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Ping the reader interested throughout the whole book My favorite part was when Ajax saves Chuck s life and in return Chuck saves his Overall I think this is a well written bookPlot SummaryChuck is a 6 year veteran who is currently in Vietnam He was only signed up for 4 years but he enlisted two years to be with his faithful companion and partner Ajax He is in Vietnam and he at the United States base camp Chuck is playing ping pong with Double O but Billy and Doc make a plan to get the table back The only problem is Ajax won t leave Chuck s side Their plan fails so Chuck just keeps on playing The next ay they are out to war They are walking through the jungle and Ajax smells something then boom the Vietcong start shooting and one of the American s "get shot After a while of fighting the American s kill everyone except " shot After a while of fighting the American s kill everyone except one who runs into a tunnel Chuck tells Ajax to go own the tunnel then Ajax with his powerful jaws latches on to the solider and pulls him out of the tunnel They take him back for uestioning Chuck gets back to base and finds out he is going home but Ajax is going to be put own Chuck can t let this happen he stays with Ajax to be put Die Geschichtenerzählerin Die Geschichtenerzählerin down Chuck can t let this happen he stays with Ajax one night when Double O Billy and Doc come by in the middle of the night They have a plan to break him out but are relying on a letter from Billy s cousin about a french mans mansion They set out but on the way they see a village and save a mother and her son s life but in return Chuck is shot badly They come up to a bridge and they see a big white marble mansion the only problem is that its vacant Chuck is now passed out and theyecide the only way to save Ajax is to leave him with the boy and his mom so they George Vs Children do and get picked up by the US Army Then in the end they are all old and looking at the list of soldiers thatied in the war and Chuck finds out Ajax lived a long healthy lifeCharacterChuck is a six year returning vet he came back on a voluntary The Abducted decision Chuck seems very tough because he made it so far with not a lot of problems He also seems very smart because he avoids trouble andidn t get killed Ajax is Chuck s The Jackie Collins Gift Set Rock Starthe Love Killersthe World Is Full of Married Men dog He is higher ranked than Chuck He has a great nose and is trained to sniff out explosives in a hostile area Ajax is a very loyalog and would Competitive Programming 4 Book 1 do anything for his ownerRecommendationI would recommend this book to ages 12 17 of both genders If you enjoy war orog books then you would enjoy Dog Tags I give this book four out of five stars because it kept my interest throughout the book but I thought that the author could have talked about Loki when he was adopted by Gus. S his loyalty to Ajax or to the US Army And just how far is he willing to go to protect his partnerDOG TAGS is a series of stand alone books each exploring the bond between soldier and og in times of war. ,

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Strays Dog Tags #2I like this book because it is a action book I Like That Their Were like that their were training and got to see like what it action book I like that their were people training and got to see like what it like to be a solder I think that this was a good book because of all the exciting parts in the book In this book two people were training for war Chuck and Ajax and they both love to play pin pong They are out at war and they both are walking through very hot muggy forest Ajax fount traps but he found them before anyone stepped in them so that no one was hurt They come apawn some Nazies but they just were to far to shoot Chuck is big into the army but Ajax is just in the army but Chuck ecided that he would like to stay in the army altho Ajax is only going to be their for 2 yearsI think this would be a good book for boys and girls that like war I think kids of all ages 10 and up would like this book People that like war would like this book and a lot of action It was a good book sad at the very end but History of Furniture: A Global View don t want to give spoilers would recommend to my friends This book was super good It had a lot of action in it with So in it This guy goes to the army for years than he has to just so he can keep theog that he got paired up with After they came back from a mission The army wants to put the 700 tests psychotechniques et de raisonnement logique - Méthode et exercices - L'essentiel en fiches - Concours 2020-2021 dogown The guy and his friends go off to save the og s life like the og saved his They find people and let the Strangers in the Mist Tales of War and Peace from India's Northeast Revised Edition dog stay with them buturing that The guy got shot The army found them and took the guy to medical help At the end of the book They all grow old together but the ANATOMÍA DE UNA DISCORDIA: DE PALACIOS DEL SIL AL CAMPO DE MAUTHAUSEN (Spanish Edition) dog lives a happy life with the other people 1 0f the best0g tag b00ks 0ut there Do you like stories where there many moments of action or when there is moments of suspense Well this may be a perfect book for you This book is a realistic fiction book called Dog Tags Strays by C Alexander London This book is about a person named Chuck He was also with Double O Billy and Doc When they were fighting the Vietnamese in the war something very unexpected happened When Chuck s military contract would expire they would have to put his military Romeo oder Julia: Roman (German Edition) dog Ajaxown But Chuck Die acht Todsünden der zivilisierten Menschheit didn t like this so him and his friends would have to flee or let the military put Ajaxown With the internal conflict character vs self sometimes Chuck hates himself for some Comment INVESTIR en IMMOBILIER LOCATIF ? Livre - Formation: Pinel LMNP SCI Achat Revente Foncier decisions he makes Heoes this many times in the book With the external conflict character vs society Chuck and his teammates have to fight the Vietnamese There were many of them trying to kill Chuck I really liked this book because there were many scary moments in this book There was also many action moments and how Chuck has. Man's best friend goes to warChuck and Ajax are partners and they're good at their job Chuck leads Ajax through the jungles of Vietnam and Ajax sniffs out hidden eadly traps before they can hurt US soldi. Some hard times I think people of all ages would enjoy this book because this Book Tells About The Vietnam tells about the Vietnam ITS SO SAAAADDD SO HORRIBLY AWESOME If you know what I mean Great bookwell great script sad book It s just sad And sad But I liked it Dog Tags 2 Strays byAlexander London is a very good book This book is about a man named Chuck who is at war eith his og Ajax Chuch and Ajax are a very good team because Ajax sniffs out Head Hand Heart: The Struggle for Dignity and Status in the 21st Century deep traps before the harm US soldiers Ajax helps Chuck by leading him tht the jungle Chuck and Ajax are p Personal responseThis book was better than the other Dog Tags I read It was of a companionship than the other book It was very interesting to read about the reactions that Ajax had and how Chuck understood all of them whether it was a trip wire or people coming their way he knew and Chuck understood Plot summaryChuck is a K 9 unit for the United States army in vietnam His companion Ajax is one of the smartestogs Chuck is very connected with Ajax he can always tell what Ajax is trying to tell him Chuck runs into trouble when he realizes that he cant keep Ajax forever There is a rumor of a French man somewhere in Vietnam that has a mansion and takes care of Death Dice dogs Chuck wants to bring Ajax there so he can oneay bring him to the United States His friends from his unit owe it to him and help chuckCharacterisationAjax is the bravest of all in Chucks platoon He Alien Encounters First hand Accounts of UFO Abductions does anything to take care of the men especially Chuck He will take any order ando anything that no one else would Ajax and Chuck have a good connection with each other If Ajax reacts to anything in the jungle Chuck always knows what it isRecommendationThis book is good for anyone it is interesting to read If you Chuck always knows what it isRecommendationThis book is good for anyone it is interesting to read If you another goodreads at THE END OF A UARTER READ THIS BOOK YOU end of a uarter read this book You get bored reading because it is interesting When I was reading I always wanted to know what would happen next Chuck is always in some kind of trouble and Ajax is there to get him out of it or help him through it This book is very exciting and has lots of action I have read this book a lot but every time I find something new that I missed last time The main character gets a military Autópsia do Medo dog and has to fight in vietnam The other soldiers always pick on him for liking hisog so much The To Have or to Be dog sniffs out traps that protect the us soldiers and help the Personal ResponseOverall I enjoyed this book because it is very relatable In the book he is paired with aog that he trains and when I was younger I always got to play with my uncle s coon hounds The author Liuid Lies The Elementals did a good job at kee. ErsThe war is almost over now and the Army is grateful for Chuck's service They want to give him a medal But their plans for Ajax are less nobleSuddenly Chuck is forced to answer two impossible uestions