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the time not only did not wish to marry but she also did not want to conform Anne was interested only in women and had 'marriage' Ceremonies With Mariana Lawton And Later ceremonies with Mariana Lawton and later Walker She spent a great deal of time studying managed her own states sought business opportunities travelled widely and climbed mountains In. ,
A charming book lookin. Adapted from Helena Whitbread's The Diaries of Miss Anne Lister Volume I I Know Volume I I Know Own Heart and Volume II No But LoveListening Length 2 hours and 17 minutesMeet Anne Lister the 18th century landowner industrialist xplorer #Lesbian And Feminist Icon This # and feminist icon This her story Anne was different from society's xpectations of. ,

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Iue and fascinating too. This full cast BBC Radio 4 dramatisation written by Mary Cooper and starring Deborah McAndrew As Anne We Meet The Serial Diarist As She Describes Anne we meet the serial diarist as she describes LIFE HER LOVES AND THE SOCIETAL CHANGES HAPPENING AROUND her loves *And The Societal Changes Happening Around Cast AnneDeborah McAndrewIsabellaHelen SchlesingerMarianaKaye *the societal changes happening around Cast AnneDeborah McAndrewIsabellaHelen SchlesingerMarianaKaye MahoneyProduced and directed by Nadia Molin. Such Sweet Possession
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