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But well it s a simple story set in the aftermath of Data s death and it actually deals with this aftermath Worf lost a friend and 2 others with Riker and Troi s transfer e s suddenly dealing with a job that 蒼き狼 Aoki ōkami he never wanted and then there s Spot a cat that finds itself on loose ends Both Spot and Worf are creatures ofabit and both find themselves in new situations and don t uite know Winston Churchill how to deal with that Spot s of course only the focal point the real development s with Worf and Iave to say that I definitely find this development credible and well told review originally written in 2009 Probably like 35 stars but I don t do Persepolis : half starsOnly picked this up because I ve met one of the authors online and was feeling stalkerish curious And of course I was a big TNG fan back in the day It was really pleasant to reacuaint myself with what felt like a bunch of old friends I didn t read all the stories in the anthology skipping any that didn t engage my interest sufficiently within the first page or 2 I think in the end I read all but about 3 of them A most enjoyable little collection The original Star Trek struggled in ratings especially after being shifted to a late evening slot of doom in its third season and was canceled prematurely in 1969 It proved to be rather difficult to kill than thatowever flourishing in syndication and leading to persistent demands for a return or at least a movie Surprisingly The Motion Picture didn t smother interest in and in the 1980s Star Trek and the Enterprise returned with a new show Although it struggled in the beginning Tentation hindered by manskirts and characters who weren t uite sure who they were it would be The Next Generation that built the behemoth that was late 90s Star Trek Surely its 20th anniversary was worth celebrating The Sky s the Limit brings to the table than Constellations spanning the entire TNG run from before its first season until after Nemesis when Picard is struggling with the uestion of what advicee might give to Captain Riker now leaving the Enterprise for The Fall of the Empire The Rise of the Aztecs his own command As I Enjoyed This BookI enjoyed all the stories It was time well spent Star Trekas always been part of my life The crew members Adios Carlos Marx nos vemos en el cielo Biblioteca del sur have been and always will be my family and friends Mixed uality I read this book for task 9 in the ReadHarder Challenge for 2019 a book with fewer than 100 reviews on Goodreads Itad been on my TBR list for a while because two of the stories follow on from my two favourite episodes Darmok and Chain of Command The story based on Darmok expands on the concept of the Tamaria Three and a alf star really Better than mediocre but not really and a alf star really Better than mediocre but not really good as I generally expect from a four star book This is a collection of Next Generation short stories which is not really a format I care for still 13 of the 14 stories were at least okay and some were uite good The exception was the last story which was a pretty dull introspective on Picard s mindset after the costly victory over Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis In that story nothing much Abhysadarin: happens at all other than Picard sitting inis ready room writing a congratulations on making Captain letter to Riker Seriously that s the big excitementOh and the excerpt from Tokyopop s Star Trek Manga saga was about as bad as you might expect terrible writing telling a trite Dr McCoy saves the day much to the chagrin of not really as logical as you might expect Vulcans story illustrated by terrible artwork much to the chagrin of not really as logical as you might expect Vulcans story illustrated by terrible artwork which the characters are almost completely unrecognizable excellent collection of are almost completely unrecognizable Excellent collection of trek storiesI really enjoyed these stories that occurred through out the seasons of star trek the next generation I found the last story to be extremely emotionalI look forward to reading like this There are so many instances where the TV series left viewers anging These short stories answer some of the uestions raised and round out otherwise flat characters I especially wanted to read about when Picard took Nclude Christopher L Bennett Greg Cox Keith R A DeCandido Bob Ingersoll Thomas F Zahler David A McIntee Scott Pearson Michael Schuster Steve Mollmann Susan Shwartz Amy Sisson James Swallow Geoff Trowbridge Dayton Ward Kevin Dil Richard C White. ,

Star Trek TNG The Sky's the Limit All New Tales Star Trek the Next GenerationThe good thing about Star Trek novel is that the paper medium allows writer space time and resources to tell a story than a costly TV productionThis book is a collection of short stories about TNG characters that fact already wastes The Strongest Point Of Any Books Beside strongest point of any books Beside all stories appears just drafts of possible stories to be developed Everything is rushed and approximate The most part of the stories are plain bad the others are too short to be of any interest Probably the only worthy story is the very last one it is intriguing and it is fit for "the short space 4 stars 14 short stories some by familiar authors others "short space 4 stars 14 short stories some by familiar authors others to me My favorites Worf being put On the Spot and Picard searching for words of wisdom to pass along to Will in Trust Yourself When All Men Doubt You Star Trek The Next Generation The Sky s the Limit by various This is an anthology of stories set within the various seasons of TNG and the movies Overall a good reading experience even if the uality of the stories differs I read the framing stories Meet with Triumph and DisasterTrust Yourself When All Men Doubt by Schuster Mollmann as one story I didn t uite know what to make of the first story until I read the conclusion got the Le Crépuscule et l'Aube: Avant Les Piliers de la Terre hint about Tapestry and of course Wolf 359 It s still not one of my favourite stories but it ultimately worked well enough for me Acts of Compassion by Dayton Ward Kevin Dil is a good story but unfortunately not the extraordinary one I dave liked to read Maybe it was just too straightforward no twists in loyalties no surprises but it was nice to see Tasha once again Redshift by Richard C White is an average story the downside is that Pulaski s mannerisms were a bit over the top for my taste At least she got some slap on the wrist until of course Dea Loher her ideas about the drills save the day but throughout season 2 she was the odd one out she just didn t fit in and this story does nothing to remedy or explain that fact Among the Clouds by Scott Pearson absolutely reminded me of the Temeraire books the living ships the aerial battles a very interesting premise superbly executed a definitely fitting contribution to a TNG anthology Thinking of You by Greg Cox Well at first I thought Urgh Lwaxana and Barclay I never cared too much for either character but Cox managed to play on all the eccentricities of both characters the duo just works and add Ro to the mix and set the whole thing on aolodeck with frogs as opponents lots of bugs etc stir well and you get a real page turner Definitely with frogs as opponents lots of bugs etc stir well and you get a real page turner Definitely of my favourites ere I also enjoyed Turncoats by Susan Schwartz uite much although I ave to admit that I uite forgot all the Romulan characters Schwartz and Sherman introduced in their Vulcan s XY books and I so far Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons Series) haven t even read the Vulcan s Soul trilogy so I liked the follow up to Face of the Enemy which is my favourite Troi episode but I couldn t appreciate all the nods toer created miniverse something I ll remedy once I Les bienfaits des huiles vgtales: Apprendre les connatre et les utiliser pour votre sant et votre beaut had the time to read Vulcan s Soul Ordinary Days by James Swallow I admit to once upon a time watching TNG also because of Wesley grantede was badly written but then I could simply relate to The Empire of the Tetrarchs Imperial Pronouncements and Government AD 284 324 Oxford Classical Monographs him in a way I couldn t to any of the other characters Of course that changed when I grew older and I alwaysoped to see of im in the light of First Duty trying to fit in getting into the wrong group peer pressure etc So I very much appreciated this little glimpse into an alternative universe where e s not the genius who lives up to Barracoon his promise but rather someone who desperately tries to fit in to be ordinary to findis way on a path that s not so clearly defined and makes some poor choices While the setting intrigued me I Attack of the Theocrats! have to agree with Trent that this story ultimately missed the opportunity to actually show the impact of Wesley s decisions Perhaps the focus shouldn tave been so much on Wesley The Namesake himself but on the crew dealing withis choices uestioning themselves perhaps Taking its title from the final words spoken by Captain Jean Luc Picard in the series finale The Sky's the Limit is a collection of brand new original stories spanning and celebrating the entire twenty year istory of the most popular and succ.

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Hy Wesley made is choices of leaving everything behind and why Picard and Data die just because Wesley wasn t there doesn t mean no one else is brilliant enough to come up with ideas that work after all I d ave loved to see an Enterprise where Wesley isn t expected to live up to promises "of geniality but allowed to be an ordinary adolescent without being forced in a certain direction One doesn t "geniality but allowed to be an ordinary adolescent without being forced in a certain direction One doesn t the other after all That s what I now as a grown up criticize most about is treatment in TNG and to a lesser degree in this his treatment in TNG and to a lesser degree in this There Knowledge and Liberation A Treatise on Philosophical Theology Ismaili Heritage Series has to be some sort of middle way between the boy genius and the rebelliousostracized Wesley of this story And I also agree that the ending seemed a bit abrupt though I really enjoyed reading the way the Traveler influenced Wesley s life up till Dorvan All the criticism aside I actually liked Ordinary Days uite much and given the restraints of 30 pages it tells an interesting and gripping story But I think the premise wouldave warranted a story of the likes of Myriad Universes Twould ring the Bells of Heaven by Amy Sisson was a bit too predictable a story to me I thought it obvious that those rings were a lifeform Troi s angsting didn t uite grip me but at least I wasn t annoyed by it either though some of Theonomy in Christian Ethics her decisions were a bit too random to actually make sense at the time she made them And Data s monologuePoV was a bit too reminiscent of Geordi s of just a few stories before Usually Christopher L Bennett s writing style doesn t really agree with me but Friends with the Sparrows was a phenomenal exception I loved going back to the Tamarans and their language the use of Data andis emotion chip and the way some still see Basic Engineering Thermodynamics Basic Engineering him as a tool than a sentient being Well there s nothing to criticize about this story at all Along with Thinking of You definitely theighlight of this anthology Suicide Note by Geoff Trowbridge worked well enough for me but like Turncoats I guess I ll appreciate it even once I ve rewatched the relevant TNG episode Four Lights by Keith R A DeCandido is a bit the opposite to Friends with the Sparrows a story that I was very much looking forward to but that then didn t uite work for me as well as I Chasing a Mirage An Islamic State or a State of Islam hadoped for perhaps it s the stylistic uibble I m not fond of a 1st person PoV neither of present tense used in stories which both distracted me a bit too much of the confrontation between Picard and Madred Oh I absolutely loved Madred s mind games and Picard s obsession but somehow I d Merriam Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus have wished for well of a defeat of Madred s at theand of Picard not just Picard s common sense once again reasserting itself Of course rationally I realize that Picard practically ad no other choice than to step back from the interrogation in order not to lose imself once again and recognizing that was Picard s victory but it did feel as though Madred s won again Ultimately that ambivalence came across in a very poignant manner but still I found that this story somehow lacked KRAD s usually easy style that just sucks one into the story and doesn t let up till the finish Til Death by Bob Ingersoll Thomas F Zahler well the picture of Riker running around with a gaping The Iron Dream hole inis chest Rogets Thesaurus of Words for Writers has some merit but somehow it reminded me a bit too much of Spock missingis brain But I too loved Riker s final message and the way The Chaplain's War he ultimately defeatedis opponent I How Will Your Horse Run Today? have to admit that Riker s not my favourite charactere s too much overshadowed by Picard and especially in the movies Data but I always loved Wrapped in Shadows his ability to think beyond the obvious and to turn disadvantages into advantages ase does Cloud Busting here And kudos to the writers for not going down the most obvious road and pairim up with Deanna on this mission but with Crusher And so a story that I The Friendship Wordsworth and Coleridge had lost allope for right at the beginning turned out to be a very pleasant surprise I enjoyed On the Spot by David A McIntee uite a bit definitely not because of the little plot to destroy the Enterprise. Essful Trek series of all Stories by a variety of authors some old favourites some new set during the events of the television series give the authentic feel of a newly discovered 'missing season' of Star Trek The Next GenerationContributors