KINDLE Stocks To Riches

Explains about stocks and other investments This book also touches a few concepts of Behavioral Economics Like Loss Aversion Sunk Cost Economics like Loss Aversion Sunk Cost endowment effect Mental Accounting etc Stocks to Riches is Must Read for a new entrant to Stock Market especially if heshe does not have necessary ualifications to enter stock market Book does not tell you which stocks to pick rather it guides your overall investment strategy with the help of the Behavioural Fiance approachI found it very useful to start my Journey From my very own experience though I read this book 10 years ago but made no sense to me as I was not into stock #MARKETS BY THEN RECENTLY I STARTED TO INVEST IN #by then Recently I started to invest in stock market and made some losses and some profits in the last 2 3 years Now when I look back I should have read this book just before entering stock markets to make my money work hard for meThis also brings another point to my mind that though there would many books guidance available to you pick only what is relevant to you and adds value to you NowJust gathering info because of High Recommendation Good Reviews etc will not add value to you The book is ok for beginners But for someone who is already in this field not too much of value add Good book if you are looking for an introduction to the various investment options including stocks and mutual funds The author does a good job providing examples from his experience If you re looking for something detailed and expecting to read about how to choose companies you d like to invest in how to build a portfolio and what makes a good portfolio this isn t for you. Ies investing in stocks and provides ey perspectives for a lay investor venturing into the market And at the end of the day Stocks to Riches helps the retail investor make money by following the time tested and proven guidelines provided in the book A must read for brokers analysts and retail investors. Of cash flow What are assets and liability inspired from Rich Dad Poor Dad which the author has acknowledged and importance of stocks in investment Just starting out investment in stocks Don t think much just pick this book up And go for it The best book on Stock Market Investing I strongly recommend that everyone should own read Parag Parikh s two books 1 Stock to Riches 2 Value Investing Behavioral FinanceI strongly insist that one should refer these books multiple times throughout their investing lives This book is a good short read It delves into the very basics of investing and behaviours of various investors He writes the book as a dialogue of misconceptions we fall to Parikh does a good job explaining the basics and terminology of the stock market and as a beginner I appreciated his ability to make a reader understand the market and its benefits Although I enjoyed the book I found his dialogues awfully sexist The female characters mentioned always say the same line and I uote I am only a housewife I do not understand investments He also referred to parents looking at investment for their daughter in terms of jewellery and marriage and for sons as investing in real estate like this really ruined #The Book For Me #book for me hope this Indian mentality has shifted since when he wrote the book It is a nice book which touches upon the basics of behavioral finance It helps us understand the various biases and aversions that we have as investors or even in life as general Must read for those who want to enter in the field of Investing This book is for Beginners It. Ble How does it burst How does one find the right strategy of investing Intrigued by these pertinent uestions Parag Parikh a seasoned broker and expert took up this daunting task of understanding and demystifying investing in the stock market Stocks to Riches is a distillate of his experience It simplif. Stocks To Riches