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Un and others lauded him too so I bought the book perhaps my expectations for this the book Perhaps my expectations for this book were too high in his publicity event Bob Waksberg talked confidently if sarcastically about how he was a good writer And I d already read a lot of nice things about it Perhaps also my standards are too high I love short stories and I read a lot of them I particularly love Keret Kishon and Murakami s various collections of shorts Regardless I was surprised that this book was largely terrible I m sorry to say it because Bob Waksberg really came off as a nice person But most of the stories in this collection are trite over contrived and cliche Bob Waksberg uses over detailed absurdity in some of the short stories in the first two stories it was funny But he did it in short story after short story making it an annoying hack a cheap trick to replace substance To his credit Bob Waksberg is creative a lot of the story ideas are inventive and fun But his execution of these ideas is mediocre and uncompelling People have lauded his book as emotionally resonant but I personally don t find this to be true at least not compared with masters of subtle emotional evocativeness like Keret and Murakami In terms of comedy I guess I have also been spoiled by the causal satirical brilliance of Kishon I am surprised this book has had such a good reception thus far and I am honestly confused by it For readers yearning for what this book in those many positive reviews claims to be I suggest reading one of the three guys I mentioned above Keret s stories accurately depict emotions that cannot easily be said while Bob Waksberg s leave me disappointed A series of fast paced absurdist tales Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory is the debut collection of Bojack creator Raphael Bob Waksberg and it shares many features with the series from surrealist plots to fits of existential angst A couple frets over whether or not to obey grotesue archaic rituals as they prepare for their wedding in one story in another a group of musicians find themselves suddenly stuck with superpowers that bring only grief to their lives Unlike Bojack nothing here s especially memorable but the audiobook performances are strong and the collection makes for easy listening I really enjoyed listening to all the voice actors narrate the stories I really enjoyed listening to all the voice actors narrate the stories audiobook Although not all the stories hit the mark it s clear that Bob Waksberg has a vast imagination and is able to put together some really creative funny and thoughtful short tales I appreciate his willingness to experiment with different types of narratives and surrealism. Mist's Guide to Important New York City Landmarks a woman maps her history of romantic failures based on the places she and her significant others visited togetherEually at home with the surreal and the painfully relatable or both at once Bob Waksberg delivers a killer combination of humor romance whimsy cultural commentary and crushing emotional vulnerability The resulting collection is a punchy perfect bloody valentin. .

Mile crept across my face and I gasped I know Exactly What That Feels Like When I Heard The Creator what that feels like When I heard the creator BoJack Horseman had published a book I knew three things for certain1 I had to read it2 It would destroy me3 I would love itNow I will confess that I also initially had some reservations Obviously Raphael Bob Waksberg writes well for television BoJack Horseman is a brilliant show that makes you cackle with laughter but also brings you to tears for me those tears are figurative but some of my friends have literally sobbed over it so yeah it gets heavy Could his signature wit translate ust as well to the page Would the i snatched this arc up because Raphael Bob Waksberg is the creator of bojack horseman i like my entertainment to be on the sadder side of the emotional spectrum and bojack is the saddest show on television do not come at me waving your this is usmillion little things banners because you re not winning this one between the writing the vocal talents and whatever the tragic analogue to comedic timing is bojack s got the trophy for saddest sewn up and i know it takes several villages to create a teevee show and sometimes their creators ll create a thing and then wander off to go create another thing leaving the showrunners in charge of all that follows but i was confident that this guy s sensibilities would make for some short stories that would kick me in my feelingpartsand i was not disappointedno wait It seemed right up my alley but the alley was too shallow and narrow to get throughtI love Bojack Horseman but writing TV scripts clearly is an utterly different skill than writing fiction on paperIt is often silly superficial childish simple and almost never funny despite it s aim and claim Why all the cheering by BJ Novak ans Kelly Link I guess it has to do with the Bojack Horseman reputation than with this not even close debut After hearing great things about this book from Karen and then seeing it on the longlist for the Tournament of Books I decided to try this one in audio It was a great decision what a fun read I even liked the satire a rarity for me Different actors read different stories sometimes in teamsMy favoritesMost Blessed and Auspicious Occasion read by Ra l Esparza We Men of Science read by James Urbaniak Rufus read by Baron Vaughn for Taboo read by Will Brill and Emma Galvin read by James Urbaniak Rufus read by Baron Vaughn for Taboo read by Will Brill and Emma Galvin read an Atlantic article about this book and it was laudatory enough to make me think about reading this collection I then saw the author in person at a publicity event Raphael Bob Waksberg came across as emotionally intelligent and funny and peers of his Jonny And Auspicious Occasion a young couple planning a wedding is forced to deal with interfering relatives dictating the appropriate number of ritual goat sacrifices Missed Connection m4w is the tragicomic tale of a pair of lonely commuters eternally failing to make that longed for contact The members of a rock band in Up and Comers discover they suddenly have superpowers but only when they're drunk And in The Serial Monoga. ,
The truth is the whole place is Challenger Park just a bunch of assholes And it turns out making an asshole a presidentust means you end up with an asshole president Probably could have guessed that Being president doesn t change you not really Just brings out of the you that you already arethis is the You that you already areThis is tough one I really liked pretty much all these stories but the thing is that they re not really stories each feels like a La profezia dei cerchi nel grano (Italian Edition) joke in a stand up routine we take something absurd about life and extend it to it s extreme position A Most Blessed is a great example riffing on the inanity of the wedding industry and laugh about how silly it is Even when the story is addressing missed opportunities lost relationships or the difficulty in communicating with each other they feel wry rather than heartfelt Missed Connections for instance spoofs an I Saw You where a couple let their entire lives go by 60ish years catalogued literally sitting ac I was going to give this 4 stars but after looking at the back cover and seeing that BOTH Grandma Waksberg AND Nana Bob blurbed it so positively how could I not bump it up to 5 The title is such a perfect introduction to the stories it s like a little note of encouragement to all the characters in the book not to give up on love no matter what I even like the cutely weird cover a tickled pink background and some little 18th century guy George Washington George III Samuel Johnson holding a sign with the title written in Donald J Trump sharpieThe stories are clever and fun but always with lots of heart and sometimes with some lovely writing You have friends now a routine a coffee shop where someone as you saunter in smiles and says The usual One night at a bar late you pick up a hobby of a person that somehow grows into a habit a person whose flaws sparkle off yours in glorious coruscating patterns a person who gets to know notust the you you sometimes show but the you you truly are a person who when you weren t looking slipped a Naked Wounded Heart Into The wounded heart into the of your acket with a bow and a note that said handle with careNot every story was a 5 but most of them were The first story Salted Cashews Swear to God was two pages of perfection and I was all in from there Other favorites A Most Blessed and Auspicious Occasion We Men of Science Rufus Up and Comers Move across the country above uote is from this one and the poem Spectacular Bob Waksberg debuts with a delightfully strange and darkly funny collection While reading love stories about drunk superheroes sacrificial weddings inverted universes and theme parks of dead presidents a lump caught in my throat a From the creator and executive producer of the beloved and universally acclaimed television series BoJack Horseman a fabulously off beat collection of short stories about love the best and worst thing in the universeWritten with all the scathing dark humor that is a hallmark of BoJack Horseman Raphael Bob Waksberg's stories will make readers laugh weep and shiver in uncomfortably delicious recognition In A Most Blessed. Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory Stories