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Spider's WebA better way to narrate the climaxOverall its been a good read but don t read this one expecting Agatha Christie magic Spider s Web is a novelization by Charles Osborne for a ueen of murder mystery s play Another of Christie s stage plays novelised by OsborneClarissa always wonders what she would do if she came across a dead in the *library it seems her wish has come true as she finds one in the drawing room I iked that *it seems her wish has come true as she finds one in the drawing room I iked that sticks rigidly to the original play so didn t mind that the opening uarter of the book was of a scene setterOnce the plot really kicks in it s easy to be swept alongI think this has been my favourite of the three play novels Oh what a tangled web we weaveWhen first we practise to deceive Sir Walter Scott The irony of Spider s Web of course is that our plucky heroine the pretty clever Clarissa Hailsham Brown only gets into trouble when she tries to tell the truth An inveterate prankster Clarissa is used to spinning tales and being believed What makes things difficult is when Clarissa actually does stumble onto a dead body in the drawing room Then the ingenious Clarissa springs into actionTo say any would be to spoil this short novel which first appeared as a play in 1954 but was turned into a novel by Charles Osborne and published in 2000 Let s just say that there are plenty of twists and turns and that I was caught completely by surprise by the ending Even without either Hercules Poirot or Jane Marple Spider s Web has to rank amongst the most charming of Agatha Christie s works If you have the chance to enjoy Hugh Fraser reading this work on Audible don t pass it up And special thanks to Claire Wilson who brought this book to my attention OMG I had so much fun reading this This is a novel adapted by one of much fun reading this This is a novel adapted by one of s plays It s short and uick read I read this during my one hour and 15 minutes flight from London to Amsterdam I simply cannot put it down Definitely a page turner Being a Christie s fan myself I probably be biased about thisI RMS Olympic love the plot it s simple and not complicated The whole event took place at Clarissa s house heck only one part of the house Unpredictable as usual I kept thinking that the gardener is the suspect Iove the main character Clarissa Hailsham She s ch. The house party but which ones and the search begins for the murderer and the motive while at the same time trying to persuade a police inspector that there has been no murder at allThis novelisation by Charles Osborne is based on Agatha Christie's play Spider's We. ,
That go with the book the play was written for at *her reuest so she could show her funny side Clarissa is *reuest so she could show her funny side Clarissa is entertaining and can be very humorous but still feels very one sided I m sure this is is entertaining and can be very humorous but still feels very one sided I m sure this is acceptable in the play but I expected in a novel adaption for to be added to the characters and the plot for that sakeIf your a hardcore Agatha Christie fan ike me you will read this book and enjoy it It will take you an afternoon or ess to get through and its just one Christie to devour Just don t think it s going to ive anywhere up to any of her novels It keeps you guessing to the end Review originally published in Abby s Shelves 355Before talking about the plot there are few things to keep in mind regarding this book I feel cheated for assuming that the author s name displayed on the cover isn t the real author Now that is a huge RoumanieAu carrefour des empires let down to all who are familiar with the works of the ueen of Crime Mystery Agatha Christie Right from the start one can easily understand this differenceSpider s Web is not a book for someone who is planning to start reading Agatha ChristieBottomine is one cannot merely adapt Agatha Christie This book is an Agatha Christie play which was Kaleb, Saison II (Kaleb, later adapted to a book format by Charles Osborne and thus the narration is heavily dialogue driven making us feelike reading a play script By the time you get through the first few chapters you get glued to the storyline The story revolves around the protagonist Clarissa a young wife of a foreign diplomat an avid reader of crime mysteries discovers a body and in the attempt to dispose of it she persuades her house guests The story is well built and gets you glued to storyline instantly and keeps you guessingThe characters are very bland and felt one sided most of the times I think that Osbourne could have taken the Bouge ton pied ue je voie la mer liberty to add details to characters which could have given a depth authenticity to the characters This may be acceptable in a drama but for a book Osborne could have taken someiberties to develop the central characters Clarissa is entertaining humorous making this an enjoyable readI uite frankly didn t enjoy how the book ended it seemed rushed Again that would have been okay for a play but the author could have tried. Her house in KentDesperate to dispose of the body before her husband comes home with an important foreign politician Clarissa persuades her three house guests to become accessories and accomplices It seems that the murdered man was not unknown to certain members of. Very tight and clever mystery I am becoming a huge Agatha Christie fan she is a word surgeon who always operates on the corpus delicti with efficient and swift skill Originally written AS A PLAY IT HAS BEEN a play it has been by Charles Osborne This is an interesting murder mystery centered on delightful character of Clarissa Being a philatelist I oved the plot since it centers around a philatelic rarity uite fast paced the plot is made interesting by the various scenarios played by Clarissa Great read I thought this was a really fun mystery from ChristieOsbourne very Les huîtres me font bâiller lighthearted The main character Clarissa Hailsham Brown was written really well The story was good and a satisfying ending This book is aie Call me old fashioned but usually you would be correct in assuming that when an author s name is splayed out over the front cover that said author wrote this book right Well obviously not I picked up this book with the naive assumption that Agatha Christie Hailed ueen of the Crime Genre Past Present and Future engineered this novel After about one chapter I knew this wasn t the case Let s create a small analogy to convey my surprise in realising that this novel was an adaption Agatha Christie s masterpieces are chocolate ava cake Explosive Rich Intense This adaption was the flourless sultana version the kind of healthy substitute you d eat on a diet On its own not a horrifically offending mystery But please One does not simply adapt Agatha Christie End of story This book started out as an Agatha Christie play and decades ater was adapted to book form by Charles Osbourne First things first to get it off my chest this book reads much ike a play Set in one main scene in a single timeframe a night and heavily and I mean heavily dialogue driven it *Feels Like You Are *like you are the play scriptOnce you get past that fact you get a very short and very average Agatha Christie mystery The story once you get passed the first 50 pages reads relatively uickly and ties you in and you get glued into reading it However the pay off at the end is kinda a et down It s very watered down ChristieThe Characters apart from the La Plus belle histoire de la philosophie lead are very bland and you never really care one piece about them Theead which reading the ማሕሌት liner notes. Clarissa the wife of a Foreign Office diplomat is given to daydreaming ‘Supposing I were to come down one morning and find a dead body in theibrary what should I do’ she muses Clarissa has her chance to find out when she discovers a body in the drawing room of. .