeup multiple times over the past few months and feels a connection between them but is too anxious to make a move Selena on the other hand has been outright flirting with June and finally invites her to her best friend s baby shower one dayIt s difficult to articulate how wonderful it is to see yourself represented in a book for the first time and the same could be said for the other identities that are represented in this book I read a lot of FF romance but I ve never seen a fat sapphic main character whose story doesn t revolve around #LOSING WEIGHT OR OTHER FATPHOBIC TROPES IT WAS SO #weight or other fatphobic tropes It was so to see a homebody character like June in a relationship with an extrovert that understands how social interaction can exhaust her and doesn t pressure her any further Every time June s anxiety was explored I was nodding my head at my Kindle becau. Contemporary romance where one homebody and one extrovert make one hell of a love story June Bana might post nearly daily makeup looks that gain thousands of likes but Real Life June has built a wall behind which she exists with her two catsBut with messy feelings getting in a way of ea. ,

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